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Alexis Eversly

[1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

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A few days later


"Nicholas?" There was an edge to her voice that Alexis tried to soften with a smile as soon as she saw the children look up at her. She softly petted Georgia's head, Christian had already turned back to the miniature dragon he would be interested in for fifty minutes, and then gave a little 'need to talk to you in private' nod at her husband. They retreated to the kitchen, in view of the children but so they wouldn't be overheard.


"So," Alexis said, slightly dragging out the subject, because she felt both nervous and silly about feeling nervous. "I had a strange conversation with one of your aurors today, Harrow, I think? He came into my office and asked me some questions..." She anxiously drummed her fingers against the countertop, letting the cool of the stone settle her a little. "About how often we spoke of your investigations, if you ever took case files home, and... if I ever helped you with them." Now that the words had come out, the worry that had settled in her stomach because of the conversation seemed... well, dumb. It was just a silly conversation and she hadn't said anything wrong. Maybe it was even just a routine check, because she and Nicholas were married.


"It's obviously nothing," she said, waving the worry away. "Sorry if I made you worried." 

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All right, Nicholas was a pessimist and an untrusting bastard and he always saw the worst in everything, but he hadn’t expected Alexis to say, to even think, that she needed to say what she was saying now. “What?” He looked at her incredulously, then pulled her into his arms, brushed some of her hair, messy from the night’s uneasy sleep, away from her beautiful face. “No, of course not. Don’t be silly. I know that. I would never think that.” He kissed her softly, ran a hand past her cheek. Sweet, strong, amazing Alexis, she had never understood exactly how he saw her, had never felt as he did, that she was so much more than he could ever deserve. “Hon. If this had been you, you wouldn’t have bloody gotten caught by my people.” He chuckled, but then realised that perhaps that joke wasn’t all the relief she would presently need. “Look… you’re in this trouble because everyone knows you’re the only one I trust to this degree… but I do trust you to this degree, and no crazy frame job is going to change that. All right?” He was just going to have figure out what was going on.


He sighed, kissed her again. Suddenly, getting up seemed too heavy to contemplate. Because he still had no idea. Well, he knew the broad strokes, but he didn’t know, had no earthly idea, of how all of this could be happening. And it was a little scary. That someone had somehow gotten to him in a way that he would have thought inconceivable. He was so careful, all the time. Careful with what he drank, careful with what he touched. He’d had to check into the poison ward of the Saint Mungo’s once too often not to be. So how…

“I’m just so sorry that I got you in trouble again.” He made a face. “I guess they wanted me off a case… or out of the Department…. Or something…” But someone with this amount of access could’ve just killed him, and that would’ve been a lot easier, wouldn’t it?

He bit his lip, then let her go and did sit up. “Look… there is one thing we can do. I can do.” It had been something he’d wanted at all costs to avoid, but, well… all costs were turning out to be more than he had bargained for. “They think you’re putting this into my blood and it’s changing my decisions. So if I stay away from you, and get all my decisions checked, we can prove that it wasn’t you, that nothing you ever asked me was because you made me… I’d have to check myself into observation and let somebody dig into my brain. And I’d…” He looked at her. “Have to stay away from you for a while. You could visit. We can get dispensation from your house-arrest for that.”

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