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  1. [1835/1836][EN] Ssssshhhhh...

    Would miss Ginny's library have been like this too? With schoolbooks and novels about different countries. She sounded obsessed, but miss Ginny was the only reference point she had. The only other rich person she knew was Mr Eversly and she really didn't know much about him. Maybe he had a library too. Did aurors have time for reading? Anyway, the point was, Ginny had told stories about her life before. She'd answered questions. Nobody but Nessie had ever told her anything about what it was like, so there was no one else she could think about. And to be fair, miss Ginny would love this. Not just her. All the children in their makeshift classroom too. Sadie loved it. They could learn anything they wanted here. Spells and French and mathematics. They could learn about animals outside of London. They could properly learn from books that weren't ripped and stained and hard to read. And there was a compass too. Sadie stared at it and then Nessie, feeling giddy with excitement. Was it magical? She'd never seen anything like it. Sadie closed her eyes, thinking about what she wanted to know. What she wanted to read. Defensive spells? No, that would just cause awkward conversation. She didn't care much about France. Music? She knew music. Other spells. Fun spells. Yes! That was what she wanted! She thought about it long and hard and when she looked, the compass had changed. Sadie grinned at Nessie as she ran off in the direction the compass lead to, quickly grabbing the book it wanted her to take. "This is amazing." She whispered. "Look at this! There's even a spell to trim hedges into squirrel shapes. Who would want that? Oh! And there's a spell to make cakes change colour. And one that can make a room cold enough for snow to appear." Maybe their aunt would like that one. She wasn't going to say that. "Can we try a few?"
  2. [1835/1836][EN] Nothing to see here, move along

    Thoughts were shooting around her brain. She had found more and more pieces of the puzzle, but there still wasn't enough to see the full picture. She didn't know what it meant. The house had thrown a wrench in everything she thought she knew until now. Because her parents didn't own it. That was impossible. They had to take care of masses of babies and lived on Knockturn Alley. This house wasn't grand, maybe, but it was prettier and bigger than most houses Sadie was used to. So who owned it? That was the question now, wasn't it? It wasn't the two women, they lived in Finstall, wherever that was. There were a bunch of different people who had talked to her today, but if it was one of them... Well, Sadie couldn't imagine they would let her parents receive visitors there. They were strangers. Were they? Sadie had never heard of this place. She'd never heard of her parents having a second job and she'd never seen any money from a second job. Sadie was the one who took care of that by selling music sheets in the street. If there was a servant job in a pretty house in the countryside, they would've sent her there. It was one less mouth to feed and it probably paid more. But the baby farming... Did they do that for someone else? Sadie had never heard of there being a boss and surely if there was such a nice house in the countryside, the babies would be living here. With the supposed boss. Wouldn't they? Maybe they weren't allowed. Maybe that was why her parents had never told her about it. Or maybe Sadie was wrong about everything. "I don't know." She said honestly. "They're all like... me. Unwanted babies. Looking for a new home. I mean... They always said.." Sadie sighed. She didn't know anymore. But she knew she'd have to find out. It would be dangerous. She didn't know how dangerous, but she knew that she should probably leave Nessie out of it. It wasn't her business. Nessie was her sister, her twin sister even, but they'd never grown up together. She grew up in a big, beautiful house and Sadie grew up in poverty. She didn't know how dangerous things could get. She didn't know real pain or real hunger or anything really bad. And maybe that was cruel to think. Sadie wasn't jealous of it. She was happy for her sister and hoped she would always get what she wanted and needed, but it did mean that when there was something dangerous to be done, Nessie shouldn't be part of it. Sadie hoped one day she would understand. "I'm sure it's just some parent's house." She said with a shrug. "Some of them are really rich, as you know, and I don't know if my parents are allowed to talk. I mean, we're not even sure if those people are really from Finstall. Let's just go back."
  3. [1835/1836][EN] I need that fire just to know that I'm awake

