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Catherine Howard

[1835/1836][EN]Stars are best admired from a distance

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It was not, perhaps, strange for someone who was so typically calm, that she was also typically in control: the desire for each had fuelled her dedication to the other for as long as she could remember, and so Catherine, perhaps unlike Jade, was not prone to strong and immediate reactions. Even in these circumstances, after the initial shock, she quickly regained at least some of her composure; and even now she was more worried by far about Jade than about herself. She didn’t know much about her pyrokinesis, she had refrained from asking too many questions about it over the course of their friendship. It had fascinated her, but she had assumed that interviewing about a trait you couldn’t help, a trait that was a part of you, that you couldn’t really explain in any case, wouldn’t be the most pleasant occupation of one’s time and she’d never wanted to ask too much of Jade to start with. They hadn’t gotten to know each other on the basis of Q&A and both of them valued the option of not having to say things.


Guess she’d have to ask those questions now, anyway.


But in any case, no, she hadn’t known much about Jade’s fire magic, but she knew, or perhaps even felt, how inherent to her character it had become. For her to no longer have it would change her. Would impact her. Damn, Catherine had never meant to be the cause of loss to Jade Ruskin.


With effort, by dint of focusing on every individual spark, she managed to make them recede back into her skin; she could still feel them in the background, tickling almost. “Yes, getting out of here would seem… prudent,” she said, forcing herself to keep her breathing regular. “Probably before… anything else, really.” God, she could feel the fire, a kernel around her midriff, that seemed quite ready to engulf her, but she wasn’t going to make it easy. No ancient magical garden decoration was going to get the better of her! “I think I’ll just have to go back to France for a while,” she sighed. “It’s not Henry I’m worried about, but my house is full of Muggles.” You try explaining the singed… everything… over tea. And there were the kids, of course. Shit, she didn’t want to abandon those again. Well, she would just have to be bloody careful.


Intuitively feeling that magic would not presently be advisable, she ran her scarf past the cut on her arm, then wrapped it round. “You don’t have to come, of course.” Suddenly, she smiled again. “But I live next to the sea.”

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Jade nodded. Prudent. Yes, definitely that. Plus, the place started to depress her. The more she looked around, the more she realised what she no longer would be able to do. With the exception of a few lesser or relatively harmless pieces, her artefacts were locked away using heat locks. It had been a way for her to make the place truly her own, a way to impress customers. Maybe getting away for a bit would be good, she could use some perspective. The truth of the matter hadn't entirely sunk in yet, she hadn't even had time to recover from the fact that she'd kissed Catherine, that she'd burnt her, let alone that she'd lost her Pyrokinesis to her. She knew, but she didn't know-know, didn't truly believe it yet. She wasn't sure she wanted to, either. Except for the kissing part, she wouldn't exactly mind being able to believe that.


Ah, the Muggles. She hadn't even considered those. She usually didn't. It always surprised her how much of Catherine's life took place in the non-magical world, how natural it seemed to come to her. Pyrokinesis would indeed make that somewhat harder, especially until Catherine learned to control her new powers. Catherine's sense of control had always impressed her, so maybe she'd prove to be a natural. Considering the recent...developments in their relationship, maybe Catherine being the one with the spontaneous combustion abilities would be for the best.


"The sea, huh?" She couldn't help but smile as she saw Catherine smile. "You know, I think a holiday is long overdue. And as I'm currently technically unemployed..." The last sentence came out just slightly bitter. Maybe it had been stupid to change the store to suit her abilities. She tried not to think about that and instead thought about Catherine. She wasn't sure how the fire would affect her friend, but she also knew she was the person most capable of assisting her. And even if she hadn't been, she would hardly turn down the offer. Her smile widened. "Besides, you'll need me to help you practise."

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