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  1. [1837/1838][EN]Welcome home! Suprise!

    Dear lord! Could someone please adopt Elena so Celeana never had to see her again? The girl was being whiny and annoying. The woman sighed, shook her head. Of course, it was not up to Elena, but she did not have to know that. Celeana wasn't going to admit to that. She actually almost felt sorry for the girl, probably because of the hormones. However, she wouldn't start now with taking a liking to the little princess. Elena was in her way and Celeana would do everything she could to get rid of the girl eventually. Slowly, she would take away more and more from the girl, until even her father turned his back on him. At this moment, Celeana was rather sure she could manipulate Raphael that much. The poor guy had no idea of his wife's true intentions. While Raphael tried to reason with his daughter, Celeana thought of something very sad. She was sure she was going to need some tears soon, knowing Elena. Actually, some of the girl's words truly had hurt her. About the baby, even if it had been a fake baby. And of course, she was right. Soon, Elena was being very dramatic, saying they wanted her gone and that Celeana hated her. That was true, but no way in hell Celeana was going to admit to that. That's when the brunette decided that shedding a few tears could not hurt. "I am sorry you think that, Elena. And I have to say it's a very cruel thing to say". She sniffed, wiped away a tear and smiled sadly. "We love you, your father and I. We truly want the best for you. I had hoped you would react a bit more mature, as a proud big sister. Your sibling will look up to you, you know. He or she will look up to you, learn from you. The bond between siblings is something special". OR so they said. Celeana had forgotten what is was like to have a family anyway. She had one of her own now and soon it would be complete. "I'm sad, sweetie. I had hoped you would help me decorate the baby room". Her former room. "You have a very good eye for fashion and style. I could use your help". And then get rid of it as soon as Elena was away. It was just to please the girl for the moment. Could she now finally stop being a drama queen? Celeana turned towards her husband and leaned in a bit. "Maybe we have told her too soon. she is a fragile girl. It might have been a bit too much for her", she whispered, though loud enough for Elena to hear it. Then she turned towards Elena. "Would you like a dessert?".
  2. [1837/1838][EN]Welcome home! Suprise!

    "Elena!", Celeana cried out, shocked. How did this girl dare to suggest that Celeana's baby needed a closet for a room. A closet! If anyone should be stuffed away in a closet it was Elena. The brunette seethed, though she did not show it. Her stepdaughter had just offended her and her baby. Her little prince or princess would get the best of the best, the most of the best and everything Elena had and more. Celeana would make sure of that, because that little brat had to go at one point. Her baby deserved the best and would get the best. In this case that meant Elena's room. The woman took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. "The baby will need a lot of things. It's easier for us if he or she is close to our room. I'm sorry, my girl, but you don't have a choice". Elena was acting out even more. A part of Celeana was getting annoyed and angry, but this was also a good thing. Raphael would see the girl's temper and hopefully would be even more strict with her. More limits for the girl was exactly what the woman wanted. Celeana laid her hand protectively onto her stomach while Elena and Raphael had a go at each other. Great job, Elena. This way Celeana wouldn't have to do much to get her husband annoyed with you. Thank you for your help! "Then you sleep in the hallway", the woman said while shrugging. "It won't change a thing. And if you keep behaving like this, we will find you a room". She smiled at the girl. "With the servants". The servants were looked after pretty well, but still their rooms were not as grand and full of luxury as theirs. She shot a apologetic look at her husband, hoping he would understand that his daughter had done this to herself. "You will have the entire vacation to move your things to a room of your choosing", the pregnant woman explained. "If you have not done so before you return to school, then we will pick a room for you and move your things there. And if you do not change you behaviour, you will indeed sleep in the hallway or with the servants. Maybe that will teach you to be grateful for all the things you have, thanks to your father. Is this how you repay his hard work? We both want the best for you, but this kind of behaviour is unacceptable". She sighed, feeling a bit tired after this fight. Usually it would give her energy, things like this, but the pregnancy had an opposite effect. "Whatever happens next is completely up to you, my dear. The choice is yours. I suggest you choose wisely".
  3. [1837/1838][EN]Welcome home! Suprise!

