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  1. [1837/1838][EN] How long before we used to be

    Esmé couldn’t help but look a bit sour. “Oh, lovely”, she replied. Being the youngest hadn’t been fun at all. Neither has being a daughter, the only girl. She always had to compete with her brothers and proof herself just that bit more towards her father compared to them. They hadn’t been a happy family, but merely soldiers in her father’s army. “When you say it like that it does sound good and fun. Unfortunately it wasn’t”. Esmé did not mind that Lissa knew things about her, her past, her family. As long as it weren’t the gruesome details, they were fine. “Let’s just say I’m happy to be in England so I have a perfect excuse for not visiting them”. Especially since there was a price on her head. And there went the idea of walking with the dogs. Damn. Esmé would have felt much more comfortable walking with all her dogs, even dragging the cats along, instead of dealing with children. Then again, she wouldn’t go as far as accidently killing the children because they had inherited their father’s allergy. Good point, Lissa. Esmé sighed. “You’re right, of course. I hadn’t thought about that”. The woman bit her lower lip, trying to think of what else they could do. If she was to sit her and look at two babies all the time, she would be bored very quickly. The Spanish woman raised her eyebrows. This was probably the most positive she ever had heard Lissa speak about her husband. She had half expected her to rant about Eric and his lack of parenting skills. “Wow, I’m surprised”, the woman answered. “I think it’s the nicest thing you’ve said about him ever since I have known you”. Although Lissa did mention that Eric had his gender against him.. or with him. It would depend on who’s side you were on. “Ah... Yes”. Esmé glanced at the crib again. “Well, I am a woman, but somehow I don’t think I would be a good mother”, she admitted carefully after one of the babies began to cry. “Which one is crying? I honestly would not know what to do”. She walked towards the crib and smiled. “Ssshh”, she tried. It sometimes helped to calm down one of her dogs. Maybe it would work on babies too! “Of course, they are not my own. Maybe it’s different if I ever get kids of my own. Maybe then I would know what to do”. She grinned at her friend. “But for now I leave you to it while I watch and learn from the natural”. Good luck, Lissa. You were on your own.
  2. [1838][EN]Taking risks, being stupid

