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  1. [1836/1837][EN][15+]It's getting less and less a fairytale

    Yes, it was awful. It had been awful to pretend she was pregnant, to lure him into a marriage. It was awful to pretend she was making so much effort of trying to get Elena to like her. It was even more awful she pretended a miscarriage. What person lied about such things? But Celeana had been desperate and she had gone so far with her lies, that there wasn't another way out. She genuinely cared for Raphael, she really thought she could love him. Maybe a part of her already did, because he was so good to her. He gave her everything she had always wanted; attention, a good life, everything. She honestly felt bad she had to hurt him this way. It had been a shock for him, her 'pregnancy'. But he had accepted and loved it immediately. And now she took it all away again, while in truth it never had been there. Raphael set down next to her and Celeana allowed herself to be pulled into his arms. Her head was resting against his chest while she cried. It felt good to cry, though in secret she had different reasons to cry. It was a moment of relief and release. Raphael would stay with her, his actions already told her that. He didn't blame her, he actually said she had nothing to be forgiven for. She had everything to be forgiven for, but he would never know. She had lied and schemed her way into his life, destroyed a part of that also. He truly had wanted that child, she realized. It made her feel conflicted. All those lies had been necessary or she would have lost everything. At first that had been her sole purpose and goal. Now, a part of her, truly felt guilty and regretted she had done it. Though, if she had to do it all over again, she would have done exactly the same. "It is my fault", she whispered. It was her fault he felt do bad, that he went through a fase of grief while he didn't even know there wasn't anything to grieve about. "The Healer said it was probably stress. He asked me if I had rested enough lately, but I didn't. I was so busy with the wedding arrangements and Elena...". She sobbed softly again. "I was focused on our wedding, because I wanted it to be perfect. I put so much effort in trying to get Elena to like me, but instead she did something terrible". Celeana pulled her knees up, hugging herself. "And I let it get to me, so I got badly worried and stressed out that I lost our baby". The brunette shook her head and let all of her frustration and sadness out. Because she really regretted she hadn't had a child of her own. She wanted one so badly. It was the only thing left she wanted. Well, that, and Elena gone. "I wanted my baby so badly", she cried, heartbroken, while she leaned into her husband again. And with that, hopefully, she had planted the first seed.
  2. 15+ Warning >> (fake) pregnancy & (fake) miscarriage June 1837 Besides making her first husband sick, which had ended in his death, Celeana had never been doing anything so risky as she was about to do now. It was dangerous and risky and if anyone found out it was all a ruse, she would lose everything. She was Mrs. King now, happily married, happily pregnant. Although, not so much pregnant. Even if she did truly get pregnant now, it would be too late. Raphael would find out something was wrong. She had no more time left and had no other choice than to act. So, for the last week, Celeana had faked a slight illness. She had been more tired than usual, but happily announced it was because of the pregnancy. No, Raphael certainly did not need to stay home. He had business to attend to. It didn't matter it was so short after the wedding. They weren't going on honeymoon in her condition anyway. She would take things easy, spend time with Elena and wait eagerly for his return. That being said and done, Raphael had left for a weekend of business. Elena had been just as obnoxious as usual, but Celeana wouldn't let it get the better of her. She smiled, tried her best to be nice to the girl, but in secret had it all planned out. Hopefully, after this weekend, the first damage between father and daughter was done. So, the second night, Celeana did what she had to do. She had her period, which was the best timing ever. She made sure she had a nightgown covered in blood, took a potion to make her sick, but nothing dangerous. That night, she summoned a servant while she cried as if she was heartbroken. The servant helped her clean Celeana up, replacing the sheets of her bed. She summoned for a Healer, one that Celeana had recommended. The man was a lousy Healer, but liked to believe he was the best. He had been the perfect target, since he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between her period and a miscarriage. His cure wasn't all that better either. She was supposed to stay in bed and the servants needed to take care of her properly. Everything would be fine. Of course she would be fine. She just was a bit sick, nothing that couldn't be healed. She no longer had to fake a pregnancy, she just had to fake the grieve and trauma. Besides, Raphael had already married her and seemed to be genuinely fond of her. There was no way he would get out of this marriage now. Her