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  1. Vragen, suggesties, foutjes en errors

    Mag Galahad Graham op plotkarakter? Sorry
  2. Afwezigheidstopic

    Ik heb het even ontzettend druk op werk!
  3. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    “Well… there’s this theory, it’s called evolution…” He frowned. Nicholas was by no means an unintelligent man, but fact of the matter was that in these kinds of things, he was out of his depth. “And it basically… comes down to creatures adapting to their environment. So something living under water would have little use for fire-breathing. I think. But yes, you should ask your teacher.” That was a wickedly clever notion of Alexis. “Did you have a fun time with your grandparents?” Georgia hummed. “It was okay. She did make us use cutlery. But they have a nice garden, it’s much bigger than here.” Well, yeah. They lived in London. His parents had moved to the countryside fulltime. “But mom, dad… why weren’t you there? When do we have to go back?”
  4. Afwezigheidstopic

    Ik ben (al een tijdje, sorry) minder aanwezig.
  5. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    Georgia nodded happily. “Yes, there’s Timmy and Eileen and Bibby and Marrmar and they’re all very nice. Marrmar has a cat and Timmy doesn’t like mushrooms.” What were these names? What were these children? And why did she pick these details on which to concentrate? Nicholas hadn’t the foggiest. Of course, odd pet names for children were such a British thing that it was ingrained in their DNA and he recognised that tendency, but it bothered him that he knew none of her friends. Or at least he should know their parents, right? (And maybe be able to quietly background check them? Damn it, Nicholas. Be a normal parent for once.) “We’ll get you some new books, Christian.” Probably his parents had as well, they’d always bought him tons, anyway, but then again, that would keep him busy and it was something he enjoyed doing with the children. Had enjoyed doing with the children, on his few rare days off. All three of them with a book. Happy quiet. No, those hadn’t been days off, had they? They’d been sick leaves… “What are you reading at the moment, Christian?”
  6. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Magisch nieuws mei 1839 De boerenprotesten in Wales zijn uit de hand gelopen toen een boer zijn Granaatappels begon te gooien naar lokale autoriteiten. De boer in kwestie is opgepakt, het geheugen van de Dreuzels is gewist en zij zijn voor hun verwondingen behandeld in het St Holisto.
  7. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    Georgia had missed her parents. Mostly her mom. Her mom was always a fact of her life, whereas her dad was rather more fluid as a condition to her existence. She loved him, to be sure, but he didn’t ground her. It wasn’t as if, if he was there, everything would be okay, and it certainly wasn’t not okay if he wasn’t. She liked to ask him questions, she liked to listen to his stories, she loved it when he made her breakfast in the morning, approaching a baked egg or a pancake with every bit of perseverance as he usually applied to hardened criminals. Dad was dad. But he wasn’t home. Mom was home, and it had been very hard without her. Still, she hugged her father as well, of course, as the adults talked again. Grandma Katherine sounded chilly. She always did when she tried to sound sweet. “Lila will have packed everything. Alright, darlings…” She kissed Christian, then Georgia. “We will see you again very soon. Have a fun time at home, yes?” “Bye bye grandma. Don’t you want to come?” Nicholas hummed. “Maybe some other time, sweetie. Let’s go home.” His father did not say goodbye. But then they were home, and there was dinner, and there was the familiar couch. Nicholas poured them both a glass of wine, lemonade for the kids. “So you’re in school? How’s that?” “Bit dull,” Georgia opined. “Christian thinks it’s worse dull.”
  8. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    “That will work,” Katherine said with a smile. “Of course, we’re always happy to jump in or keep them later, should you need it.” William smiled glumly. “You generally do.” “Alright, we got the ‘you’re bad parents’ spiel. Thanks, dad,” Nicholas said, curtly which of course was stupid for that was the moment that Georgia and Christian came down, a hand each in Lila’s, in the perfect clothing that so characterized a life as a child with Katherine and William Eversly, which Nicholas had always rebelled against. “Mommy!” Georgia screeched and she came running for Alexis, hugged her mother tightly and looked as though she might never let go. That moment made up for a lot. “Mommy, is everyone still angry with you?”
  9. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Magisch nieuws april 1839 Het Ministerie wil graag van de gelegenheid gebruik maken om nogmaals categorisch en formeel te ontkennen dat ze iets met de Dreuzelse Felegraaf van doen hebben. Er is hier geen complot, mensen. Mvg, Departement van Magische Samenwerking.
  10. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    Independent of what his father might be saying, Alexis was being rather the voice of reason in all this. That was a bit surprising to Nicholas, actually: she was hardly fond of his parents, had never forgiven them for his first bout in a mental institute at their insistence. She hadn’t boycotted their relationship when she’d found out, but she’d questioned his desire to continue one rather strenuously. And he understood, you know. It had been odd. But after all those years he had preferred to pretend that their unforgivable crime had not occurred. He hadn’t wanted to allow any of it any consideration in his life, so that included the part where he was mad at them. Besides... he understood, in some way, that he hadn’t been easy to live with. It was beyond the pale, what they had done. But it hadn’t been all their fault. That part. Not some other parts. This was different, however. He was older. He wasn’t bothering them but by their choice. And this affected Alexis and his children and he would be damned if he would leave his children here. In the care of people of whom he knew so well what that entailed. And in the present case, he assumed that his parents thought he would forgive them. Even for this. Because he had forgiven the unspeakable before, and so they dared take their chances. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Katherine smiled grimly, and summoned a servant. “Have Miss Georgia and Mr. Christian brought downstairs, please, Lila.” She gestured upstairs and the maid hurried away. “You may borrow Lila for the time being, if you want. She does an excellent broccoli pie and the children do dote on her.” William chimed in wryly. “If she turns out to be part of a murder conspiracy, though, please feel free to not return her.” Nicholas hummed. “We’ll find someone.” Though Lila had massive advantages and they didn’t have someone and he should really, really take them up on this offer for the sake of both their jobs and their mental health. But that was why he had taken the house, too, and he didn’t want to owe his parents any more. “As for a deal... You can leave them with us when you want to, two days a week at a minimum and when you can’t find a sitter. We picked Georgia a very good school, and she likes it. It’s in London, so it’s convenient enough, but we can bring her and pick her up if you can’t make it work. Christian is enrolled in the kindergarten programme of the boys’ school opposite. I’ll give you all the paperwork.”
  11. Afwezigheidstopic

