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  1. [1836/1837|EN] Another one? Another one!

    She watched as Graeme threw handfuls of berries into the cookie batter. She'd have to take some of them out while he wasn't looking, because the biscuits were going to fail otherwise. And he would have a tantrum if she took them out while she could see. His hands were stained purple. Asha knew it was a good idea to keep a bush in her tiny magical greenhouse. The children would have fresh fruit all year round. She didn't really know what exactly made fruit healthy, but it was and they seemed to like it, so she wasn't going to complain. It kept diseases at bay anyway and that was good enough for her. When he was done, she distracted him for a moment and took some of the berries away so she could hide them. Then she mixed everything together. Meanwhile Graeme was staring at her. Or more accurate, at her belly. She knew why. Asha had already told him, of course. She'd told all the children, even Thomasin, who wouldn't even know what she was talking about, because she had barely gotten an understanding of what her hand was. But Graeme knew. Not a lot, but he knew. So he was staring and eventually there would be... "Baby?" Yes, there it was. Questions. That was okay. Toddlers asked lots of questions. She was used to it. "Yes, there's a baby in there." She said. "Why?" Again? Really? Asha sighed. It wasn't really a question she could answer, but it wasn't a question she minded. Her own views had always been very open and she was of the belief that everyone made a way bigger deal out of it than it actually was. But he was too young to know for now. She did know that. "To protect it." She simply answered. It'd be enough. He'd just keep asking... "Why?' "Because babies are fragile and they need protecting." Graeme frowned. He was thinking about something and didn't understand. She wanted to hug him. He looked so adorable like that, but he didn't like being hugged when he was thinking and she had dough on her hands anyway. She'd have to bathe him again. "Thoma?" Ah yes, Thomasin was also a baby. And Amphelisia too, really. Honestly, she considered Graeme and Lea to also be babies, but they technically weren't. But she could understand the confusion now. "Thomasin and Amphelisia are bigger now. They don't need it." He kept thinking, but eventually nodded. Mommy would know best after all. He snuggled against her leg and put his thumb in his mouth. Asha stroked a doughy hand through his hair. She'd have to wash it later, but she didn't mind. Moments like these were what she lived for. Graeme loved her and she loved Graeme. Just like she loved all her children. Just like she would love the child growing in her belly. She already did. Yes, life was perfect. A bit uneventful, maybe, but that was good. She loved everything about it and always would The end
  2. [1836/1837|EN] Another one? Another one!

    22nd of December 1836 "Graeme, sweetie, don't grab the candles!" It had seemed like such a good idea, putting up Christmas decorations. She never really had in previous years. It had never seen like something she had to do. Hogwarts had always done it and after Hogwarts it just didn't seem like something she wanted to do. She hadn't really grown up with it. Her father had always tried, but no one had ever really been interested. It just didn't fit into their house or their lives. It was useless and not as fun as their other parties. But now... Well, this year it just felt nice and cosy. She'd be with her kids and no one else and that was good. It was perfect. Asha could buy presents for them and she was sure George would too. Maybe she could encourage Graeme and Lea to make presents for each other. They were old enough, right? And they were like two peas in a pod. It was great to see them together. But when they weren't together, Graeme had to find other distractions. And that was when the trouble started. "Why?" He asked. Asha already started rolling her eyes. He couldn't see it, because he was too busy trying to reach the candles. Asha picked him up and put him down away from them. "Because you'll get hurt." "Why?" Yes, they were going to do this. Great. "Because fire is hot." "Why?" "Because it is." Asha had no idea why fire was hot. She couldn't look it up either and why would it matter? Fire was hot. It just was the way things were. "Would daddy know?" Asha thought about that. "I don't know." She said. "But daddy has a library, maybe we could find out there." "What's that?" "It's a place with lots of books." "Oh." He didn't look very interested. Probably already distracted by something else. He liked learning, but he wasn't really interested in anything other than things he could see right in front of him. He couldn't read, so he didn't care. "Do you want to help me bake biscuits?" She asked and the boy nodded wildly immediately. It was the best way to distract him from the candles. She wouldn't give him any tools anyway.
  3. [1836/1837|EN] Another one? Another one!