position was secure even now. And one day she wouldn't need to fake she was expecting his heir. The servant was told to not mention it to anyone. Hardly anyone had known she had been 'pregnant'. The woman was only allowed to tell Raphael when he returned home. She couldn't even mention it to Elena, because the girl hadn't known anything and she didn't want to worry her. How thoughtful and protective she was of her stepdaughter. When Raphael finally returned home, Celeana had been in bed all day. She even managed to feel truly depressed, because she still missed that one thing in her life. She wanted a child of her own so badly, not a spoiled brat like her stepdaughter. Not only that, lying in bed all day made her worry. Raphael had married her because she had been pregnant. When she had planned all this, she had felt secure and safe. Now she had talked herself crazy. What f Raphael did not want her anymore and would have their marriage annulled? When she heard Raphael had returned, Celeana was truly crying. It was the best dramatic effect ever, because when her husband entered the bedroom, he truly saw an emotional hurting and sick wife. "I'm sorry", she whispered. "I... I didn't mean to". And that was the truth. She hadn't meant to lie, but the situation had called for it. She had been desperate and this was the end result. And a part of her feared she would lose everything now. "He's..She's..". She choked on her words. "It's gone. Please, forgive me". OOC: Private <3
  3. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    "True", Celeana replied shortly. Of course, the little brat needed a new necklace with that. Probably some ear rings and bracelets as well. It would most likely take the girl ages to find something 'suitable', just to annoy her soon-to-be-stepmother. The woman was already surprised Elena agreed with the waistband so easily. Maybe too easily. The brunette eyed the girl, but managed to hide her suspicion. She didn't trust that girl, especially when she agreed with Celeana so easily. "We will find all the right accessories for you. Don't worry", the woman said sweetly. But dear Merlin, they did not have all day! "Hm..". With a thoughtful look, Celeana stepped closer to Elena and adjusted the dress a bit. "Yes, I have to admit it would look very well". Celeana had a taste of style and she couldn't deny the girl finally picked a good dress. And would you believe it? Elena already had the perfect shoes for that dress! That saved them one store and probably an hour of time. A long, torturing hour of shopping with this girl. The bride smiled happily. "Yes, that dress would suit you perfectly. You would look like a beautiful princess". But Celeana herself would be the queen, thank you very much. Even the waistband with gems and all the jewels in the world wouldn't make Elena a queen. Not for as long as Celeana was here. "Come on, try it on", she told the girl with a bit of enthusiasm. Soon she would be able to pick up her wedding dress. Then she could return home to Raphael and hopefully have some time with him. She really needed some attention after this day with his daughter. It was exhausting, you know. "Try it on with the waistband. I can't wait to see that dress on you!". And to get out of here. Really, they finally agreed on a nice dress and they would have to take that opportunity before the brat started to act out again. Otherwise they would never leave this store.
  4. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    She as trying? Of course, Celeana did not agree with that. Elena was trying to sabotage everything, including dress fitting. The woman smiled sweetly at the girl. "Yes, as long as it soft pink it will fit in with everything else", she said. It was a generous offer and Elena could better take it. It was the only concession she would make towards her soon-to-be-stepdaughter. But of course, it was all too plain. Celeana sighed, already tired of the girl's complaining. "I'm sure they can add some stuff to the dress to make it less plain", she answered stiffly. She turned to the woman. "Do you have a waistband or anything that fits with the dress? Maybe with gems?". The woman seemed to be happy to have something today and immediately rushed away to collect a few items. While they had to wait for the woman to return, Celeana joined Elena in searching for a dress. "So, what would be your perfect dress then?", she asked nicely, though she was getting more irritated by the minute. She really wished Raphael was here to see how obnoxious his daughter was. Really, couldn't he see through his little girl? She would have to point that out carefully. Maybe mentioning the staff in this store were a bit embarrassed by her behavior. The lady that was helping them looked a bit uncomfortable before she went out to collect waistbands, after all. Speaking of the devil. "Oh, excellent!", the brunette exclaimed when the lady returned. "Look, Elena. Those gemstone waistbands would surely make your dress less plain, don't you think? And with the right jewelry you would look absolutely stunning". Not as stunning as the bride, of course. "You think you can make a decision now?". She still had her wedding dress to pick up before the store closed, okay?
