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  1. [1837/1838][EN]I think it's time for something new

    Delano's gaze turned darker while he watched his wife. He grabbed his wife a little tighter while he thought about her words. He had divorced his first wife because she was not obedient en refused to give him an heir. Of course, he never thought of himself as the problem, not being able to produce sons. "You're sorry..", he said slowly. He took a deep breath, trying to control himself. "Well, we're only married for a few months. There is plenty of time". He smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. He had not a lot of time. He want to secure his place within the family and he wanted to do that as soon as possible. But what if Moraine truly could not have children? That would be a tremendous problem, one he could not fix very easily. He toyed with the thought of finding himself another new wife, but this time a woman that would test herself up front if she was able to carry children. He should talk about that option with his grandparents, of course. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go through all that trouble again, but he could check out what they would say about it. In the mean time he had to do something about Moraine. Bring her to a doctor or something. One that was not tied to his family, because if they would receive bad news, he did not want it known within his family or outside. A doctor that would keep his mouth shut. Money usually worked well and he had plenty of that. "Of course you can have children", he snapped eventually. Delano pushed his wife off his lap enad stood up. "You're part Foulkes-Davenport and all the Foulkes-Davenports have managed to conceive. If your mother wasn't so stupid to do what she wanted and had listened to the family, she too would have brought forth strong and good children". Even Cassy would have been magical and the girls brothers would have been a much better addition to the family. He stared at his wife, thinking, planning. "We will have to contact a doctor to see if he could improve your ability to have children. Maybe with a diet or something. I will look into it immediately here in Canada and make an appointment". He smiled again, touched her cheek softly. "And we, my love. We will have to try better". He grinned at her and his grin did not mean anything good. "I will cancel our plans for tonight and we will make a romantic night of it". Well, as romantic as Delano could ever be, but at least he would try. She needed to be at ease, relaxed and enjoy it. "Of course, you could play dress up for me. I would love to see how beautiful you could be. You will have to watch what you eat, because after we have our first child I would not want you to lose that pretty figure of yours". He chuckled. "So, what would you consider romantic, hm? What would you like to do tonight?".
  2. De Jaarlijkse Sikkelloterij!

    Delano Foulkes-Davenport - 5 loten voor hemzelf (he wants to win, okay?) , 1 lot voor @Moraine Foulkes-Davenport, 1 lot voor @Armand Foulkes-Davenport en diens vrouw
  3. [1837/1838][EN]I think it's time for something new

    December 1837 - Canada - During Christmas vacation This vacation Delano had taken Morraine with him to Canada, to his family. He did not particularly care if she wanted to, though. She should, of course, consider it an honor he was taking her to his home country. If everything went as he had planned, she would move her permanently after her graduation. She would be in charge of his household, as was her duty as a good wife. He had shown her the house he owned, the one she would eventually move in. He let her roam free when it came to this house, a privilege, considering she still managed to defy him on occasion. It annoyed him to no end, but maybe during those two weeks he could mold her into a obedient wife. She was far away from her own family and she did not know his siblings or parents. She had met them during Christmas dinner, but that was about it. Delano wasn't really fond of his family. He was the eldest, the heir and his siblings were just a burden. He was sure they would try to claim his position once his father would pass away and he would not allow it. He would stop them at all costs if he had to. All that meant he was in need of an heir. Sure, he gave his wife the freedom to finish school, because magic was an important aspect within the Foulkes-Davenport family. However, there had been other young ladies bearing children while still at school. He was married for some time now and he felt the pressure on him, on his wife. No one had mentioned anything, wondering when his parents would great their first grandchild or whatever, but he could feel it. He was sure they all looked at him expectantly. Side note of the writer: it was all between Delano's ears, but you probably had guessed that already, No, Delano was not happily married. His wife was still not as obedient as he wanted her to be and she still wasn't carrying his son. He had observed her, waiting for any signs, but there was nothing. Nothing to indicate she finally did what was expected from her. God knew he tried... A lot. That heir was important to him and once he wanted something, he would get it. So, he decided to confront his wife with it after Christmas. Maybe he was lucky and she just hadn't told him anything yet. Then he could proudly announce during the new year that he was going to be a father. He would be a good father too, he knew that for sure. "Sweetheart?". He smiled at her, almost genuine. Usually when he was this nice and sweet, there was something he wanted from her. He beckoned his wife towards him and pulled her onto his lap. "I was wondering... It seems like you are doing well at this Hogwarts of yours". He pressed a soft kiss in her neck, felt her warmth, smelled her lovely hair. "Everything is going well, besides your little temper tantrums now and then. I think it's time you need something more to do, don't you think?". He chuckled. "See it as a new challenge. You are my wife and people expect us to have an heir". His eyes narrowed slightly, usually a bad omen. "How come nothing has happened yet, hm? We both know we try. Can you explain that to me, my love?".
  4. IC Buitenwereld Mededelingen

    Moraine Kingston & Delano Foulkes-Davenport verzoeken uw aanwezigheid op hun bruiloft om deze feestelijke gelegenheid samen te vieren. Zaterdag 27 mei 1837, om 14:00 uur zullen ze elkaar eeuwige trouw beloven. (I was too lazy to think of names for Delano's parents..so I do not care if I had anounce the (grand)parents first, yo)
  5. [1836/1837][EN][15+]Never forget, never forgive