    This wasn't a good deal. Sadie knew that immediately. At the very least she should haggle a little. Make sure the woman would give her some knowledge in advance or give her some kind of choice, but on the other hand... She had nowhere else to go. Miss Bellerose would be able to do things more than others would. She was able to break the law and find information about people that she shouldn't really get in the first place. And her parents weren't breaking the law. Everything about this was legal. (In fact it wouldn't be regulated until 1872 under the Infant Life Protection Act, since in reality this started to become a problem in the mid to late Victorian era with the invention of better and faster transport. But witches already have that transport. This was your daily random history fact/headcanon) Her parents wouldn't go to jail for "adopting" children. But with Bellerose's help, Sadie could at least make sure that the babies wouldn't be hurt any more than they already had. Sadie tried her best to take care of them and so did Sophie, but there were so many of them. She couldn't always attend to them perfectly and there wasn't enough food or warmth and she tried so hard. No baby had ever died under her care. But that wasn't something she should be thinking about at her age. She needed it to stop. Sadie nodded. She wasn't going to haggle. She wasn't going to ask for anything less than this, because she was too tired. All she wanted was the help this woman could provide and if this was the price, then fine. She was going to live with it. Sadie was going to trust that she would only have to do good things. It would be worth it. "It's a deal." She said with more conviction than she felt. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence as a smile appeared on Bellerose's face and Sadie felt strangely hunted. "So what happens now?" The end~
  4. [1835/1836][EN] I need that fire just to know that I'm awake

    Wow, that was insulting. But fine, Bellerose didn't know who she was. She knew nothing about her situation and Sadie preferred to keep it that way for now, but apparently she had other ideas. She needed to know the risk. Again. Fine. She kind of knew that was coming. Obviously she couldn't just expect someone to help her without knowing what was going on, but really she had kind of hoped she would just find the parents, tell Sadie who they were and leave things alone until...Sadie needed her again. Which was probably going to be pretty soon after that if things went well. Merlin, Bellerose was talking about needing to know the risks, but Sadie was pretty sure she was stepping into a lot more trouble than her. She was going to be in a lot of debt after this if the stories about this shop were to be believed. But it was worth it. It would always be worth it. Staying in the situation she was in now would mean she and a lot of others would end up far worse. So fine. She needed an explanation. Sadie would just give her as much as she needed, but no more than that. "I think my parents weren't supposed to adopt her." She said. "They have a few others. I don't think they were supposed to adopt them either. I need to find their parents, but Evie is..." Well, she wasn't the newest anymore and even then, saying she was would just clue Bambi into the fact that new babies were routine and not some weird little thing Sadie found out about right now. There were so many babies in the house and so many more had already been...given to other parents. "I know where she's from. And I know when she was born, so I figured it would be easier to figure out where her parents are and see if maybe...they wanted to take her back."
  5. [1835/1836][EN] I need that fire just to know that I'm awake

    She could feel her cheeks get warmer as the woman laughed. This wasn't the reaction she was hoping for. Granted, she hadn't really expected her to feel threatened, but she had hoped that at the very least miss Bellerose would realise that Sadie meant business. But she didn't. She just laughed at her. Served her right, probably. Sadie shouldn't have tried it in the first place. It wasn't how she wanted to do this. If she was going to do good, she needed to do it in the right way. There was no such thing as "the wrong thing for the right reasons." If people got hurt, they got hurt and then no amount of assurances could convince them that it was somehow necessary for the greater good or whatever. That was exactly what those political people said when they put Knockturn Alley down even more, ignoring the good people living there because of the Bad People who were also present. It never worked out the way they wanted. But they didn't care, because they didn't have to live there. Sadie did. So she should have known better and now she was getting laughed at. Deservedly so. At least it had seemed to charm the shopkeeper in some strange way. She asked Sadie what she wanted. Her stance changed from defensive to hopeful, which maybe wasn't a good idea, but this was the first time anyone would ever be able to help her and the fact that she at least expressed interest was new and exciting. "There's a baby." She said. The woman frowned. "Not like that." Sadie immediately clarified. "My stepparents adopted her a few months ago. Her name is Evie. She's from Finstall in Worcestershire, but I don't know anything else about her. I need to know who her parents are and it needs to stay secret."
  6. [1835/1836][EN] I need that fire just to know that I'm awake