  5. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    Celeana raised her eyebrows. “There is no need for you to snap at me, girl. I’m sure you are aware, but I am trying my best to help you”. She shot a look of apology towards the woman from the store. “Please, forgive her. With the wedding in a few days, we’re all a bit stressed out, I’m afraid”, she sighed. She handed over the dress to Elena. “Then you can add a pink ribbon in your hair or something”, Celeana said firmly. “I don’t know why you have to be so difficult. We don’t have all day if you still want to shop for shoes and accessories as well”. The woman was losing her patience, though she tried her very best not to show it. Ugh, this child was horrible. Too shiny, too plain. Pink ribbon or blue. Or maybe another color dress? Celeana was sure all those things would come up at least once today. No matter what dress she would pick for Elena, the girl would never accept it. But this was Celeana’s wedding, not Elena’s. The brunette was going to decide which dress this little brat was going to wear. If she was going to be difficult, then so would Celeana be. “You can try on that dress, but you won’t be wearing it during the wedding”, the woman said sternly. “That one will not do unless you wear a bow”. Which Elena did not want either. The woman smiled at the girl. “How about a pink dress, then? Would that be good enough for you, Miss King?”.
  6. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    The sarcasm of this child was annoying as hell. Celeana pressed her lips together, forcing herself to keep her composure instead of snapping at Elena. She wasn’t out shopping with this brat just for fun, you know. She was out shopping with her to make sure she wouldn’t sabotage anything. However, she was sabotaging Celeana’s patience. It became more difficult by the hour to bite her tongue and keep from yelling at this girl. The only thing that kept her from doing so was Raphael. If he found out she had been rude or mean towards his daughter, it could ruin everything. She had to be careful, slowly sabotaging the relationship between father and daughter. Raphael had already seen how rude his little girl could be, Celeana should play on that. She should plant seeds of distrust between them and snapping to Elena wouldn’t help. “I doubt it, sweetie. I have years of experience when it comes to fashion and shopping. You must look your best and I can help you with that. Your looks are important, you know. One day, your father must find a good match for you. Men do want a fashionable lady by their sides, you know. It’s a part of your status”. And she would make sure Elena would never find a great match. One day, she would have her own daughter and then she would find the best match there was. Elena would be long gone by then, forgotten and disowned. Well, if everything played out very well. It might take a year or two, but she would get there. Celeana never gave up. The woman smiled, not giving in towards the challenging look of Elena. “Silk would suit you fine, dear”, she complimented the girl. “But we don’t want the dress to be too boring. What is your favorite color? Maybe we could add a ribbon or something somewhere”. She looked at the girl with a thoughtful look and then turned towards the amount of dresses. She searched for a cream colored, silk dress and showed it. “This one”. Surely, there would be something wrong with it, because Celeana did not think Elena would give in this easily. She would look for things that were wrong with any dress. Celeana handed the dress over towards the lady of the shop. “Will you be so kind and help the child into this dress? I’d like to see it on her”. Secretly she hoped Elena would defy that decision. Then Celeana could tell her almost-husband how rude his daughter had been in the shop. And she would have witnesses also.
