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  1. [1836/1837][EN] Hear the wind calling me to leave this place

    Eric had done things to her. He had taken away her pets, had banned her from going to Russia and had made her behave to him in public, but all of those things had been somehow... circumstantial. Yes, they had bothered her and meant as a punishment, but it had always been third party involved, in a sense. But now it was just him and her. And there was nothing she could do. He didn't seem to be bothered by her at all. She tried to pull away, to hook herself behind furniture, to swear and scream and shout, and he kept on moving on, just holding her arm, not even looking at her. She felt like a petulant child having a temper tantrum. And then he pushed her inside her room, locked the door and she was left there, pounding on the door, calling him all the horrible names she could think of. If she had known, she would not have started the last year of her life like this. Finished <3
  2. [1836/1837][EN] Hear the wind calling me to leave this place

    She ignored the shocked look on his face, the moment of pain, the way he, for once, seemed to care about what she had done, because if she allowed it to have any presence on her mind, it would tell her she had done something wrong. Something hurtful to herself, a mistake, something she wished she could have taken back, and Lissa never, ever wanted to believe that. She instead, she pulled against his grip. "Yes, I am happy," she snarled at him, because as always, she wanted to hurt him, she wanted to fight, but she did not want to be the victim. Lissa was very bad at being a victim. "Oh please," she sighed, "Don't be so dramatic. It was just..." She didn't know what it was, really, and there was some panic bubbling up in her throat. It had tasted... not entirely like water, but then again, she hadn't kept it long enough in her mouth to try to figure out what it had tasted like. She just wanted to get it down, away from him. "I feel fine." If she said it out loud, it must be true, right? "Don't bother with the champagne," she told him, "I'll leave you to your work." She couldn't help but smile at him, brightly. "Oh wait..."
  3. [1836/1837][EN] Hear the wind calling me to leave this place

    He told her to put the bottle down, so Lissa held it closer to her. Her fingers around the glass, so close that if he cursed it from her hands, the glass would break and he would have to explain how exactly his wife had ended up with cuts in her hand. It was petty, it was stupid, and she didn't care. Because she hated him and every word out of his mouth, every word he snarled at her, just made her hate him more. This marriage had been doomed from the start. Lissa had never been fair in it, had always played to win. The only victory she would take was Eric defeated, destroyed, but he was too strong for her and she didn't see. "Such big words," she snarled back at him. For a moment, even the idea of going back to Russia didn't satisfy her. She had to do something to punish him, anything to hurt him. The bottle, of course. Could she throw it at him or smash it on the floor? Perhaps, but he might rescue it with a spell. So instead, Lissa put the bottle to her lips and quickly drank it before he could take it away. And then she smashed it on the floor anyway, just for the aesthetic of it.
  4. [1836/1837][EN] Hear the wind calling me to leave this place

    Good that she startled him. She was angry enough that she enjoyed that, but to be fair, she was petty enough to enjoy it at any given moment. Sometimes, when she was particularly petty, she would go out in the middle of the night when she knew he was still up and try to startle him as he got something to drink or eat. Didn't often work, but it worked today and she smiled, satisfied with her tiny victory. Well... satisfied... Not really. She wanted more. Especially when he started snapping at her. "It's both our lives," she hissed at him, eyeing the door. Could she... would she? Of course she would. And so, before he would retreat back into his office, Lissa slipped between him and the door. She hadn't been here in a while, but she didn't take her time looking around. Instead, she quickly glanced around, trying to find what he had been working on. There, a bottle on his desk. It was clear, but the liquid in it was surprisingly shiny. She grabbed for it before Eric could tear her from the room. "And what's this?" she asked, eyeing him, ready to make a move if he did. "Is this what I'm missing a delightful party for?" A stupid bottle with stupid liquid.
  5. New Years Eve 1836 - not midnight yet - Lissa and Eric's house "I hate you," she hissed at him, as she stormed into the living room and threw off her scarf. It fluttered uselessly to the ground, not a good sign of her temper, but at least indestructible and that was... something. She could throw something, felt like throwing something, but she had designed this house to perfection, had picked out everything herself that would have made a lovely sound if she threw it on the ground, but these were her stuff, her salon, and she wasn't going to sacrifice a single of these lovely items for him. "мудак," she whispered to herself as she threw herself down on the sofa, not loud enough for him to hear, just in case he had picked up some Russian swear words, but she hated, hated, hated him. Eric had been... distracted lately. That had been fine, at first, she liked her husband distracted because that meant he left her alone most of the time, but sometimes they had to be social together, one of those pesky things that came with the wedding ring on her left hand, and there he had been utterly frustrating. Okay, fine, she also didn't really like the fact that he was even sharper with her than usual, but leaving the best party of the year with her best friends early, when it wasn't even midnight yet, so he could lock himself up in his office and spend the entire night doing god knows what? No, that crossed the line. And she was so tired of it. She was tired of him in general, but she was tired of his sour mood. He wouldn't even explain it when she asked, as if he could read her mind that she wasn't asking him because she was his wife and wanted him to share his burden, but just wanted some gossip instead. Why did he never take her serious? He truly was the worst husband, even all her friends thought so. And now she sat on the sofa, alone, watching the clock tick away minutes she could have enjoyed at a party instead. Ugh! This had to stop. For once surprisingly effective, she took off her shoes and moved, silently, through the halls of their house, until she could prowl in front of the door to his office. The door was always locked, believe me, she had tried getting in, but he had to come out at some point, wouldn't he? And then she would strike. Private <3
  6. Damesclub De Gouden Roos

