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  1. And she wasn’t sure he knew how much his gentle touch meant to her in that moment; how much all of him meant to her as he so willingly, so blatantly unprepared gave into her demands. And she wasn’t sure he’d ever know, because she lost all words in the wave of relief that washed over her as he told her he’d do it. That he’d do what she needed him to do and even though it didn’t chase away the mountain of emotions that’d been steadily growing within her; overwhelming her, she felt so, so grateful. So, she hugged him, a slight smile on her lips as she squeezed herself against him; into him and she wished she could linger in his embrace, but she couldn’t. “Thank you,” she said, softly, before she pulled back, smoothing down a crease in her skirts as she got up from the couch. “Let me show you around,” she said, gesturing a little way around her as if that explained it. But then she took his hand and guided him through her cottage, pointing out even the littlest of things he might need. She showed him the nursery, the playpen that still held a sputtering Solanum, the places she kept his toys and the cabinets she kept his food. She told him how Solanum normally behaved and what to do if he somehow broke that character, be it through a temper tantrum or a crying fit or what else. She explained his schedule and the times he needed to look out for, because Solanum needed to be fed, or nap, or in this case too, what else. She pointed him to a list she’d written out in case he forgot anything and told him to contact her if he happened to truly be, at a loss. And then she thanked him again, slipping into her coat as she pressed another kiss onto his cheek, before she turned to her son. “Be good to Silver, okay?” she said sweetly to Solanum, pecking him again on the nose, before she snuggled her face next to his, causing the little boy to giggle excitedly. “Mummy will be back soon. Promise.” And then she head-butted Sol softly, causing the boy to fall into another giggling fit. She pecked him again on the nose, before she walked to the front door. “Really, let me know if there’s anything, okay?” She said to Silver, because she felt she had to say that much at least. “Thank you,” she added, once more, pecking him on the lips this time, however quick. “I’ll be going now. I love you.” And then she slammed the door, because that was one thing she hadn’t intended to say.
  2. [1835/1836][EN][15+] I want to do bad things with you

    “Oh?” she answered amusedly to his strained mumbling, desire spilling through the gaps his panted breaths left and somehow, it only made her want to tease him more; to make him want her more. Because with Silver, Gisella couldn’t quite get herself to settle for less. For less than they both could; both wanted. So, she let her fingers move on teasingly, stroking, but not quite holding onto and she pressed her lips against his jaw, her teeth grazing his skin as she smiled against it; against him. “Why don’t you tell me what you’ll do to me,” she said, pausing for moment to lean into him, her naked body pressed flush against his as she grinned mischievously, “if I don’t,” her fingers wandered and then slipped behind the fabric of his underwear, “stop.” She shoved down his underwear and she couldn’t; didn’t want to stop. “Better yet,” she whispered, breathless, as his hands explored her body, not quite touching but enough of a presence to her that she shuddered in delight. “Why don’t you show me?” And then she kissed him again.
  3. And she wasn’t sure what else to tell him; how else to convince him than with a meek sounding please, she would’ve never said otherwise. If she’d been more herself than she felt now. But she couldn’t and now she wasn’t sure wanted to know his answer, because in her head she’d already seen every possible way he could reject her his help now. And she wouldn’t be able to blame him. Because she was being unreasonable and she felt it and still, she couldn’t do anything about it. Because she didn’t see another way. She bit down on her lower lip as his voice rang out, disbelief staining the way he repeated her earlier words and she couldn’t bear to look up at him, because what if, what if. What if he said no? She tugged on a loose thread she found in between the folds of fabric that’d started to seem so, so interesting ever since she’d asked him and she still couldn’t, couldn’t look up at him, until he asked her if she even quite knew what she was asking of him. And she couldn’t do anything but nod, slowly and uncertainly, her eyes glittering as she looked at him guiltily. Because it wasn’t fair, but she needed him and she needed him now. She needed him like this. And he was there. “I’m sorry, I-“ she started, cutting herself off again before she’d even finished speaking, because really. She wasn’t sure how to go about this either. “I would’ve asked Julia, but she’s out of town and I can’t be around my parents right now and I,” she paused, hesitating, “I didn’t know who else to ask.” She smiled wryly, shuffling the tiniest of inches closer to him on the couch. “I trust you.”