  7. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    The whole trip back home, Elena seemed to have accepted the fact she would not win. At least not today. Celeana was satisfied she could show Raphael she really tried her best to accept Elena. The girl did not have to call her mom, please no. The girl had to go, somehow, somewhere. But she would need to be subtle about it. She needed to break the bond between the girl and her father and that wouldn't be easy. She had charmed Raphael more than she could have imagined, but she hadn't charmed him enough to ditch his daughter for her. One day, that moment would come and then she would get rid of the stupid girl. But first she had to survive shopping with the brat. Celeana made sure she had her smile at the ready. Even without Raphael there, no one would be able to say she did not try to make things work between Elena and her. The woman raised an eyebrow, but smiled sweetly. "No, dear. Spending money is not new for me. I do own a lot of money myself, you know". Not true, anymore, but that was besides the point. Raphael hadn't asked about her fortune yet. She had said she would use her money on the wedding and baby room. Would save them a lot of trouble getting her money inside his vault. Also saved her an explanation on why she wasn't that rich. Saved Raphael the suspicion of her being after his money too. All win-win. "We go to that store first. They have the most exclusive dresses and the latest fashion. You will look lovely in one of their dresses". Celeana walked towards the store with Elena behind her. She opened the door and let the girl go first. "So why don't you tell this lady here what kind of dress you would like? Once we've found your dress, we will go shoe shopping". How fun.
  8. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    Celeana smiled, only just a tiny bit smug, when Raphael told his daughter the wedding would not be postponed. Of course, she made sure Raphael did not see it, which was easy while she leaned her head against his shoulder. So, dear Elena, the wedding was not off and no matter what you would do, it would not work. The woman narrowed her eyes a bit, wondering what this girl would do to try and sabotage the wedding. Saying she had little time did sound a bit ominous. Which was why she wanted to keep an eye on the girl for the next couple of days. So, when Raphael mentioned shopping, that was a perfect opportunity. “That would be a great idea”, Celeana exclaimed happily. “We will go together then. It would be the perfect opportunity to get to know each other. I need to go pick up my wedding dress anyway”. Of course, she could have a servant do that, but that dress was way too important to leave in the hands of a servant. She wanted to do that herself to be sure nothing would go wrong. And this way she could make sure Elena picked out a perfect dress and not an ugly one just to torment Celeana. It had to fit with the style of the wedding decorations, of course, and she would not let that little girl ruin her perfect day, the day her life would change for the better. “So, what do you think, Elena? It will be fun tomorrow, right? We will buy you a beautiful dress and some shoes and we could get lunch together. You think you can do that?”.
  9. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    Her few tears had the desired effect. Elena was scolded, again. It was a miracle Raphael hadn't grounded his daughter yet. If Celeana's daughter would have behaved like this she would have grounded her for the rest of the holidays. Probably not, because her own daughter would be her little princess, but that was completely besides the point. "I am not blaming you for anything, sweetie", Celeana responded. By the way, sweet Elena, those tears were very real! Although for fake reasons, but that's just a detail. With a small smile, Celeana leaned into Elena and patted her hand. "I know it's a big change, honey, but we have already arranged everything. The wedding is in three days, we can't cancel it now. Besides, we will have all summer to get to know each other. And of course, you will have time to spend with your father alone. I'm not taking your dad away from you". She was going to take Elena away from Raphael. Somehow. she just hadn't worked it out properly. She shared a look with Raphael, wondering if they should tell Elena about the real reason they would get married so quickly. She shrugged lightly, a sign it might be better if the girl knew. Then she would at least know for sure there was no way Celeana or Raphael would cancel the wedding. "And we are truly happy together, I can promise you that. And since we are so happy, why not marry? It feels good. Do you wish to ruin that for us? For your father?".
