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Henry Paget

[1837/1838][EN] We worship the sun

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Tuesday the 8th of May 1838 - in the afternoon - Duelling


Henry saw himself as an honourable man. A defender of the poor and good manners. He was kind to women, opening doors, bowing when they entered a room, always speaking with the proper words. He liked the rules of etiquette, the way they made society so clear and easy. 


He never understood those who tried to diverge, who complained that there wasn't enough freedom, that things should be different. But why? Wasn't the world better off this way, with everyone knowing their place? Yes, you could demand the freedom of women to wear pants instead of skirts, but didn't women just look better in dresses? Wasn't it easier to immediately be able to tell the difference? That way you knew how to treat a lady. 


A world without rules only seemed confusing to Henry. 



Grade: Exceeds Expectations/Boven Verwachtingen

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