    Deep down she understood their worries. She understood why they might want to intervene. If she was completely honest, if one of her children got into her situation, she'd be worried. But there would be things she'd do differently and that was the key. She would support them, protect them, keep an eye on them. She'd give them what they needed and she would never judge them, even if she thought the choices they made were wrong. And if it so happened that the choices they made were wrong, she'd be there to help them. Maybe that was wishful thinking. Maybe it was wrong to think like that and it would just be better to drag her children out of the bad situation while they were kicking and screaming. She might think very differently in ten, twenty years, but that didn't make the message any less different. Because there was one fundamental difference between her parents and herself. Asha did everything for her children. Her parents did everything for their reputation. Her father was a priest. Or something like that anyway. Mostly he was coasting of the money his parents had given him, trying to start some new religion, or maybe just a racist cult that was a melting pot between Christianity and Hinduism. He was English, after all and when he went to India all he'd ever seen in the years and years he lived there, were the things people wanted him to see. The colours, the spices, the pretty houses, the nice weather. And Asha had seen that too. She wasn't allowed to leave the house much and went to a school full of other rich children. Something which, she learned later, was rare in the first place. The muggle children rarely went to school. Most girls never learned how to read. She'd grown up in luxury, just like her parents. But she'd lost that luxury and when she did... she learned that that was okay. Sure, she didn't have ten pets anymore that were taken care of by the servants so she'd only have to pet them. She had one pet. Her cat. And she cleaned up after her herself. In fact, Asha cleaned up everything on her own. Sometimes she missed having staff around, but she didn't mind. She was magic. She had learned much about the world. From the girl who was cursed and the girl who was hunted by her own parents. The mothers who lived together in Strawberry Fields, the little village that belonged just to them and their descendants had taught her that the world out there wasn't always so great. And the same was true of India. It wasn't a perfect paradise. It was a country. One just like any others. It had the rich, it had the poor and the rich made sure they wouldn't see that. She knew. Her parents didn't. Or at least, that was what Asha thought. She judged them for it, in fact. Openly and without remorse. She had learned. They were much older than her and should know better, but they didn't. Why? Because they didn't want to know. They wanted to hide in their pretty home with their parents' money and pretend that everything was okay. And if they had to pretend Asha didn't exist so they'd still be invited to nice parties, they would. Well, you know what? Asha could throw those nice parties herself. And people would come. Because people liked her. This was magic society. Maybe she couldn't get the muggleborns on board, but the purebloods wouldn't give a damn. Her life would be great. Her life already was great. It was everything she could have hoped for. It was their own choice to live in misery for the rest of their lives. Not hers.
  4. [1836/1837|EN] Another one? Another one!