    Celeana lifted up an eyebrow. She hadn't expected Elena actually being able to apologize. "It's alright, sweetheart", she said softly with a warm smile, to keep up appearances of course. "You could not have known. We hadn't told anyone yet, and before we could we..". She swallowed with difficulty. "Anyway, we're very hopeful now. And we are very happy we'll be able to meet a new family member in a few months". A little girl or boy of her own, which she would love with all her heart. And as soon as Elena was out of the picture, her own child would be the first heir, sole heir. Elena being sorry for once, wouldn't change a thing. Raphael got angry with his daughter and that pleased Celeana a lot. When she saw the angry glare on her husband's face, she was happy it wasn't pointed towards her. The woman was even more pleased that Elena was accused of ruining their Christmas. it was true, though. The girl seemed to ruin everything just by being here and being difficult. "Elena, you're hardly home anyway", the brunette countered. "Your room is closest to ours and the baby will need a lot of attention and care. Besides, it's not like we will kick you out of the house". She wish she could, but unfortunately Raphael would probably not allow it. For now. One day he would kick her out. She would make sure of that. Celeana smiled warmly towards her husband, forgetting the brat's presence for a moment. "It's okay, my love. It isn't easy for her, all these changes". But the changes wouldn't stop if it was up to Celeana. Once she took the girl's room, she would find something else to take away from her. Slowly, carefully, until she hadn't much left. Already, she was thinking of a way to convince her husband of making their child the heir and not Elena. She watched the girl every move, hoping to find a misstep she could use against her. Maybe she should contact a teacher at Hogwarts to see how her stepdaughter was doing. Maybe plant some seeds there as well. "I am sorry, Elena, but this change is going to happen. Your father and I have discussed it many times and we think this is the best for all of us. You can pick any other room you like, but the one you have now will be turned into a nursery", she said sternly. "You are acting like a spoiled girl and it doesn't suit you". She smiled at the girl sweetly. "When you will return home for the summer, you will have a little brother or sister. Isn't that lovely?".
  4. [1837/1838][EN]Welcome home! Suprise!

    Ungrateful brat. Celeana pressed her lips together, refusing to make a comment about Elena's behavior. If the girl did not want a nice gift, then fine. If that was the way things would go, Celeana could play the same game. And she would win. So Celeana smiled, knowing what was to come. Elena would wish it had stayed with that dress and not the 'other present'. The woman smiled at her husband, excited and proud. And then Elena heard the news. And she did not react the way Celeana hoped. Oh, the girl was horrified and did not bother to hide it. `But then she asked where the other baby was. Elena had known then, the reason why they had married so fast. But Elena had not known about how real or unreal that baby was. Celeana swallowed and glanced at Raphael, uncertain how to proceed. She wanted to snap at the girl, but she couldn't. She had to keep up appearances and yelling at the little brat wouldn't help her cause. "We... ". She swallowed again. "I lost it", she whispered with emotion. She placed her hands protectively on her stomach. "But thankfully we got a new chance. This time everything will go well. It has to". Hm, should she force a few tears out? The brunette coughed and then smiled at Elena as if she tried to be really brave. "Your father and I are very happy to welcome a new family member, sweetie. But it does mean a few small changes". She once again glanced at her husband, as if she was a bit uncertain how to proceed. "I'm sure you don't mind, because you barely use your room anyway, since you are at Hogwarts. You will be moved to another bedroom, so we can turn your room into the baby room. It's closer to our room, so we can take care of the baby at night as well. It's for the best for all of us, don't you think? Your father seems to think so". Take that for an answer, little bitch.
  5. De Jaarlijkse Knoetenloterij!

    Celeana King - Koopt stiekem 1 lot voor @Elena King in de hoop dat ze 1 lullige Knoet wint en dit dan trots aan haar stiefdochter cadeau kan geven. Elara Burrows - 1 lot voor @Dantalion Colt, 1 lot voor @Raine Salisbury, 1 lot voor @Summer Salisbury, 1 lot voor @Galahad Graham, 1 voor kleine James ... Besluit op het laatst toch nog 1 lot te kopen voor @James Graham & @Igraine Graham Aelin Sardothien - Koopt 1 lot voor @Aiden Sardothien & @Devlin Sardothien, 1 voor haar neefje en nichtje, 1 voor @Andres Tallinn
  6. De Jaarlijkse Sikkelloterij!