    "I know what you do here." Sadie said, looking the woman directly in the eyes. Why did everyone always assume she was naive? She wasn't. She couldn't afford to be, not where she lived. "I grew up on Knockturn Alley, I know your shop." She gestured at her surroundings. Sadie had never been inside, but she was always aware of its existence. Her parents had made some deal with her one way or another ages ago and Sadie had been curious ever since. She looked into the shop sometimes every time she was sure no one could see her. As a child she had merely been fascinated by everything that was sold there. All the trinkets and curiosities. Nowadays she was more interested in the people. Why they went there, what they asked for. And now she understood. "I'm not naive and I'm not stupid. I know what you do and...I know something else." The woman in front of her smiled an unnatural smile. "And what is that?" She asked. Sadie hesitated. This might well be the biggest mistake she would ever make. Sadie didn't quite know what she was, but she was sure that angering her would be a bad idea. And still. She was desperate. She didn't know where else to go. Trying to fix it on her own hadn't worked and she needed something new. "I know that since you've moved in here, you haven't aged a day. You don't want me to tell anyone else about that. Right?"
  7. [1835/1836][EN] I need that fire just to know that I'm awake

    "I don't have a few months!" Sadie said immediately. She frowned and tried not to look too desperate. Salespeople could smell it if you were. "Look, this is really important." Sadie said. "I need someone to help me and I heard that you have the resources. I can pay you." How? Well, she was going to figure that out later. There was the money, but... she had to save that. It would be too dangerous to use it on something like this. But she'd also heard that this woman dealt in favours and that was dangerous, she knew that well enough. But it was all she could do. This might be the stupidest thing she had ever done, but it would bring her just that much closer to fixing what was wrong. If she had to do some...unpleasant things to get that done, she would be happy to pay the price. All for the greater good, right?
  8. [1835/1836][EN] I need that fire just to know that I'm awake

    Sadie did frown. What did she care about her age? Surely this woman would've made worse deals than Sadie was about to propose. She hadn't even listened to her. All she'd done was look at her and dismiss her like almost everyone else did, because why should people listen to her? She was only a stupid teenager. "I'm old enough." She said stubbornly. How old exactly, was the next question. "Sixteen." She said quickly. Too quickly, maybe. The woman looked her up and down and smiled as if she couldn't believe it. The same patronising look everyone else got whenever Sadie told her age to someone. She couldn't help the fact that she still looked like she was twelve. She was almost an adult and people were supposed to treat her like that. "No, I'm really sixteen." She assured the woman. "I'm only months away from turning seventeen."
  9. [1835/1836][EN] Bird bird bird, the bird is the word

