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  1. [EN|1836] Bite your tongue...

    It was a cliche. He knew that. The kind of thing that made authorities utter that other cliche. "That's what they all say." But it was the truth, wasn't it? He hadn't asked for this. He had rolled into this life without thought, without freedom, without agency. His entire life there'd been other people making the decisions for him and right now he couldn't even think of a life where that wouldn't be a thing. He didn't even know what he would do if someone didn't tell him what to do. He fantasised about it sometimes, sure. He was sure everyone fantasised about freedom once, even if it was unattainable. But it always fell flat. Because he didn't know what he would do if there wasn't someone up there pulling the strings, making sure he kept in line. To be honest, he wouldn't even know if his life would be any different. And wasn't that fucked up? Wasn't that just melodramatic and stupid? Wasn't that just the worst kind of excuse. He did it because he didn't know any better. He did it because he couldn't remember a life where he wouldn't have to do what other people said. He did it because he had to. Not because he wanted to. "That's what they all say." He had thought the Adams family would be different than the Silvershores and the Hardings and the Fergusons, but evidently they were not. David stared at the man in front of him. The terrified look in his eyes. He'd toyed with blindfolding him at first, but then realised that he didn't want to. He wanted the man to see his face. To know who was doing this. Not out of some perverse sense of megalomania, but because he wanted the man to know who to blame. Even though soon that wouldn't really matter anymore. The man begged, but David stayed silent. He let it wash over him for a while. Sometimes he wasn't sure if this was the proper reaction or if he was just being dramatic. He was sure that to some families this would seem horrible, but this was his life. He was supposed to be used to it. "I mean, I know that sounds like a lie." David said, ignoring the man's pleas. They didn't matter anymore. He had to start realising that. "But you know, I actually ran away from another place to get rid of this bullshit." But hey, maybe that was what he and the man had in common. Their lives weren't decided by themselves, they were decided by whoever held the best weapon. And in this man's life... that was David. He sighed. "I guess... If you have any last questions, now's the time to ask."
  2. [1835/1836] You know i love the thrill of the rush

    Nee, David stond daar niet. Oh boy. Dit ging interessant worden. Nou ja, het zou niet heel erg interessant zijn als ze van het dak viel. Dan was het spel over. Nee, oké, David gaf er meer om dan dat. Hij wilde haar niet echt pijn doen en hij zou echt heel erg zijn best doen om ervoor te zorgen dat ze veilig zou blijven. Het ging hier om de adrenaline met een goed einde, niet om echte angst en pijn. David was niet iemand die plezier haalde uit andermans leed. Dat klonk vreemd voor iemand die soms heel erg verantwoordelijk was voor andermans leed, maar dat waren meer dingen die hem gebeurden dan dingen die hij expres opzocht. "Oké, drie kleine stappen naar voren en dan is er een kanteel, dus been omhoog. Drie stappen en nog een kanteel. Nog twee van die en dan scherp naar links. Kan je dat?"
  3. [EN|1836] Bite your tongue...

    Tuesday 12th of July 1836 "I didn't ask for this, you know."
  4. They could go now. Of course they could go now! If halloween was over then this would be the perfect time to go. Everyone would be either too tired to pay attention or busy cleaning up whatever the hell went wrong this year. Nobody would be paying attention to them. It was perfect. He grinned at Pippa. He hadn't been so sure about her when they'd first met, but now that he knew her well enough he could see how incredibly smart she was. Her ideas were the best. They were always exactly what he needed. Like she knew what he was thinking. "Let's go." He said, climbing down from his spot and waiting until she went with him. "I bet we can find something interesting before dawn." div.ooc_bbc { display:block; width:100%; background-color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7); padding:4px; } div.ooc_bbc span.ooc_bbc_titel { color:#666; font-family:Courier New, Courier, monospace; padding:1px 5px; } OOC:Done!
  5. [1835/1836] You know i love the thrill of the rush

    David was een Griffoendor en Griffoendors deden stomme dingen omdat ze die leuk vonden. Dat was de reden waarom hij nu op het dak stond. Oh, hij kon makkelijk een interessantere reden bedenken over hoe zijn leven zo moeilijk was geweest en hij nooit een goede opvoeding had gehad en hij nu niet het verschil kende tussen verantwoordelijk plezier en per ongeluk zichzelf bijna van een dak gooien en blablabla, maar nee. Hij hield van avontuur, hij hield van adrenaline en dit was bij lange na niet het slechtste wat hij ooit had gedaan. Dus waarom niet? Elke keer als je in het leven op het punt stond om je af te vragen waarom je iets zou doen, dan moest je die vraag stellen. Waarom niet? Hijzelf kwam er dan heel vaak achter dat de redenen waarom hij dat niet zou moeten doen allemaal er niet toe deden, dus dan deed hij het toch. Zoals dit spel. Jennifer legde de regels uit en David knikte kort om te laten zien dat hij het allemaal begreep. “Jij kan wel eerst.“ Zei hij. Zie? Hij was nog best wel vriendelijk. Goed, het was niet alsof hij haar als eerste door een deur liet gaan en de leraren zouden dit waarschijnlijk niet zo vriendelijk vinden, maar die begrepen het gewoon niet. Er ging niets mis. Ze waren tovenaars. Als Jennifer van het dak viel, dan kon hij een spreuk uitspreken om haar op te vangen en dan was er niets aan de hand. “Ben je er klaar voor?“
  6. [1835/1836][EN] I'm the girl you'd die for