  4. She couldn’t help the flutter in her stomach as she opened the door for him, nor could she help the painful squeeze of her heart as she looked him in the eyes. Because, God they sparkled and the thought that today, they sparkled for her and she was still so readily going to abandon that, made her heart hurt. Really, she wanted to. She wanted to spend time with him so, so badly, but part of that made her feel all the more overwhelmed. Because she’d been craving him so, so much more lately and she didn’t know what to do with that. She couldn’t do anything with that and it made her butterflies feel like icicles. It felt so right and still so wrong at the same time and she really, really needed a moment to escape that too. But she wished she didn’t. She couldn’t help but smile as she opened up her door to him, a goofy grin on his face as his eyes lit up at the sight of her. And once more, her heart squeezes, as she smiled and pressed the briefest of kisses on his cheek, before she let him in her home. Solanum spluttered from his playpen, regarding Silver curiously with his big, chocolate brown eyes. Gisella smiled gently at him, reaching out for a short cuddle, before setting him down again. “Please, make yourself at home,” she called to Silver as she gave Sol a quick peck on the nose, before turning towards the entryway to her kitchen. “I’ll get us something to drink.” She disappeared down the door, returning only a few minutes later with two cups of tea, setting them down on the coffee table, before settling herself down on the couch as well. And she tried, tried to relax into it. She tried to pretend, a little longer, that everything was fine. But it wasn’t and she couldn’t help but settling herself so close to the edge of the couch she’d fall off it if she so much as moved. And she tried, tried to keep the conversation light for at least a few minutes, but suddenly there was no place for other words in her mouth and she blurted out, rather awkwardly: “I need you to watch Solanum for a few hours.” Before averting her gaze and biting down on her lower lip, as if to keep herself from saying something; something stupid. “Please?”
  5. Summer of 1836 Strawberry Fields – Gigi’s Cottage Gisella hadn't been prepared. Maybe, because she hadn't tried to think about it. She hadn't stopped, not even for a moment to consider; to think, because even the slightest moment her thoughts dwelled that far, she could feel her nerves tense and her annoyance resurface, tidal waves of it. So, she'd pushed it away to the farthest corners of her mind, left there to be ignored for as long as time allowed her to. But summer came and with it, the imminent reality she had to return home, and this time, she dreaded that. She'd never before dreaded returning home, maybe so because, when she did return, she hadn't ever been home much. Before, Gisella had always been gone, chasing after the false promise of love that'd set her free, even though it really hadn't. When she became a mother she'd still been chasing, though her parents asked her to come home, at least, every so often, so that they could spend time together. She hadn't terribly minded that either. Truly, she didn't hate spending time with her family; at home. She never had, until this moment. She hadn't been prepared. Her parents had always been a tad overbearing. They meddled with her life a little more than other parents seemed to do, simply because they seemed to have figured a cursed child demanded that kind of attention. First, Gisella had thought it couldn't get worse than them reading her diary. But, she’d been six then and God, still so clueless to the extent of her parents’ meddling. After that, she’d figured several more times “Well, it can’t get any worse,” but of course, she’d been wrong. The mystery of her curse remaining ever so persistent even after the joy of childbirth seemingly triggered her parents into even more persistence and now she truly knew, she hadn’t been prepared. Her engagement was one thing, but the preparations they’d laden her with as soon as she returned home for the holidays made her feel more than a little overwhelmed. It made her feel a lot, in all honesty, though very little of those feelings were any kind of positive. She’d needed to escape. So, she’d gone home; her other home. George’d gifted her with a house to live in as soon as she’d graduated and even though she’d felt a little odd at the fact, she couldn’t help but be thankful now. But it wasn’t enough, really. Sure, there, she was free from the endless nagging of her parents and of course, that was relieving, but even still. She felt so. She felt so, caged. Like, it didn’t matter where she looked, there was always another responsibility to tend to and she wasn’t used to that. Sure, she’d tried to get used to it, what with having motherhood bestowed upon her and thus, responsibilities hardly avoidable. But, somehow, with the stress of her upcoming and undesired wedding, it suddenly dawned on her how truly tiring it had all been to her. So, she really, really needed an escape. So, she’d invited Silver over in hopes he’d offer her one, though not in the way he’d probably like her to; in ways he was used to. But she really, really needed it. Private! @Silver Woodville
  6. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Hoe bedoel je, ik ben laat met het maken van deze aankondigingen? December 1835 Augustus en Eleanor Abbott kondigen de verloving aan van hun dochter Gisella Love Abbott met Grigor Rhydderch, de zoon van Cash en Lucille Rhydderch. De bruiloft staat gepland op 14 februari 1837.