    Yay! She was allowed to pet the bird! Wow, she'd never seen anything like this. It was so colourful. And friendly too! Sadie softly ran one finger over the bird's head and then scratched it a little bit. She was such a cute little birdie! And so good! "This isn't all I do, no." She said. Obviously it wasn't. That would seem like a terrible job. But he probably meant to ask if caring for children was all she did and no, that wouldn't be true either. "I go to class too." She explained. There was miss Ginny's writing and reading class, but also Mr. Eversly's defence class sometimes. "Oh and I work! I sell music sheets on Diagon Alley." See? She kept busy. She always did. Sadie couldn't afford not to. There was always something that needed her attention and that was fine. It was just the way life worked, at least here on Knockturn. Even if it didn't work like that, she wouldn't want to live her life in any other way. If she stood still, she'd never see what else life would have to offer. And she wanted to see everything. Which neatly brought her to the man's question. "I have thought about it." She said, shrugging. Because it was true. She had. It was just a bit...well, childish, wasn't it? Dreaming about running off to faraway places, adventuring your way through life. It didn't exactly fit the lifestyle of classes, work and childcare. "I don't think I have the money for that, though. And I have stuff to do here so I don't think that'll happen anytime soon. Polly is so cuuuute!"
  10. Het antwoord was maar moeizaam te vinden. Ze wilde achter haar ouders gaan met alle liefde, maar hoe zou ze dat oplossen? Haar ouders zouden waarschijnlijk Verdwijnselen en dan zou ze die verliezen. Maar als ze hier bleef... Er was geen garantie dat er hier iets te vinden was. Goed, haar ouders werkten vanuit dit huis ook, maar waarom zouden ze al hun informatie hier houden als ze een ander huis hadden waar mensen minder makkelijk konden komen? En toch... Nee, ze moest hier blijven. Er was meer kans hier en de baby's waren hier ook. Ze kon ze niet zomaar alleen laten. Sophie was nog niet thuis en zelfs al zou ze iemand halen om op te letten, dan zouden haar ouders allang vertrokken zijn. Maar waar kon ze dingen vinden? Haar ouders' slaapkamer? Er waren twee slaapkamers hier. De één was voor de ouders, de ander voor de kinderen. En dan was er een zolder. Een koude zolder met een raam dat nooit helemaal dichtkon en een dak dat lekte. Ook voor de kinderen. Er waren er twintig, ze moesten ze ergens kwijt. Ze had het als kind wel eens gevraagd, of er ook kinderen op die slaapkamer konden slapen. Maar dat kon niet, hadden ze gezegd. Ze hadden die kamer nodig. Voor zaken. Sadie begreep dat wel, toch? En ja, Sadie begreep het, want Sadie begreep het niet. Dat had altijd belangrijk geleken. Ze wist niets van de zaken van haar ouders, dus zij wisten altijd alles veel beter en Sadie kon dan maar beter gewoon knikken en doen wat ze zeiden. Ze werkten zo hard, dacht ze. Het was zo moeilijk. Er waren zoveel kinderen wiens ouders ze niet meer wilden en er was nooit genoeg geld. Maar nu wist Sadie dat niet zo zeker meer. Ze liep voorzichtig naar de slaapkamer, haar toverstok in haar hand. Ze was eigenlijk nauwelijks naar binnen gegaan in haar leven. Wat als er een alarm op stond? Zouden ze dat kunnen? Ze waren nog nooit naar Zweinstein geweest en eigenlijk wist Sadie inmiddels meer van magie dan zij. Dat idee had ze in ieder geval. Maar wat als dat fout was? Wat als ze heel veel wisten? Het maakte niet uit. Ze moest het weten. Sadie haalde diep adem en duwde de deur open. Niets. Ze blies de adem uit en liep naar binnen. Het was...eigenlijk gewoon een slaapkamer. Een bed, een kast, een tafel met een kaars. Dat was het. Ze voelde zich schuldig. Voor even had ze het gevoel alsof ze alles maar in haar hoofd haalde. Haar ouders waren ook maar mensen. Ze deden alles wat ze konden om hun hoofd boven water te houden. Toch? Dat deed iedereen hier. Ze kon ze niet beschuldigen van proberen te overleven. Maar misschien dat ze het juist daarom moest doen. Zodat ze zeker was. Ze liep naar de kast en keek erin. Niets behalve kleding. Ze keek onder het bed. Niets. Alhoewel... Sadie fronste. Ze ging op haar knieën zitten en keek nogmaals goed. Daar, onder het stof. Er waren lijnen die niet leken te kloppen met de rest van de vloer. Veel te symmetrisch. Dat woord had ze onlangs pas geleerd, maar dat was precies hoe het eruit zag. Ze liet haar vingers over de lijnen gaan tot ze een gat voelde. Daarna trok ze aan de vloer. Een plank schoot los. Ze schrok er even van en knalde haar hand tegen de onderkant van het bed, maar het was goed. Ze had iets gevonden. Eindelijk. Sadie hield haar adem in, vanwege de stof en de spanning, en keek naar het gat in de vloer. Er lagen drie dingen. Iets wat leek op een kaart, een pakketje met brieven en een kleine, metalen doos. Wat betekende dat?
  11. [1835/1836] Miscommunication is the best communication

    Why didn't she live there... Yeah, she'd expected that question to be asked. It was strange, she knew that. He probably wouldn't even have believed her if Sadie didn't look exactly like her sister. But what was she supposed to answer him? He obviously knew Nessie, but not her, which meant that Nessie hadn't told him who she was. And that was fine, she didn't blame her sister for it, but it did show that it was probably still a bit impossible to talk about her at home. Or maybe she just hadn't known what to say. Maybe it hadn't come up. It was just hard to know how much of her weird past she was supposed to tell strangers. Because usually the answer would be nothing. Absolutely nothing. No way. No one was supposed to know who she was or what she was doing or how she ended up here. But this guy had mistaken her for Nessie and if Nessie liked him... "I was adopted." Sadie said, shrugging. "Maybe my aunt couldn't take care of the both of us." Hey, it wasn't a complete lie. And Thomas seemed think her aunt was kind so it was best to just omit some things. "If you stopped working for my aunt, what do you do now?"
  12. [1835/1836][EN] Nothing to see here, move along

