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    Oververmoeid of iets dergelijks, deze week in elk geval nog minder aanwezig.
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    Hij blijft maar beter voor vier jaar, that's all I'm saying. Was getekend, Interim Minister - Nicholas Eversly
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    Jared S Gilmore voor Austen Cotterell
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    Mag Adrian Hollow's naam veranderd worden in Austen Cotterell, please?
  5. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    That was the end of February; Nicholas went from being interim Minister to being a patient on a psych ward, so, you know, he loved neither title and at least it worked out well and he could just make his secretary make all the preparations for the handover. If she couldn’t manage, the new Minister was more than welcome to come and visit at his rustic retreat, after all. The job was crazy, as crazy as anyone applying for it seemed to be, so, who knew. Maybe it’d do him or her some good. He couldn’t worry about it. His sense of duty had never extended that far. Plus, it wasn’t doing him any good and so he was a little preoccupied. There was no medication this time. He didn’t need any, and would adamantly refuse any if it was offered but it hadn’t been; they seemed at least more professional than in his previous experiences. Still, those thoughts bothered him, haunted him more than they had in the past ten years in the clean, calm environment where you couldn’t hear any of the noises of the streets of London, or any of the fights of the kids, or lacked the sense of something being on the verge of tumbling down at any moment. And there were no distractions: no children, no quick-paced work, just sitting and reading. And hours and hours of talking about his every decision over the course of his relationship with Alexis. Which, you know, wasn’t great. Wasn’t going all that well, either. “So she moved in with you that night? Did she ask?” “No – I offered – well, I think…” “Are you uncertain?” “Well, yes, it was nearly a decade ago, how well do you recall your thrilling escapades from your fourties, doc.” “This is not about me, Mr. Eversly. But you seem defensive. Is there a reason that you do not want to explain why you let her stay? What thoughts went through your mind?” “’I have a spare bedroom’?” “Is that really it? If you’re honest to yourself?” “Sure.” “Do you think the fact that your parents kicked you out as well played a role? Made it easier to empathize?” “Not really.” “Why not?” “How am I supposed to know why something didn’t influence me.” She chose a different track. “And what happened then?” They’d broken into her parents’ house and kissed in the closet. Perhaps now was not the time for honesty. Merlin, but he hoped Alexis was doing better than he was.
  6. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    Nicholas smiled wryly. “A psychiatric hospital, I’m afraid. Basically.” Oh, they called it a wellness centre, but there was a bit more going on than spa treatments and just because it was in a forest and had a swimming pool didn’t mean that now it was a holiday resort. “They specialize in remedying magical influence, though, and they’re the best in the business. If they give me a clean bill of health it’ll definitely hold up in court.” He sighed, looked at her fingers, unable right now to meet her gaze. He didn’t want her to see the hesitation, the trepidation, which he knew to be at present in his eyes. He had a good poker face, but there were limits to it. Hospitalizing himself was among his very worst fears. The blurry memories from the last time haunted his dreams still. It was just... fears about Alexis trumped, would always trump, any fears he had for himself and so he would do this. It wasn’t really a choice. “Let’s just hope it’s better than the last one. And, well, otherwise I can arrest people during my lunch breaks.” He chuckled mirthlessly. There wasn’t really anything he could really be happy about, but if he stopped joking at inappropriate times about inappropriate things he might as well commit to staying in the bloody psych ward, because he would no longer be himself and he would no longer be able to cope. And yes, he was sure. Sure too of the words she stopped herself from saying. As mentioned, he had doubts about this being just about his Auror job. It felt more personal. Someone messing with his mind, rather than just with his body, destroying his life without taking it... very unlike your bog standard criminal mastermind. He wished he knew who it could be... but he had made a lot of personal enemies over the years. He’d bring the case files. Then he could spend the nights going through his old vendettas. Such tremendous fun. He kissed his wife once more, longingly, a kiss to last, then went to pack a bag.
  7. Wat is de patronus van je karakter?

    Irwin heeft een Hippogrief, want hij is loyaal, trots, en oh ja, kind of vicious. Nicholas heeft een zwarte panter. Want hij is sneaky, snel, en heeft echt een groot territorium zonder soortgenoten nodig. Felix heeft een Canadese herder, want hij komt uit Canada, is loyaal en behulpzaam en verdomd goed afgericht. Josephine heeft een bloody fluffy raskat, een grijze soort die ontzettend met zich laat sollen. Moraine heeft een rode panda. (Maar ze kan hem nu niet meer.) Armand heeft een poolvos. Want, Delano, just more exotic than you. Daniel heeft een dolfijn. Cause he likes to swim and cant be bothered. No, cause he’s friendly, light, but not so principled.
