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  1. Soms vroeg Raphael zichzelf af wat in vredesnaam het nut was om nieuwe mensen aan te nemen, want soms haalden ze het bloed onder zijn nagels vandaan, echt waar. De mensen die hij kende konden dat overigens ook doen, maar van hen wist hij tenminste dat ze andere kwaliteiten hadden (of zijn broer waren, in dat geval kon hij weinig anders doen dan Mathias aannemen, hoe erg het hem frustreerde ook) die het goed maakte om aangenomen te zijn ooit, maar op dit moment wist hij dat niet zeker van Sara Saint. Helaas was het nodig om af en toe iemand aan te nemen, anders zou hij nooit genoeg acteurs en actrices kunnen houden, maar laten we dat even buitensluiten van zijn argument. "Een complicatie," herhaalde hij op vlakke toon. "Alle kostuums die verdwijnen noem je een complicatie." Hij zou eerder voor catastrofe gekozen hebben. Alle kostuums, alle kostuums waren verdwenen? Met een diepe zucht duwde Raphael zichzelf omhoog vanuit zijn bureaustoel en griste hij naar zijn wandelstok. "En hoe is dit gebeurd?" vroeg hij aan Sara, terwijl hij gebaarde dat ze hem moest volgen terwijl hij door de gangen begon te benen, onderweg naar de kleedkamers. "Behalve dan dat je er niet goed op hebt gelet," beet hij toch ietwat gemeen. Maar de kostuums!
  2. [1836/1837][EN][15+]It's getting less and less a fairytale

    Before he had left for a short business trip, his life had been close to perfect. He had a loving wife, a child on the way, another child at home for her summer break, the theatre and the brothel were doing well and it didn't seem like anything could've been better, different, more wonderful. And he hadn't considered, not even for a second, that it would come crashing down, that something could've changed. Raphael had never really considered himself as an optimistic idiot, he had always been savvy and maybe a little bit paranoid when it came to his business. But now that he saw Celeana breaking down and he knew that his child was lost... he felt like an utter idiot. "Oh, honey," he said, because he wanted to grief, he wanted to cry for the child that he had never met, but his wife was hurting and she was his first and foremost responsibility. "That's awful..." He hovered near the edge of their bed for a moment, but then climbed on top of it so he could gather her in his arms. "You have nothing to be forgiven for," he comforted her, pressing a soft kiss on top of her head. "This is horrible, truly horribly, but I'm certain you did nothing wrong." Celeana had loved the idea of their child as much as he had, so no, of course not. What mother would want to put herself through this? Okay, Raphael wasn't that much of a naive idiot. He employed prostitutes and actresses, he knew that if a child was unwanted, a woman would (and should be able to) go a long way to protect her own life. But their child had been wanted, by both of them, so he wouldn't, couldn't ever blame her. "It's all going to be okay," he hushed her. "Don't worry about it. What did the healer say?" Please, let them be able to have another child, some day... It didn't have to be soon, but... one day.
  3. [1836/1837][EN]But then there was a twist in this fairytale

    It had been an unexpected night, but Raphael was... he realized, actually truly happy about the sudden turn of events. He was going to be a father, he had found a decent wife and he was certain that he and Celeana would have a good life together. He smiled at her, as happy as he could be, and kissed her briefly on the top of her head. "A small wedding it will be," he nodded. "In the theatre, an excellent idea, my dear." They had plenty of space and it would take away one big decision. The theatre was perfect. "I am certain Elena will love to do all those things," he promised, though even Raphael would doubt a little. Elena was rather stubborn, and while she had never asked Raphael to take her mother back, he also didn't know if she had ever given up on the hopes that he would, one day, reunite with his ex-wife. But never, Emiliana Cohen was a horrible person and he would never take her back. Not even for Elena's sake. "Now, we must truly get to the food," he said, a little sternly, and gave Celeana a hand so he could help her up. "You're eating for two, now!" Topic finished!
  4. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Raphael King en Celeana Thompson verzoeken uw aanwezigheid op hun bruiloft. Zondag 4 juni 1837, 1 uur 's middags.
  5. [1837/1838] Black Out Career Choices

