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  1. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Didn't Phoenix have any business asking about Felix? After all, he might not have been a minor anymore, but he was told to go live in a house with a man he didn't even know, by a father he had hardly known before too. Felix might not have liked anyone prying into his life, or even glancing at it, but for Phoenix it hadn't just been out of sheer curiosity. It was a way of protecting himself too, of knowing the pieces of the game he was suddenly playing. It would've been foolish to not ask anything at all. But Phoenix was capable of deciding that Felix didn't seem to be overly fond of the subject. "No," Phoenix said, with a shrug, while taking a last sip of his drink. "He said nothing at all." Well, he had said some things, but he had left it up to Phoenix to draw the conclusion and well... a conclusion he had drawn. He glanced at Felix, while pondering what he was supposed to do now. It felt dishonest not to tell Felix about the challenge. He had to live with Felix and he wanted to be on the same side as the auror, but then again, this was his new family, his father, and wasn't he supposed to be more loyal to him? He had no knowledge of how Felix would respond and while Phoenix would like to warn Felix, he couldn't risk Felix talking about this to Thurion Foulkes-Davenport. That was the answer, then. For now, Phoenix would stay loyal to his father. "Ah," Phoenix smiled. "I must admit, I'm not doing much better on the birthdays. And I've never really been fond of taking people home." Hm, if only there had been a good reason for that... Oh right. "Would you like another drink, or..." Will you hide in your room now because I asked one too many questions?
  2. [1838/1839][EN] What to do when you're not saving the world?

    Ah, yes, the 'from this very low point on, everything can only be better' argument! He was familiar with that one, thank you very much, and Phoenix wasn't really impressed. It was interesting how low the world could still manage to get. Phoenix was more the kind that would rather have people being honest with him. Yes, the world sucked, it could suck even more, but buckle up! Or you know, start using drugs. Whatever keeps you going. "I don't know about that," he grinned, playing along. "Maybe it turns out that aurors are secretly all softies all along." Well, they were heroes, put their own lives in danger for other people... That was worth something. Maybe, yes, but Phoenix didn't think it was that easy. Not all aurors felt like they were under attack 24/7, right? ... Or perhaps they did, that would actually explain some of the behaviours he had witnessed today. "Do no harm, mostly," he said dryly. "Unless you need to." Phoenix shrugged. "The goal is to help people, after all, even if they don't want to be helped." Like... most of the aurors. "So we got to learn a few lessons about ethics." And then how to ignore those by volunteering in experiments you should not be a part of! "I'm sure that interrogating a criminal is different from interrogating a patient, though, wouldn't you say?"
  3. [1838/1839][EN] What to do when you're not saving the world?

    Phoenix would've been surprised to find out Malcolm thought him nervous, in all honesty. Oh, he was very familiar with nervous, very familiar with hardly daring to breathe a word, of imagining the countless ways you failed, but he was feeling rather calm today. Well, as calm as you could be after dealing with a few aurors who really didn't want to go to therapy. But that was it, really. And besides, dealing with a few aurors was better than some of the other things he had done. So Phoenix raised his eyebrows in a single moment of surprise when Malcolm tried to grab control of the situation. "It was an extracurricular activity," he said, with a shrug. "Sounded interesting, so I signed up." But hey, why not drop his guard a little, see where it could take them? "I kind of regret it, in all honesty... I don't think anyone could've prepared me for having to deal with aurors." He shook his head. "What do they do to you people?"
  4. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Know each other better... hmm... Phoenix gave a noncommittal shrug. "A bit. He lives in Canada, though. We had dinner, yes." And during that dinner, they had talked about Felix and then Thurion had challenged Phoenix. Phoenix was silent for a moment, thought it over, and then gently said: "I asked him about you." He let it dangle for a second, not giving up all his information (not that he had a lot), but curiously paid attention to Felix's every move instead. It wasn't the kindest way of doing this, nor perhaps the most fruitful, but ah. Well, if Felix didn't have a lot of friends to invite, Phoenix thought that this house would stay as quiet for now as it generally was. "Yes, quite," Phoenix laughed kindly. "So, for your birthday, I'd have to give the same sort of gifts?"
  5. [1838/1839][EN] What to do when you're not saving the world?