  8. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    All right, Nicholas was a pessimist and an untrusting bastard and he always saw the worst in everything, but he hadn’t expected Alexis to say, to even think, that she needed to say what she was saying now. “What?” He looked at her incredulously, then pulled her into his arms, brushed some of her hair, messy from the night’s uneasy sleep, away from her beautiful face. “No, of course not. Don’t be silly. I know that. I would never think that.” He kissed her softly, ran a hand past her cheek. Sweet, strong, amazing Alexis, she had never understood exactly how he saw her, had never felt as he did, that she was so much more than he could ever deserve. “Hon. If this had been you, you wouldn’t have bloody gotten caught by my people.” He chuckled, but then realised that perhaps that joke wasn’t all the relief she would presently need. “Look… you’re in this trouble because everyone knows you’re the only one I trust to this degree… but I do trust you to this degree, and no crazy frame job is going to change that. All right?” He was just going to have figure out what was going on. He sighed, kissed her again. Suddenly, getting up seemed too heavy to contemplate. Because he still had no idea. Well, he knew the broad strokes, but he didn’t know, had no earthly idea, of how all of this could be happening. And it was a little scary. That someone had somehow gotten to him in a way that he would have thought inconceivable. He was so careful, all the time. Careful with what he drank, careful with what he touched. He’d had to check into the poison ward of the Saint Mungo’s once too often not to be. So how… “I’m just so sorry that I got you in trouble again.” He made a face. “I guess they wanted me off a case… or out of the Department…. Or something…” But someone with this amount of access could’ve just killed him, and that would’ve been a lot easier, wouldn’t it? He bit his lip, then let her go and did sit up. “Look… there is one thing we can do. I can do.” It had been something he’d wanted at all costs to avoid, but, well… all costs were turning out to be more than he had bargained for. “They think you’re putting this into my blood and it’s changing my decisions. So if I stay away from you, and get all my decisions checked, we can prove that it wasn’t you, that nothing you ever asked me was because you made me… I’d have to check myself into observation and let somebody dig into my brain. And I’d…” He looked at her. “Have to stay away from you for a while. You could visit. We can get dispensation from your house-arrest for that.”
  9. Vragen, suggesties, foutjes en errors

    flo hayes please op plotkarakter?
  10. [Duelleren] [OOC] Inventarisatie leerlingen.

    Gala (3) en Moraine (7)
  11. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    Ends in January The escort was okay. It was all part of the plan. First, get Alexis home and don’t quarrel about an Auror placing a guard. There was always one for the kids, anyway, so it’d be a point of principle more than anything and Nicholas was once again willing to surrender his principles for his wife. There was no better alibi than an Auror guarding you and watching your every move to try and find dirt on you. The kids were actually very happy to see them during the day, too. Nicholas stayed with his family for cake and tea, pointedly giving Harrow and Azure, who’d been brought along for the ride and because this was his specialisation (again, bloody good Auror work, again, so annoying) cake and tea, too and saddling them with playing tasks. Hey, if they wanted to mess with his home life, they’d find out just how messy two sort of toddlers could be. Worst case scenario, they’d notice that Alexis in all this chaos would have had no bloody way to drug her husband. Then, start digging relentlessly. Either to figure it out, or to spook whomever was orchestrating this into a false move while Alexis was visibly innocent to all. There had to be something. Something they had missed. Some level of detail they could not have gotten… He was working on that, for the so manieth day, when George came in and sat on the office chair opposite. He looked up, and noticed how dark it was. No one’d come in all day. He was being frozen out. Or possibly no one had dared to talk to him given his mood. “What?” George raised an eyebrow. Nicholas grunted. “Sorry. What’s up?” “You have to go home, Nich. It’s two o’clock in the morning.” Oh. Oh dear. “I’m busy.” “Nich…” “George, I can’t... I can’t make her wait for this, she’s not even allowed a wand.” George nodded. “So don’t. You don’t need to find who did it, to show that she didn’t do this. Just get your blood checked.” … How had he missed that? Great thinking, Nicholas. So he went to the Saint Mungo’s. “Eversly,” Hastings greeted him with a mild smile. “You’re not usually so… in one piece, when you show up here.” “Oh, you know. Thought I’d try the place out vertically.” He bared his arm. “Can you check my blood?” “Naturally. What are you worried about? Coffee overdose?” “Just check for everything.” That would show them. That would put an end to this. And he did. And it didn’t. Because Hastings found something. With unidentified charms and potion in his blood, the fun bit was that now Nicholas too had been forced to take a sick day, so he woke the next morning next to his wife, way later than his normal hour, and the day previous was immediately back with him. “Honey…” He didn’t want to talk about it. So he just started making breakfast, then came back to the bedroom. Callie and Azure were with the kids. They could have a moment to themselves. “Um… I got my blood checked… They’re still running tests but… they did find something. Some persuasion and suggestion works…” He bit his lip. “So, of course, Harrow thinks no one else but you…” He made a face. “This is crazy.”