    “I would love to, thank you very much”, she accepted politely. Through the years she had become very fond of the British tradition to drink tea. She took a seat in front of the Minister, relaxing a bit. So far, he seemed a nice guy, but she knew better then to simply fall for it. He might be charming, friendly, maybe even helpful, but she already knew it would come with a price. She just hoped the price wasn’t too high. “Oh, don’t worry, Minister. I would not waste your precious time with the loss of one of my dogs”. Which were mostly Vasilisa’s dogs, by the way. Thanks to Eric, and Lissa’s determination to piss Eric off, Esmé was stuck with a house full of pets. She didn’t mind, but she certainly wouldn’t go to the Minster if one of her dogs got missing, Silvershore or not. Lissa would, probably, but that woman sometimes had her priorities wrong. Hm, thinking of Lissa… Should she mention to Thomas that she was close with his daughter-in-law? She decided against it, since she could not see how it would make him more eager to help her out. And it was probably better to not mention her friendship with Eric, especially since Eric helped her out a lot and didn’t ask a lot for it in return. Thomas Silvershore didn’t look like he was as generous as his son. Esmé’s heart dropped a bit, since Thomas wasn’t sure if he could help her. She was sure he could, he was the boss of this entire country. The question was if he would want to give her British citizenship. “I have tried it through the official channels”, she told him, hiding her frustration. “But for some reason they were not prepared to help me. They almost acted as if I did not stand a chance in the first place”. She wanted to add that he should do something about that, now that he was Minister, but wisely she kept her mouth shut. “I have been in England for years now. There is nothing for me in Spain since I have cut all ties with my family. I would like to settle down and be a part of this country. As you can hear I’ve learned the language properly”. She smiled, though it was a bit strained. “England has become my home”. Who would have thought she would ever say that?! “Since the official channels are reluctant to help, I thought I would give it a shot at a higher office”. The Spanish woman looked at him, wondering is she had plead her case properly. “So, would you be able to help me, Minister?”.
  3. June 1838 She had been thinking about it for a long time now. Gaining British citizenship would help her settle a bit more. Maybe she would even gain a bit more protection against her brothers. It had been awfully quiet around them and she finally started to feel a bit more at ease. It had taken en few years, but she finally felt like she could settle down in this cold country and calling it her home. She had work, she had a house, and she had pets. Yet she wasn’t a member of this country. She was a foreigner with no true home country. Esmé had been reaching out carefully to some people, at the Ministry or some council, but so far without luck. She could have asked people for help, like Eric or Isaac, but she owed them so much already, that she wanted to do this by herself. She no longer wanted to have to rely on other people fixing things for her. She had to take matters into her own hands. So, she had the idea of going to the Minister of Magic. Surely, if anyone could help her it would be the Minister. But then there were elections, which she wasn’t even allowed to vote for. It gave her some time to try to get what she wanted in another way, but still without success. Either people didn’t care or didn’t like having her as a proper English woman. And that was even without them knowing all the things she had done in the past or while working for and with Isaac. If they had known, someone would have probably thrown her in the ocean so she could swim back to Spain. Lovely people, those British were. And who would have thought she never wanted to leave England again? Finally, there was a new Minister, but... He was Eric’s father. From al her years of friendship with Eric and Isaac, she knew she was better off if she stayed away from that man. He was dangerous and therefore not the best person to ask for a huge favour. Yet she had to try, since she did not want to lose her home and country once again. She was a trained assassin, a trained soldier, a trained spy. Surely she could charm the Minister into giving her British citizenship? And if he couldn’t do it, then she should consider looking for another country that did want to adopt her. It was reckless and dangerous to meet Thomas Silvershore, but she felt like she did not have a choice. She hadn’t told Isaac and Eric a single thing about this (stupid) plan and the reason for it, but she simply wanted to belong somewhere after so many years. It might give her a better life, better opportunities and if no one else would help her then the Minister was her only hope. Esmé never really had been at the Ministry and it felt a bit intimidating to walk there. She felt so small in this huge building, with so many people. It made her feel a bit on edge and uncomfortable. There was no turning back, though. She had managed to get herself an appointment, though she had failed to tell the true reason. However, if she had thought that the building was intimidating, she hadn’t had seen the worst yet. For his age, Thomas Silvershore was good looking, but his posture radiated power. Raw, dangerous power. “Thank you so much for granting me a few minutes of your precious time”, she said charmingly, casting her eyes towards the floor as a humble young woman. Merlin, what was she doing here? This was a mistake, she knew it immediately. “I must admit that it’s highly unusual to come with my request to the Minister of Magic”. She smiled, looking at ease, but feeling anything but. “But if anyone would be able to help me it must be you”. She restrained herself from fumbling with her skirts, since it would give away her nerves. She waited a few second to allow herself to gain some confidence. It would not help to stutter and she certainly did not want to give him the idea she was easy prey. “I was wondering if you could grant me British citizenship”, she asked without stuttering. “If you have the time?”, she added sweetly. Deep down, however, she somewhat wished he would simply reject her and kick her out so she could breath easily again. Now that she stood there, she realised how desperate and stupid this must look. With all the unease she kept hidden, she also had to hide her embarrassment.
  4. [1837/1838][EN] How long before we used to be

    Siblings. Oh, Esmé had siblings alright. She had three brothers who wanted her dead. Nice, happy family they were. “Yes”, she answered her friend. “I have three older brothers, so that would make me the youngest”. And the only girl. It hadn’t been a fun family life and she wasn’t really willing to talk about it. “But they live in Spain, so I never see them”. Because if she did see them, at least one of them would die. Her brothers were just as skilled as she was, maybe even better. Not that Lissa would ever know about it. Eric did, but he had to know. It was how it had all started and why he had offered her a safehouse to live. Let’s just say that Esmé would have been better off if she had been an only child. The Spanish woman was happy with the change of subject, though she immediately regretted offering some help. “A walk?”. Babies did not walk. She could take the dogs for a walk, but she could hardly put the babies on a leash and drag them through the park. “Eh.. Well..”. She thought quickly. She was not going to walk with the babies alone. “I could pick up the dogs later today? Then you could bring the children. The weather is nice enough to go for a walk in the park”. And then she would have Lissa with her to deal with babies. And Lissa might like it to see her dogs again. “So, how is Eric enjoying his new role as father?”, she smirked. Somehow she found it very difficult to picture him as a father figure. Oh, he would protect them with his life, because they were family. They were his heirs. Family and their name meant everything to Eric, being a Silvershore. But seeing him as loving father, playing with his twins, reading them bedtime stories? Esmé chuckled softly at the image in her mind. She would pay good money to see that.
  5. [1837/1838][EN] How long before we used to be