    Celeana King - Koopt 1 lot voor @Raphael King, 1 voor zichzelf en 1 voor @Elena King, maar ze geeft ze pas na de uitslag om te kijken of Elena wat wint... Want Elena krijgt het lot dat niets waard is :f: Igraine Graham - 1 lot voor kleine James, 1 voor @Galahad Graham, 1 voor @Elara Burrows, 1 voor @Yara Foulkes-Davenport & @Irwin Foulkes-Davenport, 1 voor @Raine Salisbury na events die nog moeten plaats vinden, maar die plaats vinden vó'r de uitslag en 1 voor @James Graham en haarzelf, niet wetende dat James hetzelfde doet. Al doet James niets voor Raine :f: Esmé Fuentes - 1 lot voor @Isaac Dover (als dank voor de vlieglessen), 1 voor @Eric Silvershore & @Felicia Harding (waarvan ze denkt dat het nog steeds Vasilisa is)
  7. [1837/1838][EN]Welcome home! Suprise!

    December 1837 - Christmas Cealana was excited and utterly happy. Everything she ever wanted, she either already had or was on the way. Finally, she was truly with child and she couldn't have waited a second longer to tell Raphael when she found out. He was happy, of course, but they both were wary. After all, she had 'lost' the previous one, so she had to be careful. Which was why she wasn't jumping up and down the house n excitement. Plus, it wasn't how a lady was supposed to act. When she had found out, Celeana immediately made other plans. Elena would not be told through a simple letter. such news was supposed to be told in person, Celeana reasoned. Raphael had agreed and so the girl was coming home for Christmas. The woman did not really want her stepdaughter here, but she wanted to see her face when she was told she would have a sibling. Especially what consequences this sibling had for Elena herself. Raphael had agreed to all of her plans, thanks to her smart reasoning. She was more excited about that, than the Christmas dinner. "Elena, sweetie. It's time to get dressed!", she said through the closed door of the girl's bedroom. "Dinner will be soon and your father wishes to see you in the dining room before that". Because they had great new. Great news for everyone, besides Elena. Celeana walked towards her own bedroom, adding the finishing touch to her looks. She was glowing with happiness and pride. She was finally going to be a mother and then all her wishes had come true. She placed her hand on her small swelling stomach. She hoped it was a little girl, of course, but a boy would be just as welcome. She was going to be a mother! Celeana greeted her husband with a loving kiss, unable to hide her smile. "I am so excited", she whispered. When Elena finally arrived, Celeana couldn't help but offer her a small, smug smile. One only the girl could see, of course. "Sweetheart, it's so good to have you home again. Let's start with your first present, okay?". She gestured towards a servant, who brought over a big box with a bow around it. "It's from your father and me, although I had to pick it out". She poked her husband softly, teasingly. "When it comes to dresses, I have a much better taste. Isn't that right, my love?". The dress was only the first present for Elena, but probably the best one. Celeana looked at Raphael expectantly, nodding to encourage him. He could deliver the devastating blow to his own daughter, though he did not realize how devastating it would be for the girl. Celeana knew, because she knew what type of girl Elena was. And he could also tell his daughter what she would lose. Then it would not be Celeana's fault, though it was her idea, but since Raphael would tell Elena the news, it would hit the girl even harder. And hopefully causing a bigger rift between them. OOC: Private >D
  8. [1837/1838][EN] Queens do not condone failure