    His eyes darkened, threatening. Even now she dared to say she listened. Obviously, she didn't. If she would have listened to him all the time, there wouldn't be any arguments between them. Then he wouldn't need to discipline her. If he did not need to discipline her, her life would be a lot easier. Delano wondered what she was thinking, if she realized she really didn't have a choice. She would marry him, she would be his wife. Once she was his wife, he had complete control over her. He would decide what she could and could not do. He could give her everything or take everything away from her. It was up to her which it would be. And apparently she choose to lose everything. Delano had barely time to register her words, that she wanted to hurt him. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough time to react. He felt a terrible pain between his legs and he gasped for breath. He couldn't help but groan in pain, slightly falling to his knees while his hands tried to protect his manhood before Moraine decided to kick him again. The pain was almost unbearable and he even got tears in his eyes, much to his displeasure. He wasn't able to speak, but he did manage to reach out to her, grabbing her ankle and yanking it towards him so she fell on the ground. "You... Little.. Bitch", he gasped. "You're gonna pay for this", he hissed, his anger worse than ever. He grabbed his wand, pointing it at her with a malice look in his eyes. "Crucio".
  6. Zitten blijven en andere Zweinstein-dingen

    Elara gaat over, evenals Summer. Aelin gaat van Zweinstein (VTP) <3
  7. [1836/1837][EN][15+]Never forget, never forgive

    Delano didn´t even have to try to smile at this point. He just looked at Moraine, assessing her reaction when he mentioned her sister and the smile appeared without any effort. It seemed Cassy was a touchy subject. Good to know, because he could use that. Oh, he wasn´t going after Cassy and hurt her or anything. He wasn´t stupid enough to go up against his cousin. Irwin would not appreciate that and Delano did not want him more against him than Irwin already was. Besides, he wouldn´t want his grandparents against him either. He knew something was up between Irwin and them, but they hadn´t told him any details. Just that Irwin had to learn a lesson and Cassy was part of it. Delano was curious, but he stayed clear from it, for his own sake. However, he might actually just mention Cassy once in a while to Moraine, as a threat. He sighed, shaking his head with disappointment. "Actually, I made room in my schedule so I could spend the entire day with you". He grinned. "And night". He narrowed his eyes when she said it was pathetic. "Well, if you would just be the obedient wife I want you to be, I wouldn't have to be this... pathetic, as you call it". With the yelp earlier he wasn't satisfied, but still he stopped for now. "I hadn't known you had such a big mouth. For your own good I'm trying to...adjust your behavior a bit", he mused. IF she could just be obedient! Everything would be fine then. Unfortunately, her big mouth worked against her. He felt himself getting more frustrated every time she opened her mouth. It was almost as if she defied him willingly, which was madness. At the beginning she had been such a good, polite girl and he was sure he could get that girl back. She was just stressed out. The man walked towards her, grabbing her shoulders softly, but firmly enough so she couldn't move. "I have several curses I could try on you, see how you respond to that. Or..". He slipped his arms around her waist, pressing his chest against her back. He pressed his lips against his ear so he could whisper. "Or we could repeat the last time you were here? I liked you way better then and it's so much more fun than those curses and spells", he muttered. "I really don't want to hurt you, but when you act like this, you don't leave me any choice". And he truly was bothered by it, because he would like to leave his future wife unharmed. Discipline, however, was what she needed right now. "So enlighten me. How do I get you to listen to me? Care to share that secret with me?".
  8. [1836/1837][EN][15+]Never forget, never forgive

    15+ a bit of torture Delano started to laugh as if Moraine had told him a great joke. In a way, it was a joke. He wasn't so stupid to take away her wand, to take her away from a school that taught her magic. "Yes, you would love that, wouldn't you?". He was not going to grant her this wish. "But my reputation is your reputation now and I will be sure to keep that safe". He smiled, though it did not really reach his eyes. "It's already bad enough your sister is a Squib. If she wasn't, I would have probably picked her. She's so much more obedient, does exactly as I say. You should take an example to her, my love. I thought you would be a good wife, but it seems to me you still have a lot to learn. Sweet Cassy sure would be able to". He thought about that for a moment. Maybe it wasn't even that bad of an idea t invite Cassy over once in a while. Too bad he could not use her as leverage, but he really did not want to make an enemy out of his cousin. "Oh,but sweetie. It's not a game", he said, his smile fading. "I'm very serious. I gave you the opportunity to think of your own punishment". He sighed. Now he had to go through all that trouble himself. "You know, I gave you many chances to correct your behavior, but somehow you're infected by some late teenage puberty madness". Or whatever it was called these days. "He sat down in a chair, looking at his own wand and that of hers. "I wonder if grandmother knows", he muttered. Not that he was going to tell her. He could not go to his grandparents every time Moraine was a bit disobedient. Besides, that girl needed to learn who would own her after the wedding. She would be his and therefore he should be the one to punish her in the future. So why not start now? "You remember that night we got engaged, don't you?". Of course she had not forgotten that. How could she? It had changed her life for the better. "I was really impressed with how you did not scream once when my grandparents corrected your behavior". A small, a bit vicious smile, appeared in his face. "But I would love to hear you scream". He moved his wand gracefully, using the same spell his grandparents had, letting five carefully placed lashes land on her back. "Well? I can do this all day, but can you?".
  9. Bruiloftsplanner & ander hulp en personeel gezocht!