    Woensdag 21 juni 1837 - 's avonds - de bar bij het theater Raphael sprak niet vaak zomaar iemand aan, hoor, er kwamen namelijk vaak genoeg mensen naar de audities toe die hij hield, en verder kenden zijn acteurs en actrices ook bijna altijd wel iemand die een rol wilde hebben, maar soms kon hij het niet laten om de bar in te lopen, van plan om zo weer door te lopen, maar dan plotseling stil te staan omdat iemand zo mooi was dat hij niet anders kon. Die iemand was Heaven Priest, want wie was het ooit anders? Echt, als mijn karakters het over de aantrekkelijkheid van één karakter eens zijn is dat altijd Heaven, maar heb je Heaven ooit gezien? Echt, het is jammer dat Heaven verliefd is op haar vader, hoor, Margaux. She can do better. In ieder geval, Heaven was dus knap en Raphael was in een bui dat hij er wel van hield om een risico te nemen, dus stapte hij op Heaven af en gebaarde hij naar de barman. "Een glas rode wijn, dank je wel." Hij leunde tegen de bar aan en wierp een subtiele blik op Heaven. "Mag ik u een drankje aanbieden? Op het huis." Want hij was het huis, dus. "Raphael King, aangenaam." Privé!
  6. [1836/1837][EN]But then there was a twist in this fairytale

    When Celeana leaned into him, Raphael naturally draped an arm across her shoulders, pulling her a little closer towards them. They fitted well together, physically, he decided with a bit of a relief. Yes, he had made up his mind to marry her anyway, but... still. He wanted to make sure they would be good together, that this would be a better marriage than his previous one. That he would be happy at home, instead of feeling like he had to spend every waking moment at his office just to get rid of the cold atmosphere. He would do anything to make this house a happy house for the two of them. Well, three of them. Well, four of them, because Elena would be part of their family too. He sighed a little, oh Elena... He loved his daughter, but he knew right from the start that she would not be happy. He just hoped she wouldn't put any extra stress on Celeana... "That is a wonderful idea," he smiled brightly at her. "I'll write to the teachers. It might take a few days, I believe she's having her exams now, but I'm certain we can arrange a meeting before the end of the year. And in the meantime, we'll start planning the wedding. Would you like a small one or a bigger one?" The smaller one could be arranged quicker and that might be... hm... prudent, but he wanted their marriage to be off to a good start.
  7. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

  8. [1836/1837][EN]But then there was a twist in this fairytale

    He was relieved, frankly, relieved that Celeana responded so... calmly. Not everyone would be pleased to hear that their future husband had been married once before, especially right after the proposal. But they both understood what sort of relationship this was and Celeana was a calm woman. Much different from his first wife, he was pleased to realize. More... stable and less selfish. I mean, how was he supposed to know better, really? Well, alright, Celeana had some concerns... He gently pressed his hand on hers. "It'll be alright," he said, kindly. "Perhaps she will not be pleased in the beginning, Elena can be a stubborn girl, but I am certain she will grow to love you." As would he. They didn't really have a choice anymore, did they? "I will write her a letter, let her know of what has been happening, so we won't overwhelm her on her first day home. Don't fret." He pressed a gentle kiss on her cheek. "She is thirteen, by the way, and currently at Hogwarts. Second year Slytherin, with good grades." He couldn't help but be a little bit proud of Elena, she was doing so well, despite everything that she had been going through. "Everything will be alright, I promise."
  9. [1836/1837][EN]But then there was a twist in this fairytale