    Celeana smiled lovingly when her husband pressed a kiss on her hand. She had done it again and had managed to reach her goal once more. She felt victorious once more, but she knew perfectly well how to hide it. Raphael could never find out about her schemes, because then she would lose him. It wasn't only the inheritance and the wealth she would lose, but also him, his love. Against all odds, she had fallen in love with him. She honestly loved her husband and she was honestly happy, but... She had started this all with certain goals. Goals she still wanted to reach and one of them was getting rid of Elena. To her, Elena was a burden, one who could influence Raphael and turn him against her. The woman just had to beat the girl in her own game and right now she was winning. Elena was just a spoiled child, while Celeana had years of experience. There was more at stake now than ever and she was not going to let Elena ruin that. "That sounds like a good idea, my love", she said. She lifted both their hands and pressed a kiss on his hand too. She had never thought she would truly love her husband, but yet she had. At least that part of her life was not a lie, though it had started as one. "An allowance is a great start for her. Start small, though. And reward her when she is doing a great job". She drank the rest of her tea. "If she shows us she is learning, then I will buy her a new dress of the latest fashion for her for Christmas". Not that she wanted to, but she had to keep up appearances. And one expensive dress was always better than let the girl buy entire stores empty. "I am sorry to hear that". She shot Raphael a look full of understanding. "Of course, I will never be able to replace Emilia and I do not want to. Elena needs her mother". And she would need her mother more and more in the future. And who knew, maybe one day Elena could spend all the time in the world with her mother, away from her father and Celeana. She smiled at the thought. "But I am happy I can be there for here in another way. She is such a lovely girl. Once she is fifteen and has attended the Debutant ball...". She whistled softly. "I think you need to slap the suitors away from her", she laughed. "But I have to thank you, my love. For accepting my advice, for actually listening to me and considering it. It means a lot to me and it proves to me you are a great husband and father". She smiled. "I pray you will be able to become a father once more and that I finally will be a mother". She sighed. "If you ever need my help with anything, even for the theatre, then just let me know. I may be a woman, but I am also your wife and I want to help wherever I can. Because I love you". And this time, there was no lie in her words whatsoever.
  9. [1837/1838][EN] Queens do not condone failure

    Apparently, Elena wasn’t the only one who needed to be taught how to save money. Celeana looked at her husband but remained quiet for a moment. This was going to be more difficult than she had thought. She had to be careful about this, because if Raphael became suspicious for even a second… The woman smiled with understanding, squeezing his hand as well. “Maybe you are right. Maybe I worry too much”. About her own inheritance, yes. But that was better left untold. “But… I think you don’t worry as much as you should”. She said it carefully, as if she was afraid he would not appreciate her opinion. “But we have to think of the future as well…”. Okay, time for a bit of drama again to make sure her husband would side with her on this one. So far it had always worked. “I just want to make sure the future taken care of”. The woman smiled sadly. “We have found out the hard way how short life can be. Sometimes even before it really started”. It was a very low blow, but hopefully it would work. Absentmindedly she placed a hand on her stomach. She glanced at Raphael. "What if something happens to either of us and Elena has spend all the money? How is she going to cope? You might think it won't happen or that everything will be alright..". She pretend to swallow away her tears. "But I never thought my first husband would pass away and yet he did. And because we were so careful with money, I managed to cope with the costs without ending up as a scullery maid". The brunette sighed and smiled wanly. "Look, the decision is yours, of course. I just want the best for that girl. It is for her own sake as well, you know. I am just giving you advise, which I acquired through experience. She will not like it, but she has to learn. for our sake and her own". Blablabla. She did not care what Elena thought if all. She just had to stop spending Celeana's inheritance, okay?
  10. [1837/1838][EN] Queens do not condone failure