    21st of December 1836 "You'd have four children." Her mother said in horror, speaking in Kannada, the language Asha had learned since birth. Her own language in fact. "You're barely twenty, unmarried and you'll have four children." Asha stared at her with an annoyed face she barely showed to anyone except her own parents. They were oldfashioned, they didn't know. Okay, fine, their views aligned perfectly well with the rest of the world, but then the rest of the world was oldfashioned. Asha couldn't help that. She couldn't drag it into the 19th century herself. But she could live like she belonged there on her own. Maybe very few people respected her way of life, but the people who mattered did. And Asha wasn't going to care about people who didn't matter. Her mother would do well to remember that. "I already have four children." Asha reminded her coldly, sipping her tea. "I will have five." "That girl is not your daughter" "Azalea has a name." Heavens above, her mother always knew how to make any statement just that little bit more offensive. Asha rolled her eyes. "And she is my daughter." "Will her mother agree to that?" "Her mother doesn't care." Asha snapped. "Her mother is a psychopath and Azalea could do much better. So she's with me now. I'm her mother. I love her like my own daughter." Her mother laughed. She actually laughed. It did nothing but make Asha more upset. "You naive child..." She said. "You're barely twenty. If the mother is a 'psychopath', why do you think the child will be different? You know nothing about the world." "And you do?" Asha's voice was louder, more forceful. "You spent your entire life in the houses of men. Your father, your grandfather, your husband. I have my own house." "Payed for by another man. That you're not married to. Or related to." "Until I can pay for it myself." Asha's mother had a way of getting underneath her skin. Tapping into any insecurities that she had. "My point is that you know nothing about the world because you've never left home. YES, I know you left India." Asha held her hand up as her mother looked like she was ready to interrupt. It offended her, but she didn't care. "But that doesn't count. You merely moved your house to a different place and never left it again. You know nothing." Asha stood up quickly and briskly walked to the door, opening it. "I asked you for tea and to tell you the news, not so you could judge all my life choices." She looked at her mother with nothing but anger. "I'm only doing it for-" "My own good. I know. You've mentioned. You can leave." Her mother looked like she didn't really know what to say at first. Sure, they'd had fights, but her daughter now looked at her with a sense of finality. It wasn't "you can leave and come back in two weeks, have tea and have this fight all over again." It meant she could leave, had to leave, and wouldn't come back. "Asha..." She said. Asha stayed silent. "Asha, child, come on." She still said nothing. Instead she pointed to the door. "Asha, I'm doing this for your own good! I know you don't want to hear it, but it's true. You don't know what you're getting into. As soon as that man leaves you, you'll have nothing and you'll be on the streets. Do you hear me? Do you hear me, Asha?!" Asha heard her, but didn't flinch. "Fine." Her mother said, standing up. "Fine. If this is what you want, then fine." She walked to the door, looking at her daughter one more time, then turned around sharply and walked out. "You can come back when you understand! Merry Christmas" Asha called after her. She wasn't sure if she would. Was it bad that Asha could feel nothing but relief?
  5. Personal topic month, topic 3 Asha Hollow 20th of December 1836 She had too many children. Asha would never say it out loud, of course and she didn't mean it. Not really. But as she looked down at what colour the potion she used had turned, she knew that the next few months and the years after that would be even more hectic than things already were. She'd have to halt her education again, have to make sure the kids all knew what was going to happen, have to ask George for another crib, more money for the new one. But that was okay. It was a little scary, it always was, but she loved it. As soon as the nerves disappeared she knew it was all going to be okay. Sure, she'd spent most of her short adult life pregnant so far, but she didn't mind. Pregnancy wasn't great, but after the pregnancy there were babies and she loved babies. She loved watching them grow and developing their own personality. She loved caring for them and teaching them. She loved how small they were and how she could carry them. They were warm and smelled so nice and everything about them was just... it was amazing. They were new, perfect little lives she had put on this earth with nothing but her own body and wasn't that a miracle? Besides, it was almost Christmas. A double miracle, of some sort. Asha had never been Christian, but she liked the party well enough. Mostly because her own birthday was on the 25th. And this was honestly the best birthday present she could have asked for. She squealed in excitement after the first shock and nervousness had worn off and now she ran to fetch someone to watch her children. Quickly she went over to the hearth, grabbing floo powder almost as an afterthought. She quickly spoke the words and she was off. "GEORGE! GUESS WHAT!"
  6. [1835/1836][EN] Practice makes perfect

    Oh yes, Barty. Poor thing. With that mother... Oh it wasn't jealousy that made her hate George's wives. Of course not. She had never been jealous of him. She'd never stop. No, the thing was that George was perfectly capable of picking out fine and upstanding women on his own. There was Asha herself, of course, but then there was every single woman living in this small village. All the kind and special women who had all banded together to raise their children. Asha could never be jealous of that. First of all because she had never wanted George for herself. She didn't love him, didn't want a relationship with him, had never thought of marrying him. Oh, she loved him, but as a friend, which was a much stronger bond. And second of all because she loved the life she had now. She loved her children, she loved the other children, she loved the other mothers... She would take care of all of them, if she could. The only people she didn't love, were George's wives. Because they were psychopaths. The first one literally, the second one...well...she wouldn't be surprised. Whoever his family thought they were, they definitely weren't after their son's best interest, that was certain. But she wasn't going to tell his brother that. Not now, at least. Maybe later. Because this was a happy occasion and happy occasions required happy conversations. Asha put her little girl into the man's arms and looked on proudly. "Oh yes." She answered with a sigh. "Graeme's expressing interest in reading! I mean, he looks at books a lot. I don't think he understands it yet. He's a bit young for that, but he's trying. Or maybe he just wants to eat them, I don't know... Anyway, Lea and he are inseperable. Have I told you I adopted Azalea Adler? Well, Azalea Willow now, of course" Did Daniella agree to that? No, but something told Asha that the woman didn't care. And even so, she was a psychopath too, so Asha really didn't think she had the right to an opinion. "Oh and Amphelisia is learning more words every day... My parents offered to pay for a nanny, but I could never. It's difficult sure, but I'm a witch, I can handle it on my own. And I'm not on my own. Besides, they'd probably want something in return and I really don't want to get surprise engaged again." Asha rolled her eyes. Oh, but she had been talking for a long time. That was probably a little rude. "How's your life? Your daughter is called Elena, right? And how is your new fiancee?"
  7. [1835/1836][EN] Practice makes perfect