    So far Phoenix' whole idea of 'Let's pretend this isn't therapy for as long as possible' seemed to have worked. Sure, Malcolm wasn't really sticking to the subject of books, but he also wasn't much of a reader, apparently. "Ah, that depends on what you're interested in," Phoenix smiled kindly. "Suggesting someone a book about a herbalist fighting a storm to save his life work only works if one is interested in... well, storms." Or threats on life works. Didn't make for easy reading, for one. Good book, though. "Ah, yelling..." He smiled, a little embarrassed, but he didn't think it would be wise to go into details with what Malcolm's colleagues had done. Might give him ideas, might stretch the idea of 'patient doctor confidentiality'. "But, ah, I'm familiar." He eyed Malcolm a little. "So, which side are you on?" At least this time he was clever enough to make sure that he was closest to the door. He didn't want to have to jump through the window again.
  6. [1838/1839] One can never have enough socks.

    Waarom hield hij dan van groen... tja, omdat hij hield van de kleur van de zee, die soms tussen groen en blauw in kon zitten. Omdat het een kleur was die hem rust gaf, het een kleur was waarvan hij hield, maar niets daarvan had enigszins te maken met Cadwyn en niets daarvan wilde hij ook delen met haar. "Gewoon," zei hij dus ook, terwijl hij zijn schouders ophaalde. "Het is een mooie kleur." Echt hoor. Het leven was zo zwaar. En nee, nee, nee, nee, nee, nee, nee, hij wilde helemaal niet horen dat Daniel ~passievol~ was! Phoenix trok een vies gezicht, kon het niet helpen, maar gatver! Het was zijn broer en oké, dat wist Cadwyn niet, maar ew! "Tuurlijk," mompelde hij, terwijl hij wanhopig waar dan ook heen keek, zolang het maar niet richting Cadwyn was. Gelukkig, Cadwyn ging er eindelijk vandoor en dus begon Phoenix op zoek te gaan naar de uitgang, zo snel als hij kon. Helaas was deze winkel echt werkelijk waar een heel doolhof en sneller dan hij had verwacht, en sneller dan dat hij de uitgang had kunnen vinden, stond Cadwyn ineens bij hem. Snel greep hij willekeurig de eerste paar kniesokken die hij kon vinden en draaide hij zich enigszins schuldig naar Cadwyn om. "Ja, ja," zuchtte hij. "Zeg, waar zijn we ook alweer binnen gekomen?" Hij keek zo onschuldig mogelijk.
  7. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Right, yes, of course, taking care of Phoenix, being send to a house you've never been before to be guardian of a boy you've never seen before, but had just witnessed the death of his mother by the hands of the man who he called father, that was indeed a little errand. If his suspicions were right, was this the life Phoenix would be pushed to as well? Ah, here you go, go prescribe some pills to him, don't ask questions, just do what we say, a little errand. And Phoenix would too, he knew that of himself, he knew how grateful he was, the loyalty he felt, and how that would be used against him. Only a part of him was annoyed with that. "He's an interesting man," Phoenix said, neutral enough, not adding any more, because sometimes that made people talk themselves. Probably not Felix, but pushing Felix definitely wasn't doing anything. "That's good to know." He smiled a little and glanced around again, despite himself. "I'm not much of a party person, but I can invite some friends now and again." He was certain they would have questions, about the house, about Felix... "And you? Planning a party here too?"
  8. Wednesday the 24th of October 1838 - in the afternoon - an office on campus Sure, Phoenix thought, let's sign up for this course! It'll be tricky and challenging, but I'm an ambitious young man, I don't mind a challenge and what could possibly go wrong? Well, the fact that this had been the third office he had been assigned to, for once, because the other two had had... unfortunate accidents. All a terrible mistake, of course, ever so sorry, you know how aurors are, they get spooked so easily, especially if you try to ask them a question that's more personal than 'how's the weather?". Phoenix should've known that any professor willing to let first year students deal with aurors, would probably not be the best professor, but ah, he had signed on anyway and his eyebrows had had a little fright but were still intact, and now it was time to meet another one of those lovely aurors. Phoenix felt slightly guilty that his first thought when he saw Malcolm Gallagher was 'handsome', but then again, his second thought was 'how much of a pyromaniac is he', so maybe it was best to stick with the first thought. He nodded to the empty chair, waved his wand so a mug of black coffee would quickly flow into the auror's hand (the risk of giving someone a hot liquid to throw was less than having to deal with an auror without coffee) and then... put away his quill and parchment he was supposed to take notes on. "So!" he started cheerfully. "Read any good books lately?" Private!
  9. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    What Phoenix mostly wanted to know, was why Felix didn't want to talk about these things. At least, he seemed trying to always subtly trying to shift the conversation back to safer ground, nothing personal, just enough to slightly get to know each other, without really anything serious. Phoenix himself was probably trying to do the very same thing, but there was just a lot of painful stuff in his memories that he didn't really want to talk about, but at least with him, Phoenix had the idea that Felix knew some of it. Well, enough that he knew that Chiron Waterford had killed a servant and that Phoenix was a bastard. And it was nice that Felix wasn't trying to find out anything more. Almost nice enough that Phoenix would feel guilty. "Ah, coffee would be lovely," Phoenix nodded, while starting to open the boxes with desserts, trying to pick out something good to eat. He didn't consider himself very experimental, but when it came to food, he was often curious. "Ah, these are good," he said, pushing a box of weird, little cakes to Felix, if the auror wanted any, that was. "I did alright." His grades had been good enough (and then some) for his new study, at least. "You talk to him often, Mr Foulkes-Davenport?" It always could be interpreted as Phoenix himself desperately trying to get any information about his benefactor. "Oh, I hadn't thought of that..." While adding sugar to his coffee, he glanced around, as if he would make up his mind simply by looking at the silk wallpaper. "I guess this house must have been used for parties once..." It didn't seem like it now, more like... it was haunted. The muggle style haunting, at least, the scary stories that kept them away from Hogwarts.
  10. [1838/1839] One can never have enough socks.

