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  1. Vragen, suggesties, foutjes en errors

    Mag Merry Appleby op plotkarakter?
  2. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Magisch nieuws Oktober 1838 Het Hippogriefenpeloton van de magische tak van het Britse leger heeft geweigerd naar Afghanistan af te reizen. Volgens de aanvoerder, Mr. C. Law, heeft het Britse leger onvoldoende nagedacht over strategie en hebben ze wel wat beters te doen dan 'rondvliegen voor die etters'. Bovendien houden Hippogriefen niet van rijst. Er wordt volgens geruchten geen disciplinaire actie ondernomen.
  3. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    Yes, who cared about the mess and the pens and the shoes? Nicholas certainly didn’t, he wouldn’t have cared if the house had blown up. Well, you know, he wouldn’t have found that brilliant given that his wife was on house arrest and bad things would have happened to her. And also they’d been there before, there had been the original blowing up of the apartment with him in it and it had not been comfortable. And then they’d also found out how impossible it was to get a house in London and his parents presumably didn’t have another spare just lying around and besides he didn’t feel like owing them any favours, because there was only one discussion he wanted to have with his parents right now and it started and ended with ‘give me back my kids’. But of course, the house had not been blown up, there were guards on Alexis at all times still, and they might be there in part to guard her but they definitely had protected her also. They had, and he owed them a thank you and an apology for being such a jerk about them guarding his wife all these months. Right-o. But at the moment he owed a far more important apology. An apology he was getting so tired of having to make. A promise he was getting so tired of having to break, that this could not, would not ever happen again, that he would make it stop… He pulled her into his arms and held her close, his beautiful, beloved, strong wife that he’d put through hell once more. “Hey, honey.” He smiled half-heartedly. “I know. Next time I’ll untangle the massive conspiracy meant to cause my death and your destruction over the weekend, okay?” Right. Next. “Eh… would you like a drink? Or out for dinner? Your house arrest is officially concluded.” He was going to leave the guards around surreptitiously, though. He wanted nothing more than to be alone with Alexis, which he hadn’t been for so long, but he was exhausted and he was done taking stupid risks. At least for tonight.
  4. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Magisch Nieuws van September 1838 (ik doe elke maand een magisch nieuwtje als aanvulling op Gianna's super coole maandoverzicht. Het magische nieuws is very fake news, but I hope you guys enjoy :)) September 1838 is de Maand van de Draak, om aandacht te vestigen op de precaire positie van draken in ons ecosysteem. In de maand september zijn er over de gehele wereld tovenaarsgemeenschap verspreid evenementen en fundraisers om drakenonderzoek en drakenverblijven te sponsoren.
  5. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    It took a while to untangle everything. And of course, it took another speech from George before he was allowed to go home. Ha. He didn’t even mind – George had a point, he just hadn’t wanted to get him involved as well. So yes, he’d lied a little. He’d been back at work for a bit now, staying ostensibly out of this case, and that had been a lie. But it had been necessary. And now he could go home. He’d brought flowers. That had felt stupid from beginning to end. But there it was… he came in, with flowers, and smiled half-heartedly at his wife. “Errr… I’m back. Things are good… I’ll go put these in a vase or something.”
  6. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    15+ nog steeds “What? That was the end goal, wasn’t it?” “No, actually, darling, I was looking forward to doing the final part myself.” A jinx – he fell to his knees. “You left your wand on the piano. Weren’t going to need it, I suppose?” “No need to break it,” he mumbled. “I had laced your whisky. Was hoping I could send you the messy way out. Sleeping pills and booze says ‘national embarrassment’ so much better than a dive off a rooftop. But you haven’t had a drop to drink ever since you left your wife behind, did you? So committed. So now that doesn’t fit, we’ll do it your way.” She gestured, and he got up. “Any last words? Something I can pass on to your wife? I think I’ll go to the funeral – only befitting of a medical professional, isn’t it.” “I’m sticking with ‘Good riddance’ about Alexei…” He swerved, and suddenly she was under him, aghast and again he thought that this was easy. Too easy in the end. “I have two wands,” he said quietly, as he turned her over and disarmed her. “And also a voice recorder.” She was quiet now as well. He heard the cat meow below in her stunned silence.
  7. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    “It is funny, isn’t it, the kids? Callie’s even still with them now. Your mom’s more of a fan of her than she’s ever been of you.” Nicholas snorted. “If you wanted to talk about my mother with me, you should’ve kept the doc’s face on.” The cat had found something in a nearby garbage container. It looked to be cheese. Seemed like it was wondering to play with it or eat it, got confused, and tried for both. She laughed. “Ah, very good. There’s the spirit. You know, with that spirit, I’d have expected you to put up more of a fight… fight to the end…” “This is the end.” “Yeah. And you’ll leave your wife in shambles and your kids without a father. How will that make their life better?” “Because then I won’t get them in trouble again.” Sophia shook her head and cursed in Italian, softly, it sounded almost like a caress and made Nicholas think of his wife calling him an idiot.
  8. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    “Sophia.” He grunted halfheartedly, ran a hand through his hair, looked out once more at the street below. “The very same. With much thanks to your justice system.” She smiled broadly. “Smile, Eversly – yes, you should have seen me coming, but you know how we’ve gone over your tendency to assume too much responsibility in therapy. You know that won’t make you happy in the long run…” She glanced at the London streets, too. “Ah, I see. Well, with no long run I really don’t care whether you smile or you don’t.” “Your husband was a psychopath, you know,” Nicholas said, feeling that it was about time for a more personal approach – they’d discussed that in therapy sessions too, hadn’t they. “You were already basically done with him, anyway.” He saw the flash of anger in her eyes. “And your wife then? You’re clearly done with her. Aleksei would never have left me voluntarily… you made sure it wasn’t.” He groaned. “It’s better this way. You know that. That’s what you wanted.” She was laughing once more. “No, Nicholas, that’s not what I wanted… Though I must say, it’s all worked admirably well. Callie was bang on about the things that would hurt you the most. Your wife’s trial, her house arrest, the job thing… that was all so easily arranged... The kids, predictable…” They always did that, didn’t they. Monologued. There was a cat in the street, among the cobbles. Gray.
  9. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    15+ - September “Sad songs, Nicholas, really?” He turned away from the hotel rooftop and the London streets below as if in shock, looking at the person coming up behind him. He had expected something, someone, but he had not expected this, the clothes of his psychiatrist on a woman whose face he barely remembered at all. That was a long time ago. That was a lot of wars ago. There were a lot of deaths between there and now… But yes, he remembered her husband’s, a cell in Azkaban that his erstwhile buddies had somehow managed to get into, remembered the blood and yeah, probably, the slight sense of satisfaction. Aleksei had come closer than anyone else in destroying everything most dear to him, had tortured both his intern and his wife and Nicholas had never felt that putting him away would suffice. It had had to, of course. It was his job. As it had been his job to protect him but that wasn’t always possible and he had not mourned that in this case. Clearly, someone else rather had.
  10. Friends & co