    George had an interesting family. Asha didn't mean that in the passive aggressive way. The tone people used when commenting on people's interesting choice of attire. She genuinely meant it. It was interesting. So many brothers and sister from so many different backgrounds. She hadn't met most of them, but she wanted to. She was sure they all had amazing stories to tell. Asha had even heard one of them was from Russia. Imagine that! She didn't know anything about Russia, but she wanted to. The man who came to visit today, though, was from France. His name wasn't very French, but maybe he changed it, like George's name was changed. He was nice. Never seemed to judge them for their situation and even though Asha never had any regrets, it was tiresome to constantly hear the same old things over and over. Having someone accept her life immediately was great. He was polite too. He'd even brought a gift for the little newcomer. Asha rocked her baby girl in her arms, soothing her, hoping she wouldn't start crying again. She looked at the toys around her, all the gifts she'd bought for the little one in the last month and all the gifts other people brought. Her parents had told her she'd be lonely and unloved if she went through with it, but the opposite was true. She'd never had so many people to love. "She's a wonderful child." She said with a proud smile. "She cries a lot. A lot... But they all do that, you know? I guess it's just being so new. Everything must seem so scary." She pressed a kiss on the girl's tiny, tiny head. "Thank you for the gift. Would you like to hold her?"
  8. Asha was altijd enigskind geweest en tijdens haar jeugd had ze horrorverhalen gehoord van mensen wiens zussen en broers hen treiterden en irriteerden of ergere dingen dan dat. Verhalen over hoe de broers en zussen hen niet wilden of niet van hen hielden. En Asha had toen al besloten dat dat anders zou worden met haar. In haar familie, want ze had altijd al een grote familie gewild, zou dat niet voorkomen. Ze zou haar kinderen vanaf het begin af aan leren dat ze van elkaar hoorden te houden, want natuurlijkw as het de schuld van de ouders dat kinderen zoveel ruzie hadden. Ze moest er gewoon voor zorgen dat ze haar kinderen beter opvoedde dan dat. Nee, goed, ze wist heel weinig van de relatie tussen broers en zussen, maar het was vast gewoon makkelijk op te lossen. Lea reageerde in ieder geval al fantastisch en Asha kneep even aanmoedigend in haar schouder. Ze was trots. Haar kinderen zouden voorbeelden worden. Ze waren slim en goed en ze hield van ze meer dan ze ooit van iemand anders had gehouden. "Bloemen!" Zei Asha. "Dat lijkt me een heel goed idee. Kom." Ze pakte de hand van het meisje weer vast en leidde het kind de tuin in. Het was een kleine tuin, maar het was precies wat ze altijd had willen hebben. Toen ze voor het eerst naar Engeland kwam, had haar vader haar een beeld gegeven van hoe het was. Charmante huizen, tuinen vol groenten en bloemen, velden vol dieren en goed oké, het was misschien ook wel een beetje zo op sommige gebieden, maar het beeld wat hij had geschept was.... idyllisch. En het had er altijd voor gezorgd dat ze Engeland een beetje meer had gehaat dan ze eigenlijk zou moeten. Want het zag er niet zo uit zoals haar vader zei. Het was niet beter dan India. Er lagen evenveel bedelaars op straat in Londen als in Bangalore en ze snapte niet waarom ze waren verhuisd als het alternatief niet beter was. Maar ze was hier nu toch en ze had een leven opgebouwd. Zonder haar ouders' hulp. Het was misschien niet het leven dat "society" zou accepteren, maar het was goed genoeg voor haar. Meer dan goed genoeg. Ze was gelukkiger dan ooit. Hier leven met haar kinderen zonder ooit haar leven te moeten geven aan een man waar ze toch niet van zou kunnen houden, in ieder geval niet echt, was perfect. Ze kon alles indelen zoals ze wilde, alle beslissingen zelf maken. Ze kon studeren en haar kinderen opvoeden en ze wist altijd dat ze haar vrienden had om op terug te vallen als dingen mis gingen. Niet alleen George, maar ook de andere moeders in Strawberry Fields. Asha liep naar het kleine grasveldje waar een houten tafel stond met een paar stoelen. Speelgoed lag over het gras verspreid. Misschien moest ze dat gaan opruimen. Later. Er waren hier genoeg bloemen die een klein kind kon plukken. Madeliefjes en andere bloemetjes die eigenlijk geclassificeerd konden worden als onkruid en die veel beter om te plukken waren dan de rozen die constant mysterieus uit haar tuin verdwenen. "Wat dacht je van deze?" Vroeg ze. "Zijn deze niet mooi?"