    Gefeliciteerd Denise en succes (en veel plezier) ermee!
  12. Vragen, suggesties, foutjes en errors

    Mag Lawrence Hastings op plotkarakter?
  13. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    William looked at Alexis disdainfully. “There is no need to threaten with anything, Alexis. I would suggest you reconsider your words quite carefully from here on out.” Oh, yes, that was going to go so very well. Nicholas remembered using that disdainful tone to Alexis when they first met. He also remembered the reaction. It had not been spectacular. Or, well, it had, but it certainly had not been positive. Katherine shrugged. “So tell us how you’ll manage with them. You don’t have a sitter, you each have a more than full-time job. Why don’t you at least leave them here until you’ve made other arrangements? Or we can watch them during the days and on the nights you don’t make it home.” Nicholas made a face. “We’re going to manage. Now find them or I will summon my colleagues and drag them out of your home.” He meant it, too. He could have a bunch of Aurors here whenever he wanted. Maybe it would technically be abuse of power, but... potato, potahto. Katherine smiled half-heartedly. “Yes, that would definitely be in their best interest.”
  14. [1837/1838][EN] Fog of War

    “Well, we’re very glad to hear that, certainly,” Katherine said with another small smile. She looked so much like a statue at times. Beautiful and marble-y, the speckled blues of her eyes the only indication that there might be a real human behind the perfect façade. Nicholas had always disliked it when his mother put on this front. He wasn’t even sure she knew she was doing it, but he wouldn’t put it past her. “And the poor dears don’t seem to have been affected much. They missed you, of course, but they’re used to not seeing you that often.” Wow. That was the lowest of blows. “Like I ever saw you guys,” Nicholas pointed out. “You’re not in any position to lecture us on parental care.” William looked up. “Don’t talk to your mother like that, Nicholas. And do you know, when Georgia plays doctor, you’re her imaginary patient?” Ouch. “Well, at least I’ve never put her in the hospital.” “There’s still plenty of time.” Katherine sipped from her tea. “There’s no need for that, William, Nich. But err. If you don’t have a nanny at present, how can you even take the children back home?”
  15. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Magisch nieuws maart 1839: Deze hele maand gebeurt er niets interessants in de magische wereld. Er zou een demonstratie zijn tegen een drakenreservaat (Take back control over the welsh green) maar die is afgelast vanwege regen.