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  1. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Hoe bedoel je, ik ben laat met het maken van deze aankondigingen? December 1835 Augustus en Eleanor Abbott kondigen de verloving aan van hun dochter Gisella Love Abbott met Grigor Rhydderch, de zoon van Cash en Lucille Rhydderch. De bruiloft staat gepland op 14 februari 1837.
  2. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

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  3. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    "Meet your fiancé!" Everyone at the table smiled. Everyone, but her. And him.
  4. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    But she knew her parents. Or at least she'd thought she did. She hadn't expected them to go that far for an answer, though. She hadn't expected them to go farther than that, either.
  5. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    Gisella knew her parents. So, she knew that her silence wouldn't satisfy them. They prodded. They asked. They didn't leave even a second in between questions for her to answer. "Shut up! It's not important."
  6. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    Her father had lived the curse, much like her, and was the first to wrap his arms around her. Her mother followed, confused at first, before her father's excited whispers got her on board as well. Gisella only felt the urge to get away. None of the happiness her parents felt, reached her. This, took longer for them to notice. Her father chattered about happily, while her mother set another plate, one she'd kept aside for later. For when Gisella had been supposed to join for dinner. They ate together, much to her parents' delight. When they asked her who'd broken her curse, she didn't answer.
  7. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    Her parents scurried about, preparing for a dinner, they expected neither their daughter or their grandson could attend. Because ever since they'd been born, they hadn't. But when her parents set the table, timing ticking precariously close, Gigi could see only the subltest changed in her son. Not in herself. It didn't take her parents long to notice, either.
  8. [1835/1836][EN][15+] I want to do bad things with you

    She groaned in frustration at his words, though she didn’t quite dislike it. But she craved him. She wanted him more than anything in the word and she wanted him now. Not just his hands down her body, how pleasurable that might be. She wanted all of him. On her. Against her. Ugh. She moaned as he let his hands wander her body, though she didn’t allow it to let her own hands waver. She tugged on his belt after she’d unfastened it, before looping her fingers through the loops on his pants. “I missed you dearly,” she answered, her eyes glimmering in the faint light of the sun. Her voice an amused lilt to it, while simultaneously edged with desire. She leaned into his touch, shivering pleasurably, while she tugged on his pants. She let her hands explore his lower abdomen, fingering the edge of his underwear teasingly. She kissed him on the lips hungrily. “What about yourself? I can’t imagine any other people knowing their way around you quite so well. Did you miss me?” She smiled up at him daringly, while her fingers danced dangerously close to his crotch. She raised an eyebrow as she let her fingers move on teasingly, refusing to break eye contact.
  9. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    She couldn’t keep running. She couldn’t get away. Gisella gave a strained smile when her parents opened the door, opening up their arms to give their little princess and her even smaller prince a welcoming hug. She tried to behave. It was too soon to reveal her secrets. She didn’t want to reveal them at all. So she pretended nothing was wrong, for as long as time let her. She tried not to watch the clock too much, anxious for the moment it would strike and announce the time for dinner. She tried not to look her parents in the eyes too much, afraid her own eyes would somehow give her away. She tried.
  10. [1835/1836][EN] True love lasts forever

    When she’d first learned of her so-called true love, she hadn’t known what to feel. Utter disbelief. Disgust. Anger. She’d felt most of it. Realisation had washed away any relief she’d felt the first moment she’d found out her curse had been broken. Some part of her almost wanted it back. Almost. Because she didn’t want to believe this was the truth. But she couldn’t turn back time. She couldn’t reinstate her curse after it had been broken and hope, that this time, it would be broken by someone else. By the right person. Even though she wasn’t sure she still wanted to believe in a right person. She wasn’t sure she still could. What did true love really mean, anyways?
  11. December 1835 – Christmas Holiday Abbott Home When she’d still been younger her parents hadn’t ever minded she wasn’t home much for the holidays. They’d accepted the fact that most of the time, she was out, searching for a way to break her curse. Because, in part, it was their fault. Ever since Gisella had had a baby, however, they insisted she’d be home at least one day of her holiday breaks, so that they could all spend some time together. This, Gisella hadn’t terribly minded either, when she was still cursed. This time, however, she dreaded that one day. Gisella had hoped to ignore the events of the last week of school, but she knew she couldn’t keep running from it as soon as the holidays arrived. Because it meant she had to go home and that, in turn, meant she’d have to face her parents. Who’d raised her and had been with her for all of her life and so, would definitely notice the change. While she truly, desperately needed them not to. Because she didn’t want to know what else that could mean. OOC: Personal~ div.ooc_bbc { display:block; width:100%; background-color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7); padding:4px; } div.ooc_bbc span.ooc_bbc_titel { color:#666; font-family:Courier New, Courier, monospace; padding:1px 5px; }
  12. Uitgespeelde topics opgeven

    Gigi finds her true love! Yay?
  13. [1835/1836][EN] Don't confuse poor decision-making with destiny

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  14. Nachtwakker week 6

    Have you? Have you really?
  15. [1835/1836][EN] Don't confuse poor decision-making with destiny

    G.R. But if she’d written it down, it had to be true.