  9. 29 mei 1836, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields Misschien was het niet zo'n goed idee om zoveel kinderen te hebben op haar negentiende, maar Asha was altijd iemand geweest die zelf bepaalde wat een goed idee was en wat niet. Natuurlijk, het was lastig, maar ze had een enorm goed supportsysteem en ze was een heks, dus ze kon dit allemaal heus wel aan. Het had een prijs gehad. Haar contact met haar familie was vrijwel verdwenen. De enige met wie ze nog sprak was haar neef Alec, maar dat was oké. Hij was tevens ook de enige met wie het waard was om te spreken. Ze had haar eigen familie gevonden. Dat was goed genoeg voor haar. En dat die familie alleen maar groter werd, was alleen maar beter. Asha had twee nieuwe aanwinsten. De één was Thomasin, haar nieuwe dochter. Het had pijn gedaan en ze was zo moe geweest, maar het was het allemaal waard geweest, want ze was perfect. Ze was zo mooi en het was zo fijn om weer een baby in haar armen te hebben. Niet dat haar andere kinderen zo oud waren, maar het had toch iets goeds. En de tweede nieuwe aanwinst was er al een tijdje, maar was nu helemaal van haar. Azalea Adler, nu Azalea Willow. De dochter van een psychopaat met grootheidswaanzin, maar dat nam Asha haar niet kwalijk. Ze had al voor haar gezorgd sinds de allereerste dag en had Daniella nooit gezien als de moeder. Zij was de moeder. Niemand anders. Dus had ze de adoptiepapieren naar Daniella gestuurd met de vraag of ze die alsjeblieft niet kon tekenen. Uiteraard had Daniella dat wel gedaan en nu was Lea van haar. Het was met dit meisje dat ze nu naar de nieuwe wieg liep. "Kijk, Lea." Zei ze met de stem die ze alleen maar gebruikte bij haar kinderen. "Dat is je nieuwe zusje. Is ze niet lief?"
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No Really. Honest. 26-01-33//Hogwarts//George Kingsley-Savage Samen Vieren Wij De Liefde 14-02-33//Hogwarts//Open Waarom Is Caecilia De Enige Die Zich Zorgen Maakt Over De Leerlingen? 01-04-33//Hogwarts//Caecilia Pearson Daar Komt De Bruid 06-08-33//Bath//Open I Thought I Never Got Time To Figure Out Anything 16-10-33//Ministry of Magic//Open Caecilia En Tristan Geven Carrièreadvies 12-10-33//Hogwarts//Caecilia Pearson, Tristan Johnson Caecilia Houdt Van Baby's, Maar Niet Zo! 22-11-33//Hogwarts//Open Halloween Zwadderich 31-10-33//Hogwarts//Open 1832Het Grote Griff/Zwadse Voedselgevecht ??-01-32//Hogwarts//Open Stop Fighting, Dingbats ??-01-32//Hogwarts//Pollux O'Rinn, George Kingsley-Savage, Xati Annis Etiquette II: Dansles 20-01-32//Hogwarts//Open Just Because We're Friends, Doesn't Mean We Can't Have Some Fun 26-01-32//Hogwarts//George Kingsley-Savage Het Zootje Gaat Kamperen In De Grote Zaal 28-01-32//Hogwarts//George Kingsley-Savage, Xati Annis, Pollux O'Rinn Insert Awesome Topic Title Here 01-02-32//Hogwarts//Pollux O'Rinn Want Je Kunt Je Niet Altijd Perfect Gedragen ??-02-32//Hogwarts//Evangeline Hastings-Mortee, Darcy Zwartlaken, Wilbur Withers De Deur Gaat Niet Dicht ??-02-32//Hogwarts//Open Hop Hop Hop, Chocolade-ei 01-03-32//Hogwarts//Open Love Is In The Air 14-02-32//Hogwarts//Open Culturele Uitwisselingen Zijn Niet Altijd Banaanachtig ??-06-32//Asha's house'//Xati Annis Fashion Brings People Closer Together. Even Tiny Annoying Girls. ??-10-32//Hogwarts//Christabella Bellerose Debutantenbal 5.0 24-12-32//Ministry of Magic//Open Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Hollow 25-12-32//Hollow house//Hollows 1831 I Hate Your Cows, I Hate Your Weather And I Hate You ??-10-31//Hogwarts//Christabella Bellerose You've Got A Friend In Me' ??-10-31//Hogwarts//Xati Annis Het Mysterie Van De Lege Ketel 24-10-31//Hogwarts//Open Family Has To Stick Together (Whether They Want To Or Not) ??-12-31//Alec's house'//Alec Hollow En Toen Was Er Sneeuw 04-12-31//Hogwarts//Lysana Harrots, George Kingsley-Savage Under The Mistletoe 18-12-31//Hogwarts//George Kingsley-Savage, Xati Annis, Revan Carver Debutantenbal 4.0 24-01-31//Ministry of Magic//Open Plots PlotPlaceholder Misc
  11. [1835/1836][EN] Whatever you want, the answer is no