    Ah... yes. See, this was the frustration of engaging himself in a relationship so quickly, so suddenly. They hadn't had time to get to know each other, to tell each other all their secrets and experiences. He hadn't avoided the subject, not out right at least, but well... "It's not... really the first time," he admitted, and then frowned at her. He felt guilty, in a way, to talk about such a subject right after their engagement, it was something one ought to have mentioned in a normal relationship, but... well, it wasn't as if Celeana would go anywhere, was it? After all, her other option was to be a single mother in a time where single mothers weren't accepted. He felt bad about not telling her before, but also couldn't see how he would have. "I've been married before, an arranged marriage, years ago. She wasn't..." Nice? Friendly? Agreeable? Sane? "We didn't have a good marriage and she had an affair. She got pregnant and then told me the child was mine." How happy he had been back then... Oh, he hated Emilia, but Elena had made everything seem worth it. "I only found out a few years ago, I walked in on her... well." He didn't need to explain the detailes, probably. "I divorced her and during the proceedings she told me my daughter, Elena, isn't mine." He blushed, a little, and awkwardly looked down on his hands. "She told me that in the hopes that I would give Elena up and let her live with her mother, but... I was so angry with my ex-wife that I refused and decided to raise Elena myself. She... didn't quite appreciate that." And had cursed him into bits. He still had to live with that ache in his leg. "Ever since then, I've been raising Elena like my own daughter, but she does know that I'm not her real father." It had eh... come up. "But I mean... this will be the first child I fathered."
  10. [1836/1837][EN]But then there was a twist in this fairytale

    In all honestly, Raphael was a little taken aback that she didn't immediately say yes. He liked Celeana, really liked her. Was he in love? Well, it was too soon to say that, but there was... the opportunity of love. And more than that, it was important that their relationship would go a certain way. She was going to be the mother of their child, and Raphael wanted to raise it. Give it a good family, with two loving, devoted parents. Worse relationships had started out of two people who were closer than they were, and better relationships had started out of worse. "I want to," he said, quickly, and he tried to look her in the eyes so she could see that he meant it, really meant it. "I'm not going to tell you I love you, I think we're both too down to earth to accept that as truth, but I think that we will grow to love each other. I think that we will make a good couple, that it'll be a happy marriage, that we are going to give our child a loving home, together." He smiled, a little, and carefully placed a hand on her stomach too. "It's a complication, yes, but... not an unwelcome one." He had always wanted a child... of his own. Sorry, Elena.
  11. [1836/1837][EN]But then there was a twist in this fairytale

    Ever since the night in the theatre, Raphael had felt a little... uncomfortable. Yes, he had slept with a beautiful woman and it had been great, but it had also complicated their relationship. He didn't want to move too fast (hahaha, sorry, just laughing at my own character, the loser), but they had already moved too fast. And now what? Was he just supposed to speed up the rest of their relationship until they were at the level they were supposed to be? Or was he supposed to take it slow, allow them to get to know each other before they dove in any deeper? In any case, it had been her birthday and he couldn't just let it pass by without doing anything, so he had invited her to a meal. At his house. Which was a dumb thing to do if he wanted to take it slow, he realized, because there was nothing to prevent them from repeating the experience in the theatre. He should've taken her to a restaurant instead. Oh well, now he made his bed, he had to sleep in it. That's an actual phrase, by the way, not just another euphemism. However, she hadn't seemed as... happy or excited as he had hoped she would be. In fact, she seemed rather fretful, and so he had immediately asked her what was wrong. Yes, Raphael could waste time on drawing the conclusion that it had been because of him, but in that case, he would have rather known anyway. Raphael guided her to the couches and busied himself with pouring them both a drink, while he waited for Celeana to make her confession. The longer she took, the more nervous he felt, especially when she started crying. He was almost relieved, almost, when she had finally told what had been on her mind. She was... pregnant. This wasn't the first time a woman had told him she was pregnant, but, as he thought wryly, this was the first time a woman was actually pregnant of him. "Oh Celeana, love, please don't cry." He abandoned his own seat and moved to the couch next to her, so he could put his arms around her. "Don't fret, it's going to all be alright." Well, there went all ideas of taking it slow out of the window. "Now, I don't mean to be crude, but I think the best solution for this would be for you to marry me. If you want to, that is?" What other option did he have?
  12. [1836/1837][EN][15+] And here comes the queen to collect her crown