    The woman shook her head, chuckling. "It is fine, my love. You seemed a bit far away, though". As if something was bothering him. She smiled lovingly at her husband when he touched her hand, a gesture of comfort. It wasn't something seriously bad. Not much to worry about. Except for Elena's expenses. It took every ounce of self control for Celeana to keep her face straight. That spoiled, little bitch. Now that she was away from home, no longer having house arrest, she'd thought she could spend money as f it was nothing. Celeana's money, her future child's money. Was this the girl's way to show Celeana she would inherit everything, in case something happened to Raphael? Well, little girl. That was not going to happen. "Are you sure it's not that bad?", Celeana asked casually, taking a sip from her tea. "Of course, I don't want to deny the girl anything. She deserves a good life and she does need to be presentable". Always start with a compliment, that had usually worked so far. She sighed, as if she was debating if she should speak her mind or not. As a dutiful wife, she wouldn't want to interfere with Raphael and his daughter or his money. "Are you sure she will tire of it soon?". Celeana did not think so, because Elena was a spoiled brat. A spoiled brat that spend money as if it was nothing at all. If she would do that for the years t come, nothing would be left for any of them. She had to bring that carefully, though. To not raise suspicion from Raphael that she was greedy herself. "I am sure it's just a phase. She had a tough summer". Which was Elena's own fault, of course. Celeana had nothing to do with that, ahum. "Though I am not sure if it's a good thing to just let her", she said carefully. "After she was grounded for a reason. If she keeps spending money like this, it seems like she is rewarding her own behavior". She looked at her husband with a smile. "What if we put a stop to it now? To show her the boundaries. And if her grades are good enough when Christmas is here, we can take her shopping for the entire day and buy her things that she wants as a reward, hm?". For a moment Celeana wondered how far she could take that. "Look, I don't want to interfere with your money business or Elena. I know she can be a lovely girl, but she needs to be taught to handle money. Soon, she will have the age to look for a proper match. Men usually don't want a wife that spends their money like it is nothing. She needs to be educated, starting to see the value of money. It's for her best interest, for her future". She reached out to her husband, squeezing his hand softly. "No matter what has happened, I do want the best for your little girl, because she deserves the best. It's truly okay if she spends money now and then, but if she keeps doing that and not tire of it, there will be nothing left to secure her future". And her own future and that of her future child. She would not accept that, not in a lifetime.
  11. [1837/1838] Mirror, Mirror on the wall

    Een glimlach kond e vrouw niet onderdrukken, terwijl Audrey terug de kleedkamer in ging. "Dat klopt. Onze eerste KErstmis als een echt gezin". Inclusief Elena, die ze liever zag vertrekken naar haar moeder. Of misschien bleef ze wel op Zweinstein als 'protest' naar Raphael toe. Ze kon zich niet voorstellen dat het meisje haar vader al had vergeven dat ze huisarrest had tijdens de gehele zomer. Celeana had stiekem genoten van de ellende van het meisje, al hield ze dat zorgvuldig verborgen. Voor Elena zou het alleen nog maar erger worden. Daar zou Celeana zelf wel voor zorgen. De brunette wierp een kritische blik op de jurk. Ja, de hals was diep uitgesneden, misschien een beetje te diep voor Celeana's smaak. Echter was de jurk wel prachtig. Nu Audrey haar uiterlijk had aangenomen kon ze des te beter beoordelen of iets goed bij haar paste of niet. "Hm, als de hals wat minder diep was, dan zou ik mijn keuze al gemaakt hebben". Ze klakte met haar tong. Ze had een reputatie hoog te houden en wilde zeker niet voor de dag komen als ordinair. Zeker niet als Elena ook aanwezig zou zijn, want ze gunde het meisje geen enkele munitie om haar vader te manipuleren en zich te laten keren tegen zijn eigen vrouw. "Ik neem aan dat ze de hals wel kunnen aanpassen. Tenslotte hebben ze nog enkele weken voor ik de jurk daadwerkelijk nodig heb". Ze glimlachte naar haar evenbeeld. "En ik vind jouw idee wel aanlokkelijk, eigenlijk. Ik kan merken dat je er verstand van hebt". Ja, dat was een oprecht compliment. "Oh, ik ben enkele keren met mijn man bij een voorstelling geweest! Nu je het zegt heb ik je volgens mij wel gezien". Ze schudde lachend haar hoofd. "Had jij ook niet de hoofdrol in het laatste stuk? Ik had je bijna niet herkent vanwege de kostuums". De naam van de jongedame had geen belletje doen rinkelen bij Celeana, aangezien ze ook niet echt op de namen van de acteurs en actrices had gelet. Sorry, Audrey. "Raphael moet zeer tevreden over je zijn als je zo vaak de hoofdrol krijgt", complimenteerde ze haar kloon. "Goed, nog een laatste jurk, want ik heb er twee nodig. Kan ik je daarna uitnodigen voor een lunch? Dat is wel het minste wat ik je verschuldigd ben. Kun je me gelijk meer vertellen over je werk als actrice, want het moet wel een heel interessant vak zijn. Wat denk je er van?".
  12. [1837/1838] Mirror, Mirror on the wall