    This was amazing. She almost wanted to get something to eat so she could watch this whole spectacle unfold in silence. It was perfect. They thought that Alec would’ve just helped them. That he would’ve forced her into marriage somehow, but even if he had been on their side, Asha would’ve just kicked him out. But he was on her side. He was so much on her side that he was asking them questions, poking holes in their arguments. Her father squirmed in his seat and her mother sat in stony silence, before finally looking at Alec with anger in her eyes. ”We can’t just give her money.” She said. ”Look at what she’s done! We can’t possibly condone that. What about our reputation?” ”Oh!” Asha immediately exclaimed. ”And here I thought you were doing this for my reputation. Well, I’m glad we’ve go that sorted out. I think you should go now.” ”But Asha-“ ”Go.” They looked at Alec once more, pleadingly, but Asha wasn’t going to let them pull him into this at the last second. ”Alec, you can stay, if you like. I’m sure I’ve still got some cake somewhere. You two can leave.”
  12. Cath's Plot Reading Guide

    work in progress
  13. [1835/1836][EN] Whatever you want, the answer is no

    YES! Thank Merlin for sane family members. She could jump up and hug him right now if she wasn’t too busy staring angrily at her parents. They didn’t seem pleased with him in return. Her father was fidgeting and her mother looked away. ”Exactly.” Asha said with smug satisfaction. ”It’s a very bad deal.” Asha turned to Alec. They’d brought him here to convince her, but it was starting to look like he was on her side. ”I’m happy here.” She said. And it was true. She hadn’t been so happy since she moved away from India. ”I have my children, I have my friends and it’s not like the father isn’t around.” ”He’s married.” Came the horrified reply from her mother. ”So? That happened after. That’s not my fault. He takes care of me.” ”And everyone else!” It was her father this time. ”You’re kidding yourself if you think this could last. He won’t love you. Now, if you’re in a respectable relationship, then maybe...” ”Maybe what?!” Asha yelled. ”Be a housewife? Bear his children even though I don’t know him? Wait for you to give us money all my life? No thank you. George takes care of me and I’m training so I can get a job.” ”As a nurse.” Her father turned to Alec. ”You must see that this isn’t responsible. ”We only want what’s best for her and this situation does nothing but tarnish her reputation and secure her a very bad future.”
  14. [1835/1836][EN] Whatever you want, the answer is no

    Asha smugly smiled at Alec. He was helping her. That was good. She liked her cousin, she decided. He wasn’t just here to bully her into giving into her parents. He had his own opinion and he wanted more information, even if he seemed a little scared. So Asha looked at her parents and waited for an answer. Her parents seemed to have transformed into goldfish, opening and closing their mouth a few times. ”Well, of course we’d provide a generous dowry.” ”Nice try, father. That would be my money, not his.” Her mother threw her hands up in exasperation. ”So we gave him some money. So what? We only gave him enough to give you a good life. All we do is think of you!” ”Oh so he doesn’t earn enough money to support me in the first place? You need to give him money for that?” ”That’s not the point!” ”And what about the children, huh? What about them?” Silence.
  15. [1835/1836][EN] Whatever you want, the answer is no

    Ah yes... She’d heard about the fiancé. Because her mother had sent her a letter about it. One that yelled at her and scared her children. Because that was good parenting, right, mother? Asha’s lips pursed in a dangerous way and she tapped her foot to show her frustration, flicking her eyes from her parents to Alec and back. They found a man. ”Yes, I’ve been informed.” They said he’s good. Asha wasn’t so sure. She wasn’t as dumb as her parents thought she was. Asha was training to be a nurse, she couldn’t afford to be dumb. And Alec seemed to catch on too. In some way. Asha was going to try to get him on her side, so she’d assume he was catching on. ”Really.” Asha said. ”So. Would you kindly ask my parents how much they’ve paid him, cousin Alec?” Her parents sputtered but she held up her hand to them. ”I think we both have a right to know, don’t you think, Alec?”