    Ah ja, ik zie het topic voor me beginnen met voorspellen huiswerk en dan vakantie nemen klinkt goed! Wil jij openen of zal ik het doen? Austen heeft niet per se puurbloed sympathies, omdat hij niet weet wat hij zelf is xD maar hij is een ambitieuze betweter die vindt dat Griffoendors minder hersenen hebben dan het gemiddelde ei, misschien werkt dat ook?
  11. Friends & co

    Ik heb Galahad Graham, vierdejaars Griffoendor, of Austen Cotterell, vijfdejaars Zwadderich, voor je in de aanbieding als je wil Eventueel kan hij ook met Galahad bevriend zijn en met Austen een klassieke Zwad/Grif rivaliteit hebben?
  12. PD's nakijken

    Tweede pd of derde pd vind ik op zich wel een goede regel, het lijkt me niet positief om dat open te laten, want dan wordt het al snel willekeurig of een high barrier to entry. We kunnen misschien wel een checklist maken met de punten die Margaux noemt en daaraan zou ik ook een eventuele 15+ tag willen toevoegen. Juist in een pd kan dat namelijk als een verrassing komen en ik snap dat je als je een pd maakt daar niet altijd aan denkt.
  13. Faceclaims

    Ryan Eggold - Malcolm Gallagher
  14. Vragen, suggesties, foutjes en errors

    Mag George Paisley's naam gewijzigd naar Malcolm Gallagher, please?
  15. Familie - Beste ouder

    Mat Muir