    Truth be told, I have no idea as well why Esmé was best friends with Lissa. The only thing the two women had in common was their love for pets, especially dogs. Esmé’s house had turned into a zoo after Eric had forced his wife to get rid of the dogs. She liked the company though. She loved the animals with all her heart. She kept Lissa up to date every now and then how the pets were doing. Other than that, they didn’t have anything gin common. Esmé had only used Lissa to get close to the Silvershores, because she was interested in them. Lissa, being al vein and brainless, was easy to approach. Long story short; Esmé had become friends with Eric, but still pretended to dislike him in front of his wife, since Lissa wasn’t very fond of him either. The amount of complaining that woman had done in the past was remarkable. Now Lissa had two baby’s and Esmé could no longer avoid a meeting. It wasn’t that she hated children, she just had no experience with them whatsoever. She had always refused to harm children in any shape or form and had always kept her distance. Children were innocent, they did not deserve to be tortured or murdered. However, because of the lack of experience, the Spanish woman had no clue how to deal with them. Especially with baby’s. They didn’t do anything but sleep and cry. What was their use? Esmé had started to take a liking towards Lissa through the years, but that did not mean she wanted to handle her children. That’s why she hoped the children would be fast asleep. Of course, with all the luck in the world, the children were anything but asleep. They weren’t crying, it was more like talking in their baby language. It did sound rather cute, better than the crying. Esmé walked towards the cribs and looked inside of them. “Well… they seem to have fun with each other”, Esmé said lightly. She thought. Could babies have fun? “I do not envy you. I am sure you are a great mother”, she smiled. “But I would have no idea what to do with…them”. It, the things, whatever. They were tiny little creatures and rather useless at this stage of life. The woman left the cribs and the cooing behind and gladly accepted Lissa’s offer for tea. “Yes, please. Anything I can help you with?”. As long as it was not babysitting, or anything that involved the babies, Esmé would gladly help her friend with anything.
  6. Her first thought was to decline the offer. Esmé knew Matthew wasn't who he said he was, but so far she hadn't been able to find out his real name. She had considered asking for Isaac's help or Eric's, but she'd rather not burden them with it until she knew more. Every time she met the Spanish man, she found out a bit more. Their relationship was awkward, hostile, at first. Nowadays she still wasn't really fond of him. Or maybe she was. She did not know what to think of this all. He could be so charming and pleasant to be around. The woman thought they could actually be friends, if there weren't so many lies between them. He wasn't honest, but neither was she. There was this strange tension between them, as if a bomb could explode any minute now. It was exciting, an adventure, but oh so dangerous. Eventually, the brunette decided to bite. she would visit Matthew and see what she could find out this time. It was a game she could not resist and she caught herself she was actually looking forward to meeting him. This game they played made her life a bit less boring. She still had to be careful, of course, which is why she hadn't invited him at her home. It was still a safe house, her home, her safe haven. His house, however, would do perfectly. She could leave if she felt any danger coming towards her. Though, somehow, she wondered sometimes if she was truly in danger. They knew each other for over a year now. If he truly wanted something from her, wouldn't he have made a move by now? If he was send by her family, then they wouldn't have waited this long. But then again, why was he hiding things? At the door, she felt the familiar chill of excitement. Her stomach felt like it had butterflies in it. Not because she loved to see him, but because she loved the game they played. Who would break first? Well, it wouldn't be her. Esmé greeted Matthew when he opened the door, smiled charmingly and sat down on the couch. She made herself feel comfortable, though never letting her guard down. She couldn't completely hide the suspicion in her eyes whenever she looked at him. Whenever she met him, she always wondered what he wanted. Their first meeting wasn't a coincidence and neither were the ones that had followed. Everything as planned, either by him or by her. Which is why she was really surprised when he spoke to her in Spanish, apologized and simply stated he shouldn't have invited her. Esmé raised an eyebrow. "Well... I don't think I've never felt so welcome all my life", she mentioned with a bit of sarcasm. "You could have changed your mind a bit earlier, you know. Would have saved me all the travelling". She shrugged. "And why is this sudden change of mind?". She grinned. "Don't tell me you have something to.. esconder". Of course he had, he always had something to hide. "Now that I am here, you might as well offer me a drink. You look like shit, by the way, so might as well make it a strong one. It seems like you need it". She looked at him, wondering why he looked so different. His appearance hadn't changed, but something was off with his behavior. "And then you can tell me what is bothering you. "Qué hay sobre eso?". OOC: Esconder = Hide (Spanish) "Qué hay sobre eso?" = How about that? (Spanish)
  7. [1836/1837][EN]Happy New Year to the Lost and Forgotten