    Toegegeven, de gave van Audrey was erg handig. Nu kon Celeana eindelijk eens in 3D zien hoe jurken haar stonden in plaats van via een spiegel. Spiegels konden je toch net wat dikker maken en als Celeana iets verschrikkelijk vond, dan was dat het wel. Ze lette goed op haar figuur, op haar uiterlijk. Het had haar omhoog geholpen en nu was ze nota bene de vrouw van een bekende theatereigenaar. De brunette hield overigens oprecht van haar man. De laatste maanden waren 'heftig' geweest en hij had zo lief voor haar gezorgd. Ze kwam absoluut niets te kort en ze was simpelweg voor hem gevallen. Dat nam echter niet weg dat ze haar ultieme doel nog niet bereikt had. Elena zat dan wel op Zweinstein, maar ze stond Celeana nog altijd in de weg. De vrouw maakte zich geen zorgen. Zo langzamerhand begon Raphael zijn dochter aardig zat te worden en ooit zou dat toch een kookpunt bereiken. Tot die tijd genoot ze van alle luxe die ze had. Zoals nieuwe jurken aanschaffen. Kerst was pas over twee maanden, maar ze kon maar beter op tijd zijn. "Hm... Ik weet het niet..". De gave van Audrey was handig, maar ook eh.. heel raar. Het was vreemd om een identieke kloon van haarzelf te zien. "Ja, ik denk toch dat je gelijk hebt", zei ze na een paar seconden. Gelukkig had de jongere vrouw verstand van mode, anders had Celeana nooit om haar hulp gevraagd. Uiteraard wilde ze de mooiste en best passende jurk. Ze wilde indruk blijven maken op haar man. en oké, ze wilde gewoon Elena dwars zitten. Haar lieftallige stiefdochter moest haar plek weten. Zij, Celeana, was nu de koningin van huize King en Elena was een verwende prinses die de titel niet eens verdiende. Als Celeana op een dag zelf een dochter had, hoopte ze, dan zou ze ook alles op alles zetten om haar eigen kind op de zogenaamde troon te krijgen. "Zwart is chique, maar het is ook zo... rouwig". De vrouw tikte met het puntje van haar schoen op de grond terwijl ze nadacht over andere kleuren. "Het is voor Kerst, dus misschien donkerrood? Misschien met een gouden decoratie. Of zou dat té gewaagd zijn?". Waarschijnlijk wel, maar dat nam niet weg dat Celeana haarzelf wel eens wilde zien in iets gewaagds. Ze kon maar beter gebruik maken van de gave nu ze Audrey bij zich had. "Wat voor werk doe je ook weer precies in het theater?", vroeg ze ondertussen terwijl ze gebaarde dat Audrey een rondje moest draaien.
  13. [1837/1838][EN] Queens do not condone failure