  7. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

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  8. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    "Meet your fiancé!" Everyone at the table smiled. Everyone, but her. And him.
  9. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    But she knew her parents. Or at least she'd thought she did. She hadn't expected them to go that far for an answer, though. She hadn't expected them to go farther than that, either.
  10. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    Gisella knew her parents. So, she knew that her silence wouldn't satisfy them. They prodded. They asked. They didn't leave even a second in between questions for her to answer. "Shut up! It's not important."
  11. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    Her father had lived the curse, much like her, and was the first to wrap his arms around her. Her mother followed, confused at first, before her father's excited whispers got her on board as well. Gisella only felt the urge to get away. None of the happiness her parents felt, reached her. This, took longer for them to notice. Her father chattered about happily, while her mother set another plate, one she'd kept aside for later. For when Gisella had been supposed to join for dinner. They ate together, much to her parents' delight. When they asked her who'd broken her curse, she didn't answer.
  12. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    Her parents scurried about, preparing for a dinner, they expected neither their daughter or their grandson could attend. Because ever since they'd been born, they hadn't. But when her parents set the table, timing ticking precariously close, Gigi could see only the subltest changed in her son. Not in herself. It didn't take her parents long to notice, either.
  13. [1835/1836][EN][15+] I want to do bad things with you

    She groaned in frustration at his words, though she didn’t quite dislike it. But she craved him. She wanted him more than anything in the word and she wanted him now. Not just his hands down her body, how pleasurable that might be. She wanted all of him. On her. Against her. Ugh. She moaned as he let his hands wander her body, though she didn’t allow it to let her own hands waver. She tugged on his belt after she’d unfastened it, before looping her fingers through the loops on his pants. “I missed you dearly,” she answered, her eyes glimmering in the faint light of the sun. Her voice an amused lilt to it, while simultaneously edged with desire. She leaned into his touch, shivering pleasurably, while she tugged on his pants. She let her hands explore his lower abdomen, fingering the edge of his underwear teasingly. She kissed him on the lips hungrily. “What about yourself? I can’t imagine any other people knowing their way around you quite so well. Did you miss me?” She smiled up at him daringly, while her fingers danced dangerously close to his crotch. She raised an eyebrow as she let her fingers move on teasingly, refusing to break eye contact.
  14. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    She couldn’t keep running. She couldn’t get away. Gisella gave a strained smile when her parents opened the door, opening up their arms to give their little princess and her even smaller prince a welcoming hug. She tried to behave. It was too soon to reveal her secrets. She didn’t want to reveal them at all. So she pretended nothing was wrong, for as long as time let her. She tried not to watch the clock too much, anxious for the moment it would strike and announce the time for dinner. She tried not to look her parents in the eyes too much, afraid her own eyes would somehow give her away. She tried.
  15. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    When she’d first learned of her so-called true love, she hadn’t known what to feel. Utter disbelief. Disgust. Anger. She’d felt most of it. Realisation had washed away any relief she’d felt the first moment she’d found out her curse had been broken. Some part of her almost wanted it back. Almost. Because she didn’t want to believe this was the truth. But she couldn’t turn back time. She couldn’t reinstate her curse after it had been broken and hope, that this time, it would be broken by someone else. By the right person. Even though she wasn’t sure she still wanted to believe in a right person. She wasn’t sure she still could. What did true love really mean, anyways?