    A night to remember. It most certainly would be. Esmé could not remember when she had felt so relaxed, had so much fun or even celebrated the new year. She felt happy and content and wished she could hold on to that feeling for a long time. But even now she knew she could not let her guard down, not completely. She had t go home at one point and then she had to be alert again. Looking over her shoulders, as she had to do every day. But for now she would just enjoy this evening and Isaacs company. "Well, we would both be alone and bored, probably". The brunette shrugged. "And we would have missed the fireworks". She held on to Isaac once again when he started to move the broom. Though she still felt a bit unstable, she got the hang of it now. Cold as it was, she still enjoyed the ride back to his house. When they arrived she had to restrain herself from sprinting into his house and to the fireplace. Instead, she managed to keep an even pace. She kept his cloak on a bit longer, warming her hands in front of the fire as soon as they had entered the house. "I'm afraid I will never get used to the cold", she admitted with a small smile. "That's the one thing I miss about Spain; the warm weather". When her hands didn't feel frozen anymore, she shrugged of the cloak and placed it in front of the fire to dry it a bit. Up in the air it had been icy and some of that ice clung to the cloak. The woman chuckled. "I would really love that, yes", she admitted. "although I doubt the experience would be any better than tonight. It had something magical, so close to the fireworks". She turned to him, warming her back a bit. "And yes, less drunk would be better". She giggled, her cheeks a bit colored because of the cold, heat and the alcohol. "But that's an idea for later. How about another drink?". She loosened her hair, trying to get rid of the knots in it after their flight. "I believe that bottle was not empty". Not by a long shot and as far as she was concerned, the night was still young. The new year had only just begun. She walked towards him with a smile. "So, when do you have time for the first lesson? Anything I should know up front?".
  8. [1836/1837][EN]Happy New Year to the Lost and Forgotten

    Isaac seemed as intrigued by the lights as she was. She smiled at him, utterly happy for this experience. All her worries seemed t have flown away with the icy wind, blasted to pieces by the fireworks. The worries would return, she knew, because they always did. However, she thought she was allowed to enjoy the peace for a while, no matter how long it would last. It seemed she had Isaac to thank for this moment. A toast in the sky. Carefully, Esmé took over the bottle from him while she balanced herself on the broom. She let go of him, opening the bottle, while trying to sit steadily on the broom. Falling down now would not be a great start of the new year. She looked a bit smug when she managed to open the bottle with a pop and had been able to not slip off. After this small victory Esmé looked at Isaac, thinking of a proper toast. "Well then... Here is to a happy new year to the lost and forgotten, I suppose?", she grinned. She lifted the bottle a bit and then took a big sip from it before she handed it back to Isaac. "Thank you...", she added softly. "For tonight". Even with the liquor warming her, she still shivered. "I can see why you like flying so much. And with the fireworks it makes it even better". Another shiver. "But I really crave the warm house now", she chuckled. "Or I will not be able to defreeze myself before Spring has arrived".
  9. [1836/1837][EN]Happy New Year to the Lost and Forgotten

    A part of her regretted urging him to go faster. Her stomach seemed to twist and turn inside of her and Esmé wasn't sure if she liked the feeling. But the freedom, the safety.. Yes, safety. up in the air she was more safe than on the ground, she was sure of it. So far Isaac hadn't dropped her and his body language did not seem to incline he was about to throw her off after all. She closed her eyes, feeling the cold wind on her face, messing up her hair. She enjoyed the ride, the freedom, the silence. Until the clock struck midnight. Esmé opened her eyes at the same moment fireworks lit up the sky. She had survived another year and this time she did not enter the new year alone. Isaac stopped the broom, holding it steady, but she couldn't avoid bumping into him a bit. She grabbed his shirt a bit tighter, before she felt steady enough to look at the fireworks again. Up in the sky it seemed even more beautiful, a beautiful war of lights. She tore her eyes from the fireworks and looked at him with a happy smile. "Happy new year to you too", she replied loud enough to be heard over the sounds of the fireworks. She chuckled. "I thought you brought a bottle with you", she hinted, while his face kept lighting u in different colors. She couldn't help, but stare at his face a bit longer than usual, intrigued by the lights. "You want to toast on the new year while we are up in the air? Or do you want to return to your house so we can warm a bit?". She laughed. "If we can get ourselves to unfreeze from this broom".
  10. [1836/1837][EN]Happy New Year to the Lost and Forgotten