    They ran and David realised that he had never felt more alive. Maybe it was too poetic or pretentious, but he felt like after a lifetime of running away, he was finally running towards something. As if everything was finally falling into place. There had been people who had given him shelter. There had even been few people who had shown that they cared. But there had never been someone who loved him and Pippa gave him that. So of course he wanted to marry her. In private. Alone. Because nobody else cared enough to be genuinely happy for them, so why should they be giving them a show? They should do this like they were going to do everything in their life. Their own way. David grinned and took Pippa’s hand before Disapparating. Off to their new life. For better or for worse. div.ooc_bbc { display:block; width:100%; background-color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7); padding:4px; } div.ooc_bbc span.ooc_bbc_titel { color:#666; font-family:Courier New, Courier, monospace; padding:1px 5px; } OOC:The end <3
  7. [1835/1836][EN] I better still be the girl you'd die for

    Couldn’t she just let it go? What was this sudden obsession with him? Was it just because he was with Pippa now and she couldn’t stand that? Because he wasn’t in the habit of going with girls just because they were upset at his girlfriend. He wasn’t in the habit of cheating anyway, but even if he was, he’d at least make sure it was with someone who actually liked him. ”Because she’s not boring.” He bit at her. ”She’s the only interesting person in this entire school. She gets me. And she doesn’t want to push me to do things that I don’t want to do, unlike you..” He looked at who he still thought was Daniella with anger in his eyes, knowing full well that snapping at her was probably not a good idea. He didn’t care at her. She wanted to snap at him? Go ahead. He cut off a man’s fingers without a second thought once. Bring it on, Daniella. ”Get lost.”
  8. Yeah, she knew what he was talking about. The boring kind of dangerous. The one where the teachers got panicked and sent them to their common rooms, even though there was no actual danger to be seen. Maybe someone would get a broken arm or something. At best. Not that he’d wish a broken arm on anyone, because that hurt, but it wasn’t danger if something happened that could happen anywhere. Someone could fall of a chair wrong and break their arm. There wasn’t anything interesting about that. The dungeons though... He hardly went there. There was nothing there for him. The kitchens, maybe, but there was always enough food around. Apart from that there were two common rooms, but he didn’t really know or care about anyone there. And there were classes. He went there, because the Silvershores probably wouldn’t like it if he didn’t, but that was about it. Actually, he wasn’t even sure if they’d mind. It wasn’t like they were giving him mountains of attention, but hey, it was best not to anger them anyway. For now. ”They wouldn’t even go to the interesting parts.” He complained, looking up at the few stars he could see through the treetops. ”I bet there’s so much to see down there. This castle is ancient and it’s probably called the dungeons for some reason. I bet they used it to imprison people.” Maybe there was a torture chamber down there. Or maybe the skeletons of people who were left there. ”There could be old curses.” He thought out loud. ”Forgotten rooms. What do you think?”
  9. [1835/1836][EN] I better still be the girl you'd die for

    Wait, wait, wait, wait... What? She really wanted to do this? With him? Oh come on, she couldn’t be serious. They murdered someone in a library. It wasn’t clean. After that first impression, it was pretty impossible to ever see someone in a different light. And she was going on about Pippa? Was she insane? Well... Yes, he already knew she was insane, but was she also dumb? Because it was starting to look like it. Fine, she intimidated him. At the time he’d said yes because maybe...he kind of thought that if he said no, she’d use him in the library instead. But damn it, he was braver than this. He was going to let her know that she couldn’t just say whatever she wanted and expect to get away with it. ”I really don’t care what you want, Daniella.” He said, trying not to think about what he was saying. If he thought about it, he’d try to be smart about it and actually, he was pretty good at talking to people. But not if they were completely insane. ”I’m pretty sure there are enough people here who are free to do whatever you want, but it’s not going to be me. I’m with Pippa and I don’t need you.”
  10. [1835/1836][EN] I'm the girl you'd die for