    Getting nice and steady 15+ from here on out <3 Raphael was not as sensible as he considered himself to be. A sensible man would not have slept with a girl he liked on the first date, in a time where such a thing was uncommon at the least and disapproved of at the most. It was a fragile relationship, something that ought to be cradled until it could grow to something stronger, like if you were making a fire and finally had managed to land a spark into a bit of wool. Now it was time to blow, until the spark would grow into a fire. It was not the time to have sex with it. That was the equivalent of holding a pan of cold water above a spark and complain it didn't boil yet. Great if you wanted cold water, not great if you wanted soup. But Raphael was drunk and it had been a while, and currently those needs were stronger than his sensibility. His penis was reigning the kingdom, let's keep it at that. But if Celeana had stopped, he would have too. She just needed to say the word, whisper them even, but instead both of them were throwing clothing away, and staring at one another and... well, wanting more. He groaned, when she started loosening her corset. It was too slow, much too slow, but he was too much of a gentleman to hex the corset away from her. Instead he slipped his hands underneath her skirt, following the soft silkiness of her skin. He wanted more, more, more. "You're beautiful," he told her, while his fingers explored her.
  13. [1836/1837][EN][15+] And here comes the queen to collect her crown

    Oh no, Raphael now had an excuse to take off his shirt, that definitely ruined the moment. "Ah, don't be sorry," he grinned, but the way she made up for the stain in his shirt... well, he wouldn't miss out of that, to be honest. Her lips tasted of wine, or maybe the scent of wine was just all over him now that the wine was technically all over him. "No need, my maid at home will take care of it." And he didn't want to bother with stains and spells and removal spells, when he could just as well take it home. "But if you don't mind... I'd like to take it off." He had a spare shirt in his desk, but somehow forgot to mention it now at the moment, and plus, he really wanted to take all his clothes of anyway. He really was rather tipsy. So, with still surprisingly nimble fingers he quickly removed the shirt, and then drew Celeana closer for another kiss. Her lips tasted of wine and now that she had taken the glasses away, how else was he supposed to drink it? "Tell me if you want to stop," he murmured, polite as ever, but then he took his lips away from hers and started kissing her neck. He almost missed the taste of wine, but to spill some on her neck seemed... a bit too much. Would be a great excuse to get her out of her dress, though. "But don't worry about privacy," he continued, between the contact with her skin. "No one will bother us here." And the door was easily locked.
  14. [1836/1837][EN][15+] And here comes the queen to collect her crown

    He could have scared her off. That had been expected, to be honest, it wasn't really normal to say such things on a first... date, if you could even consider this a date, but Raphael had taken his chances. If she had been flustered and uncomfortable, he would've let her go and it wouldn't have been a problem, but he was sitting in his office, on a couch, getting drunk with a woman he hardly knew and no one else present. If one didn't say such things, it was entirely more inappropriate than it already was. Said the brothel-owner. Oh well. "I'm glad," he said, honest, because... well, he was glad. He knew how much it could hurt to be alone, even if one didn't particularly like their wife. And he too had been... lonely. "Then I hope we can make each other more happy in the future." He took her hand and pressed a soft kiss on it, but it wasn't the body part of her he wanted to kiss, so, and he would utterly blame this on the wine, he dropped her hand, carefully cradled her cheek and then softly pressed his lips to hers. Surely that wouldn't be too wrong.
  15. [1836/1837][EN][15+] And here comes the queen to collect her crown

    In all honesty... no matter how much he loved a woman, and he did not love Celeana, it was too soon to call his interest love, he would never put up a play for the benefit of one woman. It was just too costly a production. "I'm certain that we will show the play soon," he said, smiling kindly, because it wasn't an outright rejection. "And when we will, I will get you a ticket for opening night." Stop promising tickets for opening night to pretty women, Raphael, that's bad business practice. "No, I don't mind at all," he chuckled, as Celeana made herself more comfortable. "I am a little tired," he admitted, and because well, she was drinking, and he was not, he did take another sip of wine. And a few more. "But being with you makes me feel... energetic." He grinned a little, half embarrassed at what he had just said. When it came to talking to women, he could be smooth and charming, but perhaps he had had a bit too much to drink. Or maybe the play had really tired him out. Best to just be straight, if fancy words weren't going to work. "May I be frank?" he asked, shifting himself a little on the couch so he could look her right in the eyes. "I think you're one of the most intoxicating women I've ever seen. When we were watching the play, I had more eyes for you than I ever had for the stage. And I hope you feel the same way."