    Wat is een damesclub? Een damesclub is nog niet echt een traditie in 1836, maar ah well. Een damesclub is gebaseerd op de Engelse Gentlemen's club (niet de stripclub versie), een clubhuis voor mannen om met andere mannen tijd door te kunnen brengen, vriendschappen te kunnen onderhouden en hobby's te kunnen uitvoeren. De damesclub is daar een versie van, maar dus alleen voor vrouwen. De Gouden Roos De Gouden Roos is een nieuwe club, net opgericht, alleen voor getrouwde vrouwen van vooraanstaande (lees = rijke) mannen in Magisch Groot-Brittannië. Het clubhuis bevindt zich in een zijstraat van de Wegisweg. Er is een salon waar thee geserveerd wordt, een eetzaal, een bibliotheek, een atelier en een orangerie. In een gentlemen's club zijn er soms slaapkamers die verhuurd worden, maar bij De Gouden Roos niet, want hallo, je hoort gewoon naar huis te gaan 's avonds en bij je man te slapen. Maar de Gouden Roos is niet alleen een clubhuis! Het is ook een sociale club die één keer per maand een evenement verzorgt, zoals schilderlessen, bals, picknicken, sportevenementen (nou ja, keurige sportevenementen), rondleidingen in musea, etc. Die worden niet allemaal uitgespeeld (want dan blijven we bezig), maar ze vinden dus wel plaats! Een perfecte gelegenheid voor je karakter om dus eens wat anders te doen. En ja, af en toe zullen ze ook iets leuks doen voor de armen want dat hoort erbij, maar ze zijn er dus niet specifiek alleen voor liefdadigheid. Hoe word ik lid? Er zijn op dit moment twee soorten leden, de "gewone" leden en de "oprichters". Voor de gewone leden kun je je gewoon opgeven, klaar! Zolang je karakter dus maar getrouwd is met een rijke man en een redelijke reputatie heeft. Voor de oprichters zoek ik mensen die samen met Lissa deze club zouden willen oprichten. Dat zijn karakters die hoogstwaarschijnlijk bevriend zijn met Lissa (al uitgespeeld of niet) en zin hebben om zich met het verloop van de club te bemoeien, dus evenementen organiseren, er voor zorgen dat iedereen contributie betaalt, et cetera. Weduwen zijn overigens ook toegestaan, gescheiden vrouwen (zonder nieuwe man) niet. Dus heb je zin om mee te doen? Geef je dan op! <3 Leden: Giselle Bowman-Vauclain - Oprichter Josephine Cadwgan - Oprichter Lydia Hastings Melody Kingsley-Savage - Oprichter Olivia Finch-Hatton Ophelia Ingram Vasilisa Silvershore - Oprichter Yara Foulkes-Davenport - Oprichter
  7. [1836/1837][EN] Nothing to lose

    Yeah, Lissa didn't care. Oh, she had been very careful at not showing Wydecroft that, she had been perfectly delightful as they talked about sledding. Really, Eric, ice skating? Or fishing? Please. She would have almost offered him lessons, but Lissa was quite pleased with Eric not knowing anything about her language. "I think I know his wife," she nodded to Eric, keeping that serene smile on her face, though it was a lot trickier now that they were semi-alone again. Around him, her mouth always tried to drop into a grimace. "I've met her at the club. Lovely woman." Russian, that is. Lissa always loved her countrywomen a little bit more than the other women. "So, who is next?" Probably the guy that was storming towards them with a big grin on his face. Lissa risked that he couldn't speak Russian and mumbled to herself: "Idiot."
  8. [1836/1837] Overture