    Let’s go. Seriously? Now? No, of course. Now. If they went as soon as possible, it’d be morning by the time they’d find the nearest church. And if it wasn’t, they could just drag someone out of bed. Sure, he wasn’t really sure of how weddings worked, but they could ask. Because they were in love, weren’t they? They were in love. And David didn’t know anything about that, but he knew that it was supposed to be private. Marriages were private, so why weren’t weddings? They were in love, not everybody else. Yes. This was what they were supposed to do. It would tell people that they were there own people and nobody could tell them what to do. Marrying Pippa wasn’t his own idea, but he could still make it his own. Their own. David nodded. “Now.“ He answered. “We just need to get past the teachers and the prefects and then... do you think they lock the front gate at night?“ They probably locked it during the day. Couldn’t have any students escaping. But they would escape. They would escape everything. David took her hand. “You’re right. Let’s go.“
  11. Cath's Plot Reading Guide

    Maart 1834: Pippa komt erachter dat David interessanter was dan ze dacht. JA, PIPPA D< Oktober 1834: David en Pippa zijn 2 kool 4 halloween. Maart 1835: Sophia is het niet eens met de vriendenkeuzes van haar zoon. Juni 1835: David en Pippa komen erachter dat ze aan elkaar uitgehuwelijkt zijn. Oktober 1835: David en Pippa hebben geen zin in grote bruiloftsfeesten. November 1835: Pippa doet alsof ze Daniella is en probeert David te testen.
  12. David shrugged. ”Probably something dangerous.” He answered. ”But not the fun kind of dangerous, you know? The boring kind of dangerous.” The kind of dangerous only teachers could think of. Regular things that went wrong and only made things inconvenient. He had thought it was interesting when he was in his first year, because he had never known anything more dangerous than whatever happened at the Hogwarts events. But he knew better now. He could see that whatever the teachers cooked up was boring. Everything they did was boring. Everything. ”Maybe a bat infestation or something. Have we had one of those yet?”
  13. [1835/1836][EN] I better still be the girl you'd die for

    What the hell was she talking about? Surely she couldn’t be serious? He knew what Daniella was like when she was bored. He knew that exactly, because of the man they murdered in the library. He’d avoided her since then. She never seemed to care. So why now? He didn’t want to be alone with her again. It was a bit hypocritical to have a problem with murder after what he did, but he was actually trying to keep it to a minimum. A few years ago he would’ve sworn to never ever be a murderer, but right now he’d settle for not being a serial killer. No, he didn’t think about if Daniella wanted sex with him or not. That just didn’t seem likely to him. Still, there was a problem if she did want to spend time with him and that was that if he said no, she’d hurt him. But he’d take that risk. He’d have to. ”Listen, Daniella, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Don’t you have other people you can make plans with?”
  14. [1835/1836][EN] I better still be the girl you'd die for

    David had a weird history with Daniella Adler. It was weird, because to be fair, there was only one thing that happened between them and besides that they hardly spoke. And that thing... well... the librarian hadn’t been happy to find a body in the library, he presumed. It was gone when they’d come back in the morning and nobody had ever spoken about it again. He doubted she even knew he was part of it. He didn’t like thinking about it. But then again, it was either that one guy nobody knew or maybe it would’ve been him. So it was fine, right? Of course it was. His upbringing hadn’t really left him with a massive regard for other human life. Not that that was an excuse. So it was fine. ”Him or me.” And yet, when Daniella sat down and told him she wanted to do something fun, he felt a shiver. David stretched his hands nonchalantly to get rid of it. ”Do you?” He asked, wondering why she was even asking him. They hadn’t really spoken much since what happened in the library. Why was she speaking like that in that weird tone? What did the look in her eyes mean? This was all really strange. ”What kind of fun are you thinking of?” Because if she wanted to find another victim, he was going to pass.
  15. [1835/1836][EN] I'm the girl you'd die for

    The wedding would be a disaster. She was right about that. It would just be a show. He’d have to act the part of the doting groom, she of the blushing bride and apart from that narrow role, they probably wouldn’t even matter. It would just be one of those events where people of “important” families came together to “network” and whatever else they were doing. David didn’t understand it and he probably never would. It didn’t seem to different from his stepparents at the fairground. They were actors too. Their goals were the same as well. Eventually all they wanted was money. Though the Silvershores probably wanted power as well. Which would get them more money. See? It all came down to that. ”Why don’t we?” He said quickly. Way too quickly. Because it was a stupid idea. Because both their families would disagree. Because he actually really wanted to marry Pippa, just not like this. ”We’re in Scotland, aren’t we?” He said, shrugging. ”We could just go to a church. They can’t stop us if they don’t know it’s happening.”