    Dear Lord, what madness had gone into her? Esmé wrapped herself into the cloak, hoping she'd downed enough alcohol to survive the cold. She smirked at his comment about killing him after she might have fallen into pieces, but did not respond to that. She truly trusted him already, it seemed. Especially, since she would jump on a broom and fly. Fast and high, in the dark, half drunk. She couldn't stop the giggle that escaped her. She was nervous, but also excited. And scared, but she would rather die than to show fear to anyone. Carefully, she listen to his instructions. She watched the way he stepped on the broom and try to copy his movements with as much grace as possible. Which didn't go completely flawless, since she was rather tipsy and wearing a dress. She placed herself behind him, slowly wrapping her arms around him to steady herself. She hadn't been this close to a man (or woman) since her lover had died. Of course, this was nothing romantic, she reminded herself. This was necessary to not fall to her death. "Ready as I'll ever be", she muttered after taking a deep breath. Before she knew it, her feet were no longer on the ground and butterflies filled her stomach. Esmé closed her eyes, pressing herself against Isaac as much as possible to prevent from falling off. She wasn't very comfortable, had the feeling she would slip off the broom any second now. She felt the cold through her clothes, even though she was wrapped in an extra cloak. Isaac did take it slow though, which she could really appreciate. He said something about seeing fireworks from the sky. That sounded really great. If she ever dared to open her eyes. "I'm.. Okay". She thought. Slowly, carefully, she opened one eye to see how far up in the sky they were. The Spanish woman hadn't known what to expect, but it was something she had never imagined. The sky wasn't clear and it was cold, but the view was something else entirely. She opened both her eyes now, taking in the few. She even dared to move a bit so she could look the other way as well. She could see exactly which house had people in it, because of the lights. It was a remarkable view, to be honest. "Oh my...". She let out a nervous laugh. She kept hold of Isaac, but did manage to lean just a tiny bit back to take in the view a bit more. "This is... It's beautiful", she gasped. Esmé smiled, laughed even. Truly loved. "No wonder you love to fly", she said to him. "So where is the fireworks going to be? I would love to see it!". And for once she could totally focus on the view without looking over her shoulder. In the sky, no one would hunt her down. In the sky she was safe and she could let go of her guard. One night, she allowed herself. One night of feeling completely safe, completely relaxed, besides having to watch out she did not slip from the broom. "Go a bit faster", she encouraged him with a grin.
  11. [1836/1837][EN]Happy New Year to the Lost and Forgotten

    Esmé shook her head. "Never", she repeated. The only flying she had ever done, was flying backwards because a spell had hit her. Very unpleasant and painful, by the way. Thankfully, that had not happened very often. She had no idea what it was like to fly on a broom, since she was so used to Apparate. Quidditch wasn't something she had ever played and well, she just never had any use for a broom. Apparently, Isaac at least wanted to fic her lack of flying skills. The woman raised her eyebrows, wondering what he was up to when he left the room for a moment. He wasn't serious, right? It wasn't like he could teach her to fly inside the house and outside it was very, very cold. He was serious. Isaac returned with e broom that looked as if he had just gotten it from the store. "The Baron?", she mused, though she felt a few butterflies in her stomach. Nerves, mostly. "When I said 'new beginnings', I did not mean flying in the dark for the first time with the possibility of freezing to death in the air", she said, sarcasm through her voice. But Esmé wasn't a person to back out. She was nervous, yes, but also curious. And Isaac would be with her. "So... I have to trust on you, not letting me fall from the sky?". He wouldn't, probably. Hopefully. By the way, it was an excellent way to get rid of someone. She should remember that. If she was able to get her brother with her in the sky and dump him in the middle of the ocean, it would solve one problem! The Spanish woman looked from Isaac to the broom and back, hesitant. "I don't know...". Isaac might not offer it again, so when would she get the chance to fly otherwise? "Are you sure you can fly that thing while you had a lot of liquor already?". She felt lightheaded and a bit tipsy herself. Okay, maybe more than 'a bit'. The brunette sighed, finally deciding to just do something crazy like flying with Isaac. "Fine. Why not?". She smiled, still a bit nervous. "But if you drop me, I'll kill you and steal your booze". Teasing him helped a bit with the nerves, to be fair. She looked at the broom again. "So how are we going to do this? You'll have to show me".
  12. [1836/1837][EN]Happy New Year to the Lost and Forgotten