    Nou ja, Cadwyn had op zich niet ongelijk, Phoenix was inderdaad vooral chagrijnig omdat hij verdrietig was. Verdrietig dat hij tijd met haar moest doorbrengen. "Nee, dat is niet waarom ik van groen houd," bromde hij nog even, maar uitleggen waarom had hij overigens ook weinig zin in, hij had Cadwyn al teveel persoonlijke informatie gegeven en nu zou ze vast nooit meer loslaten, dus als hij ook nog eens ging uitleggen waarom, liet ze hem al helemaal nooit met rust. "Ik heb geen idee wat Daniels favoriete kleur is." Jongens hielden dat soort gesprekken eigenlijk niet, geloofde hij, en daarbij, wat maakte het uit? "Waarom vraag je dingen als je ze zo weer gaat vergeten?" Betekende dat dat ze hem zou vergeten?! Ja, graag! Dus ja, zijn idee was briljant geweest, zeg nou zelf, maar in plaats van dat Cadwyn er enthousiast vandoor huppelde om te kijken of ze in dit gebouw een glijbaan hadden waar ze op kon klauteren (leek hem echt wat voor haar, Cadwyn was vast ook het type dat een speelplaats niet kon weerstaan als je er langs liep), begon ze hem nog meer advies te geven. Alsof sokken kopen het allermoeilijkste ter wereld was! "Ik denk dat ik er wel uit kom, hoor," beet hij dus ook naar haar, hoewel hij geen enkele reden had om daadwerkelijk sokken te gaan kopen. Alsof Elaine niet al duizenden paar sokken had, waarschijnlijk, precies de soort die zij leuk vond, zonder dat hij zich er mee moest bemoeien. "Heb je niet je eigen sokken om uit te zoeken?" Ga weg, Cadwyn.
  11. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    He should have been a healer, officially. Phoenix latched onto those words right away and stored them on his mental checklist. Should have been a healer, definitely a Foulkes-Davenport thing. It seemed that people adjacent to the family were provided with a little more leeway, but the goal was still there, wasn't it? More and more evidence. Still not good enough. "Officially?" Phoenix laughed a little, keeping the question purposefully light. "Someone had to try to force you into healing? Poor them." The next time he wanted an easier assignment. Nah, that wasn't true. "About so," Phoenix shrugged. "It'll always be a mix of psychology and healing, but I do need to be able to do everything other healers do." And everything other psychologists did... and then even more! "I don't think I'll be out of university in the next ten years," he added with a smile. "But it's mixed with practice a lot, so it won't be that bad." He looked forward to it, really. "Were you a good student?"
  12. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Phoenix had paid subtle, but close attention to Felix as he had mentioned the name of his father, but it hadn't exactly elicit any response. So if there was a connection, it was one that Felix either seemed unaware of, or just... didn't really care much about. So, what had he found out so far? Felix had no family, might've been lonely as a child and had to listen to those higher up about his career, though he had been able to make decisions himself. It all wasn't very specific and nothing that would impress his father. "Oh yes," he nodded. "Quite, but it'll be an interesting challenge." And Phoenix did enjoy challenging himself, did enjoy that strain, did enjoy the final result when he knew he had done a good job. Of course it had never felt enough, mostly thanks to Chiron Waterford, then the challenges had been overwhelming, threatening to drown him, but now that he had both the drugs to fall back on and now that Chiron was out of his life, he felt more... settled. More ready to take things on. "But it's good to challenge yourself, right? I mean, that's probably one of the reasons you wanted to be an auror too. Did you ever consider any other careers?"
  13. Overzicht open topics