    Oh god... Dat wordt ruzie xD
  10. Bruiloftsplanner & ander hulp en personeel gezocht!

    Yelena kan de bruidstaart verzorgen <3 met of zonder topic^^
  11. Wish List Outflow: De positie van Afdelingshoofden

    Daar ben ik absoluut voor <3. Maar dat je dan eventueel wel gewoon 1 SH of 1 AH kan hebben en daarnaast een KO, indien we OOC mensen te kort komen xD Maar alleen als er dan geen andere mogelijkheid is of iets dergelijks. Of we trekken meer OOC mensen van de straat met 'JIJ GAAT NU MEE DOEN MET PP' #SanWeetHoeJeKlantenWerft
  12. [1836/1837][EN][15+]Never forget, never forgive

    His eyes narrowed when he noticed her tone of voice. She sounded way too defiant and he did not like it one bit. Delano felt the stuffed up anger rise, resisting the urge to lash out at her. It was almost as if she challenged him, as if she had not learned a thing from the last time. So, what was he going to do about it? Everything she had destroyed had already been fixed. That was another great thing about magic. At least he would not have to spend a ton of money to replace everything he had lost during her temper tantrum. With a simple spell it had all been repaired, but that was not the issue here. His things had been replaceable if needed. Her attitude, however, had to change drastically. She was too disobedient for his taste. But she was young, it could be fixed, just like his stuff. Delano raised his eyebrows and could not help but smirk at his fiancée. "Oh, but what I did was not wrong", he countered. "I mean, you did like it". Her body had showed him that, he was sure of it. He leaned in closer, slipping one arm around her waist and pulling her closer. "Or do I need to show you again how much you liked it? ", he teased softly, pressing a kiss on her cheek. He let her go, watching her wand again. "Such a shame you still need this for your education. If magic wasn't so important I would have snapped it and never allowed you to use any magic again", he sighed. Such a dilemma. Now he had to think of another punishment. "Actually, I had a few idea's", he admitted. He thought about it carefully, but then he had a better idea. "You know what? Entertain me". He grinned at her, looking at her with a challenging look in his eyes. "How would you have like me to punish you?". This was going to be fun.
  13. Admin werkgroep

    Indien nodig wil ik best helpen <3 Ik heb er ervaring mee en het is voor mij absoluut geen probleem als het tijdelijk is. Het is voor mij echter wel belangrijk dat dingen als sorteren wel gewoon door gaan <3
  14. Character matching: villain and innocent edition!

    Villain: Delano Foulkes-Davenport..no question about it Innocent: Summer Salisbury..for now..she's still only 11..or 12.. but hey <3 Alles kan kapot >D
  15. End Februari/Early Match in a weekend It had been a few weeks since Delano had last seen his lovely fiancée. He wasn't the type of man who would miss his future wife, or anyone for that matter. But he couldn't wait any longer to see Moraine. Not because he had missed her and wanted to see her, but because he had a score to settle with her. If she had thought she would get away with destroying half his house, she would be dead wrong. He hadn't forgotten the mess he had encountered a few weeks ago. He had made her his, thinking she had finally given in to him, but when he woke up, half his house was destroyed. His mirrors, artwork, expensive, breakable stuff. It had all been shattered and Moraine had been gone, Of course, Delano had no idea what he had done to deserve it, but he did know she was going to pay for it in some way. And he didn't mean money. Fortunately for him, there was no way Moraine could keep away from him, even though she was at Hogwarts all the time. She still had her own wedding to arrange and that required an occasional visit to his grandparents now and then. So he had waited patiently, or as patient as he could be. If had been a week longer he would have barged in at Hogwarts to drag her back to his place anyway. he had told his grandparents it would be an honor if he could pick her up in Hogsmead instead of them. He wanted to spend some time with his bride and they could arrange the thank-you cards by themselves. Of course, if they could not handle it, they would not hesitate to ask them for their help. Since his grandmother agreed, it was Delano who was waiting for Moraine instead of his grandmother. he smirked at her when he saw her, leaning with his back against a wall, his arms crossed in front of his chest. "Well, hello there, my love". He walked towards her and grabbed her hand. "How wonderful to see you again". He pressed a soft kiss on the back of her hand and then Disapparated without a warning. Inside his living room they landed, as they had the last time. Back then, he hadn't been very happy with her as well in the beginning. The staff was out and about, doing whatever they had to do, so they would have enough privacy. To prevent she would do something stupid again, he searched her and took her wand. He inspected it, raising an eyebrow while he looked at her. "You did some great damage with his thing, the last time you were here". He smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. "I'm curious, though. Did you really think you would get away with it unpunished?". OOC: Private!