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Jake Chadwick

[1939] I should have seen this one coming

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May 1939, in a quiet place in Heaton Park, Manchester


Jake had had a realization last month that had shaken him to his core. He considered himself to be a carefree man, well, still a boy sometimes. He loved to party, he loved women, he loved traveling and he liked going on little adventures, either in real life or in his head. He always threw himself in situations to have a laugh with his friends, and threw parties at the very least once every two weeks, and before April, he used to have loads of women in his bed, but that changed suddenly. In April, he hadn't really slept with anyone in a while, and his friends started to notice too, so they jokingly-ish gave him money to spend on getting some. And so, off he went, to the place his friends had recommended him. Jake Chadwick never had paid for sex, but hey, there's a first time for everything!


But he ended up just paying the confused woman for her time, and a few kisses, because when she had started to suggest they do something more, Jake had declined her offer with a firm no.


He had realized something that was quite serious and quite scary. He had been taking a beautiful woman out on dates, as he had with other girls, but unlike with those girls, he got nervous. He wanted her to see he was a good man. His stomach started to spawn a colony of butterflies when she was near, and he had realized, on a prostitute's couch, that he was in love with Nehemia Desmarais. It was absolutely ridiculous, how could he have fallen in love with her? Jake never thought he would fall for anyone, he partly thought that kind of love was a myth. But, it wasn't. But there was another hurdle on the road. Not only did he not know if she liked him like that too, they had only kissed a few times and that was that, but she was engaged to someone else. Plus, she was rich, which made it so people would frown upon a relationship.


So, Jake had just continued on, hoping the feeling would go away. Every time he sent her an owl, inviting her out for another date, he thought she would wisen up and either decline or not respond. But every time, he got a message back, saying she would be there. Sure, sometimes he had to playfully tease her a little bit for a firm answer, but she never said no and she seemed keen enough. It seemed she only was held back by her fear her family would figure out. But now, here she was again, on a blanket in Heaton Park in his home town. He had taken her to see the animals they had at the park, beautiful exotic birds even he hadn't really seen before he took her to his favourite place, where he would sometimes sit and chill, and where nobody ever found him. He knew she was taking a risk, going out with him, but he had chosen this day because it was very quiet in the park, so they should be fine. 


He sat down next to her and laid back on the blanket, his head resting on his arms. ''Nobody ever comes here. I come here often enough to know, don't worry.'' And even if he heard someone approaching, he would just make it so nobody could see them. Magic was awesome like that. ''Aaaahhhh...'' He sighed, enjoying the moment of rare sunshine in rainy ol' England. He opened his eyes and saw Nehemia looking at him, and looking away. The stomach tingles were lighting up again. ''You look nice today.'' He said. God, how much he wanted to just steal her away, but he couldn't. She was just experimenting a bit with a poor guy, but she wanted to get married to her fiancee, otherwise, she would've told him by now, right? They hadn't really talked about their situation, so he didn't know at all if she was very close to her fiancee, or anything. He wished he could tell her his feelings, but he didn't even know how to say it. It was embarrassing, she would surely laugh at him. But she was so nice, she wouldn't... Maybe he should just tell her, to get it over with, but the nerves took away his guts.


@Nehemia Desmarais

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