    Esmé couldn't help it, but she blushed a bit. Only one other person had ever said that he wouldn't let her go, though the meaning of those words had been different. But that person had died a gruesome death, which had been leading to this present day, where she had to hide from her family. No one else had ever been this protective over her. Oh, her family had been protective, but not because of her. They'd had to protect her to protect their secrets. They never protected her because they cared. Her father would have never let her go either, he would have preferred to kill her instead. The woman stared at Isaac in silence, searching for the real meaning of his words. He was nice to her and she truly appreciated his confidence in her, but surely he would mostly wanted to protect his secrets as well. This was some sort of strange friendship, maybe, but in the end he would want her to keep quiet about his business and his secret. It was strangely comforting, knowing she'd had a pack of werewolves to protect her, but it was also awkward. She had always been on her own until she fled to this cold country. She'd started to learn how to count on other people, people like Eric and Isaac, but it was difficult. Old habits die hard. "Thank you", she managed to say, hiding her emotions as much as possible. She didn't succeed completely, since her voice had been a bit hoarse. "I truly appreciate that". Because, in the end, she might need the pack. Reading wasn't exactly solitary for her. Sure, she was alone and had no social contact during reading, but the stories would take her to a world far away from here. It was her way of experiencing freedom for a while. She would fantasize about the characters, about the universe of the book, wondering how the story would end. She would see the story come to life in her mind, before she had to step out of that dream world to go back to business. It was freedom and happiness for a short while. It kept her sane. However, she did not say all those things to Isaac, preferring to keep it to herself. She'd already opened up more than enough to him and this was supposed to be a time to celebrate. Her eyes lit up a bit when he mentioned a library. More freedom, more stories, more happiness. "I'd love that", she admitted with a smile. "If I ever get to live freely, without looking over my shoulder, I would want a house with its own library", she sighed. Her own private library. It was the only thing, she would want for now. Well, you know, besides the murderous family members gone. The Spanish woman raised an eyebrow, wondering what hobby Isaac would have that was so hilarious. Yes she smiled when he mentioned flying, though it wasn't a smile to mock him. "I can understand that", she said. Flying was freedom for him, like books and stories were for her. "I don't think I ever went flying". She frowned, trying to remember something, but apparently there were no memories about a broom and flying through the air. "At least not that I can remember". She took a sip from her glass. "Why'd you think I would laugh at you?", she wondered out loud. There was nothing wrong with a hobby like that. The woman glanced at the clock and chuckled. "We need to fill our glasses. It's almost midnight". Almost the new year and hopefully a new beginning. "So.. We're going to count down together?". And then what English people did? They were very anti-physical contact for some reason, so she did not think the English would hug each other, like she used to do in her own country. It was the one time her mother would hug her and her brothers. "And then what? We drain our glasses immediately so we get drunk?", she teased.
  13. [1836/1837][EN]Happy New Year to the Lost and Forgotten

    Something stronger did sound quite good for the moment. When she first lost her lover, she had focused on getting out of Spain/ Once she was settled in England she had started drinking. A lot. But after a confrontation with Eric she had realized that might help her lose her life as well. She still did drink, obviously, but not as much. After tonight, however, she wouldn’t mind getting totally hammered. It wouldn’t be for a few days before she would go back to work, so she had plenty of time to recover from it. Besides, this was how people celebrated the new year, right? “Neither do I”, Esmé admitted. She had never liked talking about her father, but at least hers was truly dead. She closed her eyes at Isaac’s words, not totally agreeing with him. She could understand her brothers holding a grudge against her; She had killed her father. She had held a grudge against him, because he had killed her lover. It was a never-ending circle, difficult to escape. Truth be told, she did not think she could have just let it go. She was sure she would feel the need to make her father pay, no matter what. Now that he was dead, she had realized it didn’t do a lot to lighten her grief, but she could not deny it did feel good to know that he had paid for it. “Knowing my family, I doubt they will let this go. They will take their time if they have to, but they will not let this go”. Which meant she wouldn’t be safe for a while longer, until they made their move and she could get rid of them. Esmé smiled wanly, trying to shake away the uncomfortable feeling. A lighter subject was more than welcome, until Isaac asked her what her hobbies were and what she liked to do for fun. Fun… “I like to read”, she said slowly. “And..eh..”. Well, that was about it. “I never got the chance to have a lot of hobbies, to be honest. And with the things that are going on I mostly only go out when I have to”. She bit her lip. “What do you like to do that you really enjoy? Maybe you have some suggestions for me?”.
  14. [1836/1837][EN]Freaks are good business