    Lissa vertrok haar gezicht, want hoewel ze hardop had gezegd dat ze wilde weten hoe iemand het deed, betekende niet dat ze het daadwerkelijk wilde weten. Dat soort antwoorden waren namelijk altijd saai en afleidend en verbraken de magie. Niet de letterlijke magie, Lissa wist ook heus wel dat dat niet makkelijk kapot ging, maar gewoon... de magie erom heen. De metaphorische magie. Het was ergens al irritant dat ze nu de vrouw had gevonden die het allemaal had gemaakt, want... tja. Dan werd het persoonlijker, had alles meer een mening, kon je moeilijker je eigen dingen erin zetten... "Oh, echt?" vroeg ze, dus niet echt geïnteresseerd, maar beleefd genoeg dat ze een poging deed beleefd te zijn. "Dus jij werkt voor het circus? Wat bijzonder." Ze wierp een blik op de jonge vrouw. Knap, ja, maar vanwege haar werk voor het circus direct al minderwaardig, dank je wel. "Doe je dat al lang?"
  9. [1836/1837] Overture

    Dinsdag 25 oktober 1836 - 's avonds - Cirque Astre Vasilisa was nog nooit naar dit circus geweest en ondanks haar hoge standaarden moest ze toegeven dat het daadwerkelijk prachtig was. Er was overal wat nieuws te zien, te horen, te proeven, te voelen of te ruiken. Een circus bleef ergens een tikje ordinair aanvoelen, want iedereen kon een kaartje betalen en naar binnen stampen, maar dit was wel echt spectaculair. Ze begon haast te wensen dat ze als kind vaker in een circus was geweest, zodat ze overal echt van kon genieten. Want als volwassen vrouw hoorde je eigenlijk alles minderwaardig te vinden. Wat was daar eigenlijk de gedachtegang achter, dat je geen emoties kon tonen zoals enthousiasme? Waarom was dat kinderachtig? Op de één of andere manier was ze haar andere vrienden kwijtgeraakt en nu dwaalde ze een beetje tussen de tenten door. Ze maakte zich nergens zorgen over, het leven was prachtig en dit circus was zo mooi dat ze haast nooit meer weg wilde gaan, maar het zou wel fijn zijn om een bekend gezicht te zien. Of misschien moest ze een nieuwe vriendin maken! Ze haakte haar arm in bij de eerste vrouw die ze zag. "Het is zo mooi, niet waar?" zuchtte ze blij, terwijl ze naar de twinkelende sterren in het tentdoek keek. "Hoe hebben ze dat gedaan?" Privé voor Giselle Rosebay!
  10. [1835/1836][EN] Lissa has skills, you know

    Wait… what? Vasilisa blinked and blinked again as she tried to process the idea of someone not wanting to be married. Now, you might be surprised about this fact, because you'd have to be pretty dumb, stupid and blind if you wanted to claim that Lissa's marriage was a happy one, but Lissa had always wanted to be married. Because everyone wanted to be married. If you weren't married, you were one of those spinsters and no one liked spinsters. Oh sure, they got invited to parties, but always out of pity and not even to the good kinds of parties. Married women were the most beloved women in all of the world. "I don't think I understand," Lissa said, with a smile, because even in moments like this, she knew that smiling was always the best course of action. "You don't want to get married? But whyever not? There are all sorts of benefits to being married." More money to spend, not having to rely on your family, society liked you and at some point, children too if you were into that. Not being married, however…
  11. Heks & Haard Presenteert: Debutante van het jaar 1836!

    Naam Debutante: @Zaira Silvershore Wat maakt deze debutante zo bijzonder? Juffrouw Silvershore komt uit één van de belangrijkste en meest prestigieuze tovenaarsfamilies van heel Engeland, nee, zelfs heel Europa! Dat ze een bastaard is kan juffrouw Silvershore natuurlijk zelf ook niet helpen. Ik neem het haar in ieder geval niet kwalijk. Wat is haar beste eigenschap? Zaira is een snelle leerlinge. En haar slechtste eigenschap? Tja, haar afkomst he... Waarom is ze nog niet getrouwd? Juffrouw Silvershore is nog maar pas geïntroduceerd in de juiste kringen, omdat ze vanwege haar andere afkomst behoorlijk wat hulp nodig heeft. Maar het zal vast niet lang duren voordat ze een goede man vindt. Wat is haar ideale man? Iemand uit de juiste kringen die de educatie van juffrouw Silvershore graag voort wilt zetten. Wat moeten we echt over haar weten? Zaira is goed bevriend met haar schoonzus Vasilisa Silvershore en is dol op de vrouw.
  12. Heks & Haard Presenteert: Debutante van het jaar 1836!