  10. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    Oh, how much she wanted to rip that girl's tongue out! She was everything Celeana hated. Shocked, Celeana stared at Elena, while in truth she would have wanted to throw the child out of the carriage. How did she dare to speak to her this way?! This was outrageous! Elena was right, in a way, because Celeana was after his money, but.. Not only that. It had been her main reason, yes, but she truly liked Raphael and was very fond of him. Secretly she hoped that one day she could find that happiness with him, she had been searching for so long. The happiness she hadn't found with her former husband. But before that could happen, she would have to make sure she got everything she needed and that no one would find out about her lies. Like the fake pregnancy for example. But that issue would be solved soon enough. Raphael scolded the young girl, told her to apologize, but Elena refused. Celeana shot an embarrassing look at her fiancée, wondering what to do. Maybe it was time for a few tears. "I.. We..", she stuttered, managing to produce a few tears. She took a deep breath, wiped away the few tears as if she wanted to be strong. "I'm sorry you see things like this, Elena", she said, her voice a bit shaky. "I can assure you I am not after your father's money. And to be fair, I truly care for him". She smiled. "And it was actually his idea to get married. On my birthday. It was sudden, but a perfect moment nonetheless". Stabbing Elena in the back a bit? Yes, she was. "We are getting married in three days, my dear. There is nothing you can do about it. I am willing to do my very best to take good care of you too, but it goes both ways". She smiled, but it was a bit forced. She was losing her patience. "I don't know what I have done to deserve this, but I am asking you to give me a chance". Or go running back to your mother, getting away from here and out of Celeana's way. That would be perfect. "Could you at least show a bit more respect towards your father and not insult his soon-to-be-wife all the time? He does deserve to be happy and he is, just as happy as I am with him. Would you want to ruin that?".
  11. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    It pleased Celeana that Raphael stood up for her, but instead of looking smug she was looking a bit hurt and sad. Thank Merlin she could blame her fake hormones. Maybe, if Elena kept acting like this, Celeana could even conjure up a few tears. That would usually do the trick as well. Elena quickly curtsied back, though it was with a lot of difficulty. Afterwards she had to point out that she hadn't heard anything about her father's new fiancée. Yes, well, at first she hadn't known about Elena as well. It was only after she had announced she was 'pregnant' that this obnoxious girl existed. Unfortunately. If it was up to Celeana she would have send the girl away to her mother here and now, but it wasn't up to her. Not yet. "Yes, well..". Celeana had the decency to look a bit uncomfortable. "It all went rather fast eh... ". As far as she knew, they hadn't told Elena anything about the baby. "But I really do care about your father and I can promise you I will be a good wife for him". And now, could she just simply accept it and not act like a little bitch? Because Celeana was getting agitated more and more because of Elena's comments. Even a blind person could see or a deaf person could hear what Elena was trying to do. The girl was not willing to accept her new mother and she liked to show it. "We did invite you over for a weekend, dear. Unfortunately you couldn't come", the brunette said sweetly. Elena hadn't wanted to come, but that was not Celeana's problem. She really showed Raphael here she did her best, but that his own daughter was not willing to accept the marriage. And the comments kept coming. Celeana bit her tongue to keep her temper hidden, deciding not to speak for a moment. It gave Raphael the chance to, once again, tell Elena off. Or actually, he snapped at her. Good. The bitch deserved it. She squeezed Raphael's arm softly, showing him her support. "Elena, please", she said with a sigh. "I am really trying here", she said after the final comment. The woman was so tempted to strangle the girl right here and now. "I know this must be a huge change for you, but there is no reason for you to be mean to me". Celeana stepped into the carriage first, before she let Elena enter. Pregnant ladies first, okay? Raphael joined last and gave the signal to leave. "Could you please give it a chance so we can get to know each other? That wouldn't be so bad now, would it? We are going to be a family and we both want your dad happy". She smiled at Raphael, resting her head on his shoulder lightly, mostly to piss off Elena a bit more. Two could play this game, little girl. But Celeana would win in the end.