  12. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    “I know,” he murmured, quietly, a little shocked because surely she couldn’t think that he would ever believe that this had really happened, that she would actually do such a thing? No. He trusted her implicitly, trusted her more than he trusted himself. And that of course was what had made this such a plausible story. That Alexis was the one person whom he’d let close enough to him to do this kind of damage, the one person who would have access to theoretically do this kind of thing. Nicholas was always careful with what he drank – more from a poison than a love potion perspective, by the way, that had only happened once or twice – but not when at home with Alexis. He was always on his guard, never allowed himself to be vulnerable, would not usually even take a nap without locking the door if he was on the night watch. But not when he was at home with Alexis. And to many people, presumably, that behaviour, to sternly dislike and distrust all the world and yet to adore his wife, seemed incongruous. But it was natural. It was how the two of them had interacted ever since they had started their improbable romance. Which wasn’t something either of them ever told stories on – they were too private for that, and too gruff, and too business-like for that, plus there was the small issue where Alexis had lived with him for years before they’d gotten married which wasn’t something you wanted to call attention to in this day and age – but that didn’t mean they weren’t there. The stories were endless. And many of them featured this: her imperilled, because she was involved with him. He couldn’t believe that she wasn’t angry with him. Once again, her connection to him had gotten her in trouble. That was, anyway, the way to bet. It was quite unlikely that someone would go to these lengths on her account. The head of Apparition wasn’t that desirable a position, to warrant messing with accounts and witnesses… No, this had to be on his account. The exact thing they had divorced to avoid. When the threat had abated, they had remarried. She had insisted. He had felt bad… should he have held out? Stop, Nicholas. This was pointless. This wouldn’t help her. He had to continue to think. This was on his account. That was horrible but it also was a workable starting assumption. But then what could the purpose be? Who would go through Alexis to get to him? To what end? Just to depress him a little? That wasn’t an extremely criminal endeavour… He’d been behind until this point. It was time that he started to think again. This was what he was, after all, so very good at. “Come on – let’s go home – I’ll walk you there.” And he did. They had an escort, but walk her home he did.
  13. OOC Algemene Mededelingen

    het Debutantenbal is gepost! Sorry voor het laat zijn. niet sorry voor de muren. @Georgiana Ellice @Thomas Silvershore als het verplicht is voor Nicholas, dan verplicht hij lekker jullie ook.
  14. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Het DEBUTANTENBAL vindt zoals altijd plaats op kerstavond. Ik ben er want het moet. Wees welkom ofzo.