    Confused... Yes, Sadie felt confused too, but there was something else. A feeling of unrest. Something was wrong and she didn't like it. Those people... They were all sad, that was true. And yes, they all seemed to want the twins to be there in some way. But that wasn't everything. That woman had really seemed to think that they were both living here. They wanted to know about good homes and kind people. About how much children played around here. How safe it was. A feeling of dread washed over her as she gripped Nessie a little tighter, though not enough to hurt, and walked a little faster. They ended up in a street and Sadie looked around. At first she saw nothing, feeling both frustrated and a little relieved. Maybe the woman was just crazy. Maybe... No, wait. A sharp intake of breath followed a tug on Nessie's arm as she quickly ran behind another building, peaking out at the street from a distance. There they were. Her parents. Walking out of a house she didn't know with people she didn't recognise. Her mother rested her hand on the shoulder of a younger woman. Her father shook the hand of an older woman. The younger one... Sadie looked at her stomach and cursed under her breath. Suddenly things were becoming clearer. "We have to get into that house." She whispered to Nessie, then realised what she was asking. "I mean... We don't have to now. You don't have to at all. But... There's something in there, I'm sure of it." She needed to get in. She needed to know what they were doing. "I don't think they brought us here for a day out." Sadie looked at her sister apologetically, hoping that that was enough to explain "sorry my crazy, possibly criminal parents are dragging a rich girl, you, into this mess, but hey, this is my life." Her parents walked back inside. The two women walked away. Sadie looked at the house and then waved at Nessie to come with her, walking up to the women. "Good morning!" She said cheerily, but the two women looked startled. "Good morning." They muttered. "I've never seen you before." Sadie continued. "Ah...No, we're ehm... we're visiting. Friends." "Fun! Whereabouts are you from?" "Oh eh... Finstall. It's in Worcestershire." "Never heard of it." But something told her that wouldn't matter soon. "Well, nice talking to you, we have to go!" She walked away again. "I'm sorry."
  13. [1835/1836][EN] Ssssshhhhh...