  12. [1837/1838][EN] You've got shame in your eye

    Celeana was not the servant! She seethed from the inside when Elena acted like the little, spoiled brat she was. However, the woman kept a friendly smile on her face while she moved closer to Raphael and Elena. In a few days time she would be his wife and then Elena had no other choice than to accept her. Almost everything was arranged, except for a few last alterations. It had been a stressful month. She had to arrange her wedding day, keep up the illusion of her being pregnant, worried about Elena getting in the way. She was tired, but satisfied. Soon everything would be alright. Soon she would have nothing to worry about. Except Elena. She had even found the perfect solution for her fake pregnancy, because unfortunately it still wasn't true. All in due time. First the wedding, then the drama. The brunette laughed, ignoring the fact that Elena looked too smug, knowing very well Celeana wasn't the servant. "Oh, you have a good sense of humor, my dear". She smiled warmly. "You must be Elena. I've heard a lot about you". The woman curtsied for the girl. She smiled at Raphael, reaching out for him so she could hook her arm in his. "Only good things, though". She chuckled. "Your father told me you've passed your exams. Congratulations, dear". She looked like a proud stepmother-to-be, but in truth she already hated this girl. This obnoxious, little brat that was her rival. Who would inherit everything in case something happened to Raphael. Surely, the way she acted now, the girl wouldn't even consider sharing with Celeana. Still, the woman tried to make amends, hoping she could flatter the girl. If she was in control over the girl, she could make her do everything she said. There were more ways to get her hands on things she wanted. Besides, she wanted Raphael to see she did her very best, but that Elena wasn't the one who cooperated. That would surely do well for their father-daughter relationship. "But you are right, the carriage is awaiting. Why don't we step in and talk on the way home? Your father told me you are in my old House and I would love to hear the stories of how it is now". She gestured towards the carriage. "Shall we?".
  13. [1836/1837][EN]But then there was a twist in this fairytale

    A big wedding would have been great. Lots of people witnessing she had found an excellent match. Unfortunately, there was her so-called condition. "I think it's better to keep it small", she admitted. "We will have to arrange it soon, because I do not wish to let anyone suspect I'm carrying your child before the wedding. A small wedding will be easier to arrange faster". And hopefully she would be able to get pregnant for real soon, so no one, not even Raphael, questioned her 'condition'. And then there was his daughter. She did not know Elena at all, but she didn't want to take the risk the girl could change her father's mind. Too much was at stake here. "Well, after her exams is soon enough. She and I could go shopping for a dress. I'm sure she will look lovely!". Of course she would, but Celeana would look way better, of course. She would be the centre of attention that day, not the little brat. "Maybe she can help me with a few things, like picking out the flowers and cake. Unless you want to decide, of course?". Yes, when Elena was here she would drag the girl with her and have her arrange her own father's wedding. Just so Celeana could keep an eye on her and show Raphael she did everything to accept the girl. She could get to know her, find her weaknesses and use it against her. Hopefully, she would be able to get Elena send to her mother, wherever that woman was. Celeana sighed happily. "I must say I did not expect my birthday to be like this, but it turned out for the better", she chuckled softly. "Hey... What f we had the wedding in the theatre? The theatre is a passion for the both of us. It would fit, right?".