    Naam Debutante: @Fawn Thwaite Wat maakt deze debutante zo bijzonder? Fawn Thwaite is een geweldige jongedame die ondanks haar moeilijke afkomst voor het eerst haar stappen zet in de juiste kringen van de maatschappij. Natuurlijk onder leiding van een mentor, die haar uiterste best doet om van Fawn een geschikte debutante te maken en daar geweldig werk mee verzet. Wat is haar beste eigenschap? Juffrouw Thwaite is net als een diamant die pas gedolven is. Ze is nog wat ruw, maar als iemand haar polijst, is ze miljoenen waard. En haar slechtste eigenschap? Arme juffrouw Thwaite heeft niet de beste opvoeding gehad en kan dus af en toe een beetje wild overkomen. Maar dit komt allemaal goed. Waarom is ze nog niet getrouwd? Ze was tot voor kort nog niet klaar om de huwelijksmarkt te betreden, maar dit jaar wordt haar jaar! Wat is haar ideale man? Een vriendelijke man die geduld heeft, goed is in kalmeren en af en toe met harde hand op kan treden. Wat moeten we echt over haar weten? Juffrouw Thwaite wordt gesponsord door Vasilisa Silvershore, die er alles aan doet om de jongedame te helpen en daar fantastisch werk verricht.
  13. Sociale Kalender - BW

    Naam feest/evenement: Ik heb nu al een hekel aan deze vraag. Het "We hebben een goede zakendeal gesloten met Peru" feest. Wat is het? Een feest om te vieren dat Eric's departement op het Ministerie een goede zakendeal heeft gesloten met Peru! Organisator: De Internationale Magische Handelsorganisatie. Uitgenodigden: Werknemers en hun vrouwen/mannen/andere volwassen familieleden en mogelijk andere hooggeplaatste Ministeriemedewerkers op het Departement voor Internationale Magische Samenwerking. Waar: Op het Ministerie, in dezelfde zaal waar het debutantenbal altijd plaatsvindt, want dat is de zaal voor dit soort evenementen, maar dit keer natuurlijk niet zo uitgebreid versierd als het debutantenbal. Gewoon netjes. Wanneer: Vrijdag 16 september 1836 Gespeeld? Ja, maar als privétopic.
  14. [1836/1837][EN] Nothing to lose

    Friday the 16th of September Lissa loved parties. There was something about the gathering of people, everyone dressed in their most beautiful gowns and suits, wearing their most expensive jewelry and slowly sipping good champagne, that gave her more energy than everything else. It was a game, she decided, looking over the crowd. A game to make the most people like you, share the right stories, laugh at the best moments and let everyone marvel about how you were so entertaining. She ruled at these parties. "Here, let me fix that," she told Eric, reaching towards his cravat in a marital sign of affection neither of them would show in their own home. She didn't even consider choking him with the wraps of cloth, though Vasilisa wasn't really that much of a violent person. She liked to pick fights, but not physical ones. Those she would lose anyway. "Where's your boss?" she asked, when she was finished with the cravat and ready to look at the party. Her hands were wrapped around Eric's arm and she was the picture of a dutiful wife. See, Eric, she could do it. When she wanted to. "We should probably greet him first. And then any other important Ministry employees." What was this party about again? She hadn't really paid attention, Lissa had to admit. Something with a… trade deal? Private!
  15. [1835/1836][EN] Power and Control

    Ah, her husband wasn't very ambitious, was he? She hated that part of him, that was so courteous, so kind. Really? Was this the worst he was going to do to her? Call her Lizzie, take away her dogs (though that did broke her heart, she loved those dogs almost as much as she loved herself and she definitely loved them more than she would ever love Eric, if she ever would love him at all) and force her to be nice to him in public? It was almost disappointing. "You know what I want," she bit at him, "but you won't give me that, so." She shrugged. She had nothing else to demand, because she didn't really want anything from him, except for him to suffer as much as possible. And that was not something he would agree with, unfortunately. "I'd suggest we celebrate this new phase in our marriage, but I've had enough of your face for the day, so if you allow me, I'll retire to my bedroom."