    Esmé raised her eyebrows, not at all impressed by the sarcasm of the woman. “special enough for now”, she replied. “But you can’t blame me for checking the goods before I decide to buy it. As a saleswoman I’m sure you’ll understand”. And yes, she figured people who bought..other people with special features.. would have been disappointed with the fact the antlers didn’t do a special act on their own, either. She ignored the rest of the sarcastic comment. It was not like she was really going to find an act for this boy. She would get him out. Esmé just had to figure out how to get Isaac’s moonstone to the girl in the next cell. She would have preferred to take Merry with her as well, but she still had to be careful. She could not make Bobbie suspicious, especially not now that she seemed a bit..annoyed. The Spanish woman did not believe in God, but right now she thanked him for this ‘situation’. “I want to stay here and inspect this thing a bit more. When you’re back I’m sure I’ll know if I want to buy it or not”. She watched Bobbie go, focusing on the boy with the antlers once again. “So, you had those since you were a baby? Fascinating”. She kept the act up for a few more minutes, putting her hand in her pocket, pretending to check the boy out some more. When she was completely sure Bobbie had disappeared and there was no one around, Esmé pulled out the moonstone. She eyed the boy, her wand in her other hand. “Don’t do anything stupid, because believe it or not, but I’m your best chance at this very moment”. She walked as closely to the other cage as she could. “Merry?”, she whispered. “Look”. She showed the girl the moonstone, the message from Isaac. She smiled sadly at the girl. “Soon”, she muttered. Soon she would be out of here. But first she had to make sure Esmé would not get caught. The woman slipped the moonstone back into her pocket. She did not dare to hand the stone over to the girl. If Bobbie found the stone, she might know what it would mean and move Merry away. But for now, Esmé had done her job. She knew where Merry was, she had shown her the message and with a little luck she could take this boy with her so he could provide them with more details. Isaac could be satisfied with the progress they had made. She looked at the boy. “What’s your name?”, she asked, not explaining anything she had just done. Not here, not now. She couldn’t take the risk that Bobbie would catch them. She glanced at the door to see if Bobbie returned. When she finally did, Esmé smiled. “I’ll buy him. Can I take him with me today? I’d like to start his training immediately”.
  15. [1836/1837][EN]Freaks are good business

    It was a little victory she got to see the boy up close. Now she could see how much trouble Bobbie had to go through to open the door. In her mind, Esmé made a note of that. If Isaac wanted to break Merry out he’d have to know about this. “I will”, Esmé nodded when Bobbie told her to be careful. She too realized the antlers could injure her if he attacked. After all, the boy did not know she was not his enemy. As far as he was concerned she was just someone who wanted to buy him. For him that must feel terrible, not knowing where he might end up. For now, she could do nothing to assure him she wouldn’t harm him. It was better that way. “So, no special tricks with those antlers?”. She made sure she sounded a bit disappointed. “On the other hand, I have a trainer who loves a challenge. I’m sure he would be able to make him do something for the audience”. Esmé laughed, shaking her head. “If you removed all the special things of those creatures you would be out of business”. Oh, how much she liked this woman, how good Bobbie was for her business. Blablabla. It was disgusting, seeing this boy locked up in a cell as if he was a criminal. Who knew what Bobbie had done to him. And Merry. Merry was so close and yet so far away. It was very tempting to knock Bobbie out, break Merry out and get it over with. She just did not dare to take the risk yet. Certainly not when she was alone. Once she had informed Isaac, she would have a pack of werewolves at her disposal to help her with this. She wasn’t a pyromaniac, but it was very tempting to blow this place up. The Spanish woman stepped inside the cell, gesturing for the boy to come a bit close. “Turn around”, she ordered him, as if she checked him out. She glanced at Bobbie. “He seems to be in a good condition”, she said approvingly. She carefully touched the antlers as if to inspect them as well. “Tell me, do those things have any specific skills? Some great magic?”, she asked the boy. “How did you get them anyway?”.