  15. Kerstavond Nicholas Eversly had een slecht humeur. Goh, hoor ik u, beste lezer, denken, heeft hij ook een andere modus dan? En het antwoord is ja, daadwerkelijk, er kan vaak wel een lachje vanaf, soms is hij gewoon erg tevreden, (al is dat inderdaad af en toe leedvermaak, wat dus betekent dat een ander niet tevreden is) en zo tussen negen en tien met een boek en een glas wijn op de bank op zijn vrije avonden komt hij heus in de buurt van gelukkig. Daarenboven zit er in zijn scala van slechte humeuren ook nog een duidelijke range, van ‘Christian heeft nu al vier keer zijn sap omgegooid’ naar ‘een zaak moet naar de cold cases doorgeschoven worden’, wat vanzelfsprekend zijn eer te na is en vaak nog heel tragisch ook. Maar er waren geen woorden of graden of schaal aan te geven voor het huidige slecht humeur, dat het gevolg was van zijn huidige activiteit: namelijk, gastheer zijn op het Debutantenbal. Alweer. Het was toch ongelooflijk? Elke keer als de Minister ervandoor ging moest hij weer voor diens besognes op komen dagen, terwijl hij dat helemaal niet leuk vond en geloof me ook wel echt genoeg te doen had. Maar ja, het probleem was dat die houding hem over het algemeen plaatste in de positie om de Minister te vervangen. Want het was niet de bedoeling dat dat als staatsgreep uitpakte, dat de niet verkozen interim Minister niet meer op zou hoepelen. En daarom zochten ze altijd naar een hooggeplaatste ambtenaar op het ministerie, met voldoende gezag en steun in de maatschappij - a.k.a., genoeg mensen moesten een vaag idee hebben wie je was en bij voorkeur niet louter uit de Heks en Haard - maar iemand die geen politieke ambities had. En tja, je werd geen hooggeplaatste ambtenaar op het ministerie als je geen politieke ambities had. Dus dat was een selectie van één. Nicholas zat niet op zijn plek vanwege politieke ambities, maar omdat hij er niet van hield om orders op te volgen. En omdat hij nogal goed was in vloeken. Enfin, hij was verknocht aan zijn eigen baan, wilde nooit een ander, en zeker niet de ministerbaan, wat een hoop nutteloos geklets en diplomatieke reisjes zou opleveren en hoewel Nich geen bezwaar had tegen een reisje op zijn tijd was diplomatie zeg maar echt niet zijn ding. Hij deed het interim zijn dan ook schoorvoetend, geïrriteerd, en zoveel mogelijk naast zijn eigen baan waardoor hij het zichzelf drukker maakte maar hij wilde wat hij leuk vond gewoon niet achterlaten voor wat hij stom vond. Maar meer nog dan alle andere ministeriële taken had hij een hekel aan het Debutantenbal. Wat? Het was gewoon een markt waar ouders hun meisjes probeerden te verpatsen. En sinds hij zelf een dochtertje zag opgroeien vond hij dat een nog minder indrukwekkend gebruik dan normaal. Hij ging er dan ook niet direct in good faith mee om, in tegenstelling tot de meeste ministertaken. De vorige keer had hij iedereen in het donker laten rondhollen - zodat schouwers met nachtmaskers een voordeel hadden en iedereen anders ook maar tot in beperkte mate iets met hun jurken kon - en dit keer... Wel, dit keer gingen ze de zaal afbreken en dat was geen eufemisme. Na elke buiging en introductie kreeg een jongedame een paar saaie woorden en een hamer. Met een wit zijden lintje. Konden ze losgaan op de muur. Of de dansvloer. Of wat er maar gewenst was. Nadat iedereen netjes geïntroduceerd was, deelden dienbladen nog meer serieuze sla-dingen uit, met hetzij blauwe, hetzij groene zijden lintjes erom. Ja wel zijde. Per slot van rekening was het een chique feest. “Dames en heren! Dit is een Debutantenbal maar om er ook nog iets net ietsje nuttigers mee te doen dan uithuwelijken is het ook een Ministerverkiezingsevenement. We hebben nog twee kandidaten, Georgiana Ellis en Thomas Silvershore. De blauwe lintjes zijn voor de jongedame, de groene voor de heer. Iedereen die nog twijfelt over op wie ze moeten stemmen, krijgt nu een kans om ze in actie te zien. De zaal moet gerenoveerd, door de nieuwe minister, namelijk. Maar daarom mag ie eerst stuk. Ga los! Mr. Silvershore, age before beauty - doet u de eerste?” Niemand ging hem hier ooit nog voor vragen. Heel goed. [OOC] ja, Debutantenbal met een twist: leer het andere geslacht kennen door beminnelijk samen een muur in elkaar te slaan! Debutanten hebben witte zijde lintjes. De rest mag kiezen op politieke voorkeur. Het is een wedstrijd tussen Georgiana en Thomas: er zijn ‘schademeters’ achter de ministersstoel, lampen van blauw en groen die steeds verder vullen naarmate het ene of het andere team schade doet. Je mag zelf kiezen waar je zit en hoeft dus op niemands posts te wachten, is gewoon een regulier Debutantenbal wat dat betreft Enjoy :)[/OOC]