    Why would light ever give anyone migraines? Sadie didn't understand. Well, she understood a little. Knockturn Alley always seemed to be dark and murky and stepping out into the light always made her eyes hurt a little, but why would it give her migraines? Light was great. It was safe and it made everything look pretty and shiny. So no, really, she couldn't understand why light would cause someone so much pain that they'd want to close the curtains and pretend it didn't exist. Especially if she lived in a house as grand and pretty as this one. But there was a library! With books! Tons and tons of books all in neat little rows in a... bookcase! Yes! A bookcase. Miss Ginny had said she'd had tons of them in her last home. Sadie wasn't sure if anyone on Knockturn had one. She could see them sometimes in the shops in Diagon Alley, but she didn't really dare to go inside them. The shopkeepers usually noticed her quickly and kicked her out for fear of her stealing things. She wasn't like that, but that was the way things were. Sadie looked around in wonder, walking to one bookcase and running her fingers across the spines. She tried to read the letters on it, but they were in fancy writing, stitched onto the cover in colours that weren't easy to read. "How many books are there?" She asked. "I've never seen this many in one place... What are they about?"
  14. 8 augustus 1836 Haar project was nu in volle gang. Ze had niemand verteld waar ze mee bezig was, vooral omdat ze wist dat mensen het een stom idee zouden vinden en haar zouden vertellen dat ze het niet moest doen. Dat wist ze omdat ze het zelf gezegd zou hebben tegen alle andere mensen. En ja, oké, misschien dat "het jonge meisje dat dingen deed waarvan ze wist dat het een slecht idee was" iets dat wel vaker voorkwam in verhalen, maar dit was nodig, oké? Als ze een andere keuze had gehad, buiten haar hele leven lang doen wat haar ouders wilden, dan had ze dat gedaan. Dus ze moest dit doen. Sadie ging alle baby's redden. Goed, oké, voor mensen die Sadie niet zo goed kenden, had dit misschien wat uitleg nodig. Nee, ze ging niet alle baby's ter wereld redden. Alleen de baby's in haar huis. Wat haar "ouders" namelijk deden was ontmoeten met al dan niet wanhopige ouders om te praten over hun baby's. Bij sommige ouders was het simpel. Het waren ouders die in steden woonden en wilden dat hun kinderen een paar jaar opgroeiden op het platteland, om ze te laten opgroeien in de rust en frisse lucht, wat goed was voor hun gezondheid, iets wat geaccepteerd werd en vaak gebeurde. Sadies "ouders" kregen daar geld voor om de kinderen te kunnen verzorgen en na een paar jaar gingen ze weer terug naar de echte ouders. Dan waren er de tweede soort ouders. Vaak moeders die zwanger waren en niet zwanger hoorden te zijn. Zij gaven hun baby's weg en betaalde de "ouders" daarvoor om hen een goed huis te geven. Het was echter nep. Oh, Sadie's ouders hadden inderdaad een hele hoop kinderen in hun huis, maar het was niet in een idyllisch landschap waar de kindjes konden spelen in de frisse lucht. Het was midden op de Verdonkeremaansteeg en er was niet genoeg geld om iedereen genoeg te kunnen voeden. Althans, dat was wat haar ouders haar altijd vertelden. Dat was waarom ze moest werken om elke knoet bij elkaar te kunnen schrapen. Maar haar ouders hadden een tweede huis ergens op het platteland waar ze zelf het grootste gedeelte van hun tijd doorbrachten. En ze waren dus niet alleen bezig met werken en nieuwe baby's ophalen. Want de wereld was gemeen en vals. Maar dat was nu afgelopen, want Sadie ging het stoppen. Op dit moment waren haar ouders wel thuis en Sadie was bezig met haar tas vullen om de straat op te gaan om te werken. Ondertussen luisterde ze haar ouders af. Ze kon ze niet goed verstaan, maar het was duidelijk wat ze van plan waren. Ze gingen weg. Iets over een nieuwe baby. Dit gaf haar een keuze. Ze kon hen achterna gaan en erachter komen wie de ouders waren en waar ze woonden, maar het was niet zeker dat ze dichtbij genoeg kon komen om alles te kunnen horen. En wat als ze erachter zouden komen dat ze hen achterna was gegaan? Dat kon ze niet uitleggen. Als ze thuis bleef, kon ze zoeken waar ze hun informatie hielden. Maar ze had geen idee waar alles lag. Waarschijnlijk lag het niet eens in dit huis. En moest ze dan naar hun andere huis gaan? Dan moest ze iemand zoeken om voor de baby's te zorgen, of hen meenemen, en ervoor zorgen dat niemand daarachter kwam. Wat moest ze doen? Yup! Choose Sadie's Adventure! Dit is een beetje een experiment, maar oké. Er is een poll! De poll is een week open! Besluit wat ik ga doen~
  15. [1835/1836][EN] Bird bird bird, the bird is the word

    Ah, good, he was helping her. The bird sat down in a windowsill, looking at the spectacle before him. Her? It? She was called Polly. Sadie was going to say she was a girl. A cute girl. The best girl. Merlin, she loved pets. Anyway! She could still hear the faint crying coming from her house, so she stepped on his hands and climbed up to the second story, the boost enough to grab the edges of the windows and the rain pipe. It was a little dangerous, but she was small and light and eventually she did end up on the roof. And what was it that was lost? A rattle. How the hell did the kid get a rattle on the roof? Stupid magic... She grabbed it and looked down. Ugh, ok, that was a bit of a ways down. Sadie looked puzzled for a moment, then realised what she could do. There was a spare mattress that was pushed up against the wall during the day because the children needed a place to play. She could use that. "Hey mister, can you step back?" She called down. It was a stretch, but she had learned the spell to make it easier with cleaning and moving stuff around sooo... she waved her wand, said the spell and... yes! It appeared! Awesome! Ok, that made things a little easier. She climbed down until she couldn't anymore and then simply let herself fall on top of the mattress. It still hurt, the mattress wasn't very comfortable, but there were no injuries so she got up and magicked the mattress back. Good! She was proud of herself. "Thank you so much." Sadie said with a happy grin. "Can I pet your bird?"