  14. [1836/1837][EN]But then there was a twist in this fairytale

    Elana might not be pleased in the beginning. Hm, really? That was here problem, not Celeana's. Celeana didn't like the existence of the girl at all and she hadn't even seen her once. Elena would just have to accept the marriage, because there was no way Celeana would let a thirteen year old girl sabotage it. Thankfully, the girl was at Hogwarts, so she wouldn't have much time to sabotage it either. Celeana smiled at the thought. She wouldn't have to worry about that girl for now. She would just have to focus on the wedding and getting pregnant. Once she had a child of her own, she would think of a way to move her own child up as the sole heir of Raphael. All in good time. If the girl wasn't such a burden to Celeana, she might have appreciated the way Raphael talked about her. It was obvious that he was proud of her, which was a good sign. She just had to make sure he would be even more proud of their child, his true child. Once there was a child. The woman couldn't help but keeping thinking about that. She would have to find a way to realize her dream, to make it become real and time was already running out. There was no way she could tell Raphael she was pregnant for over a year. maybe she should look for a potion that helped nature a bit, making her ore fertile or something. Yes, she would look into that tomorrow. For now she had to deal with her competition. "I know", she sighed. "It's just... It's a bit much all at once". She smiled wanly. "I'm happy, I truly am, but my mind would only be at ease once everything has fallen into place". She leaned against him, relaxing for a moment. "Slytherin, hm? That's my former House. I would love to meet your daughter. Once she is passed the shock, I'm sure we will get along". She looked up at him when an idea popped up in her head. "Why don't we ask her teachers if she could come over for a weekend? Then we can get to know each other a little before the wedding. I do not wish t overwhelm her during the wedding day itself". She seemed excited about the idea, though she truly wasn't. She just wanted to check out her competition. A thirteen year old rival! "We could have a picnic or something if the weather allows it. Otherwise we can have dinner with just the three of us". Her eyes brightened while she pressed a soft kiss on his lips. "We could become a family already". Surely those words would sound magical to him. Wasn't she a wonderful fiancée? Wanting to take his daughter in her arms and accept her as her own? "Oh, I'm already looking forward to it. I can't wait to hear her stories about my former House!". And she couldn't wait to get rid of her young rival. If only she knew how.
  15. [1836/1837][EN]But then there was a twist in this fairytale

    It was like someone had thrown a bucket of ice water over her. Celeana stared at him, stunned for a moment and not able to speak. She'd thought she had known enough to go through with this plan, but now there was some ugly complication surfacing. A daughter, Raphael had a daughter already. A young girl that he had raised as his own, though she wasn't his biologically. She could not blame him for anything, not even for not telling her. They hadn't known each other very long yet and she had never considered to ask about children. He wasn't married, he was alone. Why would she have asked if he had any children? She'd never considered there might be an ex-wife. Divorcing wasn't just something people did a lot. Even if Celeana hadn't faked the pregnancy, she couldn't have backed out. She was almost broke, she needed a good match and it would have been difficult to find someone else on such a short term. But how would things go from now? Even if she truly got a child one day, Elena would still be the heir. It was obvious Raphael loved her or he would have send the girl back to her mother a long time ago. That girl, that little... Celeana took a deep breath. That girl could destroy everything Celeana worked so hard for. No matter how many children she and Raphael would have, Elena would always be the first. She couldn't help but feel jealous of this child she'd never met. She feared her own children would always have less than this unknown girl. What to do? How to deal with this? It was too much to figure out at this very moment. "Poor child", Celeana murmured. She managed to smile now that the first shock had passed. "And poor you. You didn't deserve the way your ex-wife treated you". She reached out to him, squeezed his hands gently. "I promise I would never do such a thing. I would never hurt you". Because there was too much at stake here. "Can you tell me more about the girl? Elena, wasn't it?". A child. Everything had went fine, but now her plans would be ruined by a child. That girl would be the princess and not Celeana's child. "What is she going to think of all this? All these changes will probably overwhelm the poor child". The woman bit her lip. "What if she doesn't like me? I don't want her to think I can replace her mother or something. Or that I'm stealing her father away from her". The brunette sighed, putting her head in her hands. "Raphael, how are we going to do this? I will be showing within weeks and I haven't even met Elena". Ugh, that name already disgusted her. "She doesn't even know I exist, let alone that I'm going to be her stepmom and that I will carry her baby brother or baby sister. I find it already difficult not to panic, because we have so much to arrange. How old is she, anyway? Do you think Elena can deal with this all?". Hopefully not and then she would go back to her mother, wherever that woman was. Although Celeana knew it would be way more difficult to get between Raphael and the girl. She would have to find a way, though. And soon.