    Wat: een rondleiding voor beginnende studenten op de Uni die een beetje anders loopt dan verwacht! Wanneer: 1 september 1838 Voor wie: beginnende studenten en mensen die mee zijn gelopen omdat ze zich graag bij een groep aansluiten
  14. Zaterdag 1 september 1838 - 's ochtends - een verlaten kelder Blijkbaar was één van de verplichte activiteiten die je als nieuwe student moest doen, een rondleiding over de campus heen. Nu had Phoenix al eerder een rondleiding gedaan, hij was graag voorbereid en had zo'n beetje alle studies bezocht om precies te weten wat er van hem gevraagd werd, en natuurlijk ook een rondleiding gedaan, maar deze rondleiding was eh... anders. Ten eerste hadden ze alle belangrijke gebouwen genegeerd om direct een kelder in gestuurd te worden, gang in, gang uit, en nu zaten ze zo ver onder de grond dat er niet eens een raampje met daglicht was. En toen werd achter hen plotseling de deur dicht gegooid. "Jullie hebben een uur om eruit te komen!" klonk het vrolijk vanaf de andere kant, de stem redelijk gedempt door de metalen deur die ervoor hing. "Deze deur is zo bezweerd dat niemand eruit kan, dus eh... succes met een alternatief te vinden!" Er klonk wat gemompel, alsof twee mensen ruzie aan het maken waren, en toen keerde de eerste stem terug met: "Na het uur loopt de kelder vol met water. Succes!" Phoenix verlangde plotseling terug naar Zweinstein, toen hij met een zucht zijn toverstok een straal licht liet schijnen op de omgeving. "Er is vast een andere deur, ergens..." Open topic van de maand! Ze zitten opgesloten in een kelder, die verbonden is met een gangenstelsel, dus ze kunnen of daardoor lopen, of proberen te ontsnappen.
  15. [1838/1839] One can never have enough socks.

    Waarom niet? Nou, omdat hij geen zin had om met iemand die hij nauwelijks kende ondergoed uit te gaan zoeken! Hij staarde dus ook redelijk vol afgrijzen naar Cadwyn, want was dat wat ze deed met Daniel of zoiets, maar hij ging die discussie maar niet aan, want hij kende dit type. Ja, als je zeven jaar lang op Zweinstein had doorgebracht, kwam je er niet onderuit. Erger was dat soms iemand had bedacht dat Phoenix gewoon verlegen was en dat als hij leerde dat hij net zo spontaan kon zijn als de rest, iedereen hem zou mogen, en hij plotseling 'geadopteerd' werd door zo'n figuur. Leek erop dat Cadwyn dat ging doen, dus half was hij al een ontspanningsroute aan het plannen. Die hij snel in actie moest brengen, want plotseling moest hij voor Cadwyn, Daniel en Elaine sokken uitkiezen. Van die drie personen mocht hij er maar één, en Daniel ging hij echt geen sokken cadeau geven, al helemaal niet sokken die je voetmassages gaven! "Natuurlijk hebben ze dat soort sokken," bromde hij dus ook chagrijnig. Phoenix was best aardig, vond hij, maar niet in dit gezelschap. Natuurlijk hield ze van geel. En koeienvlekken. "Koeienvlekken is geen kleur," zei hij, kinderachtig, terwijl hij aan een paar sokken voelde om te kijken hoe zacht de stof was. "Ik houd van blauw... of groen. Niet gifgroen." Waarom vertelde hij dat haar?! Nu zou ze vast de rest van zijn leven alle blauwe en groene dingen zijn kant op sturen. Oh kijk, Phoenix, een blauw schilderij! Oh nee, een groen klavertje drie! En kijk, een blauw boek! Shoot him. "Als jij nou op de bovenste verdieping gaat zoeken en naar beneden werkt, dan werk ik van beneden naar boven, oké?" Of hij ging er gewoon vandoor. Ergens koffie drinken. In een blauwe mok!!!!