    It was nice to have the house for herself again, together with her husband of course. After her so called miscarriage, Elena had been a hell of a lot of trouble. Of course, she had denied ruining Celeana's wedding dress. Celeana had not been there when Raphael confronted her, but whatever the girl had said must have really upset Raphael. He grounded his little princess for the rest of the summer. Sure, Celeana was happy with how it had all worked out. Father and daughter were starting to drift apart, just as she had planned. But really, couldn't he have send her to her mother? That girl had been impossible, ruining everything. Celeana was so happy when Elena returned to school, she wanted to scream with joy. She didn't, by the way. She said goodbye to the girl, like the loving stepmother she was. Not that Elena appreciated it, but no one could say Celeana did not try to do her very best with Elena. After the girl had left, there had been more time for Raphael and Celeana to enjoy each other, to deal with heir 'loss'. Things had gone better after that. She enjoyed running the household, being a socialite, being the rich wife. Soon she would be a rich mother too, she hoped. With Elena out of the way for another year, surely they would have a lot of chances. Hopefully, the girl would stay at school during the holidays. That way the brunette had an entire year to influence her husband's opinion about his little girl. "Good morning", the woman replied cheerfully. She kissed her husband back. She smiled at him. "No, you did not. I hope you managed to solve the little emergency?". She had always showed interest in his work and this was one of a few parts that wasn't an act. "Was everything alright at the theatre?", she asked, while she poured him and herself a cup of tea. When she did not get a reply, she looked up at him. Frowning, she set down the teapot. "My love?", she asked, a bit worried. "Is everything alright?". He looked.. not happy. She did not like to see him like that, even though she sometimes was the reason he looked like that. Of course, he did not know it was her. But even with all those acts and her schemes, she liked to make her husband happy. "Bad news?", she asked while nodding towards the paper in his hands. Please, don't let it be Elena being suspended and on her way home or something like that. That would surely ruin her day.
  14. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    "True", Celeana replied shortly. Of course, the little brat needed a new necklace with that. Probably some ear rings and bracelets as well. It would most likely take the girl ages to find something 'suitable', just to annoy her soon-to-be-stepmother. The woman was already surprised Elena agreed with the waistband so easily. Maybe too easily. The brunette eyed the girl, but managed to hide her suspicion. She didn't trust that girl, especially when she agreed with Celeana so easily. "We will find all the right accessories for you. Don't worry", the woman said sweetly. But dear Merlin, they did not have all day! "Hm..". With a thoughtful look, Celeana stepped closer to Elena and adjusted the dress a bit. "Yes, I have to admit it would look very well". Celeana had a taste of style and she couldn't deny the girl finally picked a good dress. And would you believe it? Elena already had the perfect shoes for that dress! That saved them one store and probably an hour of time. A long, torturing hour of shopping with this girl. The bride smiled happily. "Yes, that dress would suit you perfectly. You would look like a beautiful princess". But Celeana herself would be the queen, thank you very much. Even the waistband with gems and all the jewels in the world wouldn't make Elena a queen. Not for as long as Celeana was here. "Come on, try it on", she told the girl with a bit of enthusiasm. Soon she would be able to pick up her wedding dress. Then she could return home to Raphael and hopefully have some time with him. She really needed some attention after this day with his daughter. It was exhausting, you know. "Try it on with the waistband. I can't wait to see that dress on you!". And to get out of here. Really, they finally agreed on a nice dress and they would have to take that opportunity before the brat started to act out again. Otherwise they would never leave this store.
  15. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    She as trying? Of course, Celeana did not agree with that. Elena was trying to sabotage everything, including dress fitting. The woman smiled sweetly at the girl. "Yes, as long as it soft pink it will fit in with everything else", she said. It was a generous offer and Elena could better take it. It was the only concession she would make towards her soon-to-be-stepdaughter. But of course, it was all too plain. Celeana sighed, already tired of the girl's complaining. "I'm sure they can add some stuff to the dress to make it less plain", she answered stiffly. She turned to the woman. "Do you have a waistband or anything that fits with the dress? Maybe with gems?". The woman seemed to be happy to have something today and immediately rushed away to collect a few items. While they had to wait for the woman to return, Celeana joined Elena in searching for a dress. "So, what would be your perfect dress then?", she asked nicely, though she was getting more irritated by the minute. She really wished Raphael was here to see how obnoxious his daughter was. Really, couldn't he see through his little girl? She would have to point that out carefully. Maybe mentioning the staff in this store were a bit embarrassed by her behavior. The lady that was helping them looked a bit uncomfortable before she went out to collect waistbands, after all. Speaking of the devil. "Oh, excellent!", the brunette exclaimed when the lady returned. "Look, Elena. Those gemstone waistbands would surely make your dress less plain, don't you think? And with the right jewelry you would look absolutely stunning". Not as stunning as the bride, of course. "You think you can make a decision now?". She still had her wedding dress to pick up before the store closed, okay?