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  1. [1837/1838][EN]Devoid

    Not employed, but a long story. On a normal day, a better day, Phoenix could probably spare some guesses about what that long story would entail, but not today, not now that his head was full of his mother's blood and the grief to match it. Not now, when he seemed to need every part of his mind to keep himself from floating away into nothing. "I see," he finally said, because what else could he say? He would think about it tomorrow, or the day after, or whenever he no longer felt like he was drowning. And then they left. Phoenix landed with a thud, his stomach a little more nauseous than he had right to be and he forced himself to look up at the house. His new house, he realized, where he was supposed to live for the unforeseeable future. It looked... slightly abandoned. Big, but empty too, as if no one had lived here for quite some time. He followed Azure, barely registering the cut the man had to make to enter the building, and looked around, as if looking for... something. A feeling of home, perhaps, but he didn't think he had ever really felt home anywhere, so in a way, the building already managed to disappoint. He took the whiskey, though, ignoring the snacks, and drowned most of the liquid before he sank down in a chair. "Ehm... I didn't get a chance to unpack my suitcase, so unless they tossed it out..." He shrugged, as if that comment hadn't hurt him, but he did consider it quite possible that his no-longer-mother would toss out everything she could get her hands on that had ever belonged to him. "It's not a lot of important stuff... I have my wand, and most of what I have is still at Hogwarts. I just need some clothes." There was a lot he'd leave behind, Phoenix realized, little traces of history... baby pictures, the books he used to love reading as a child, drawings he had once made... but he couldn't make himself ask for those. He also felt like he was supposed to make conversation, to get to know his sudden new guardian, but that too was something he felt stunted on. "It's a beautiful house," he finally decided to say. "I wonder why they haven't used it in a while..."
  2. [1837/1838] Yohoho, let it burn, let it burn!

    Weet je, Phoenix had daadwerkelijk een enorme hekel aan zijn afdeling. Hij haatte het dat niemand ooit luisterde, dat iedereen vond dat ze het beter wisten en dat ze altijd elkaar opdrachten gaven, terwijl ze al verontwaardigd werden van het idee dat iemand mogelijk niet naar hen zou luisteren en nog erger, dat iemand hen een opdracht wilde geven. Zwadderich geloofde niet in democratie, maar geloofde ook alleen maar in autocracy als het betekende dat zij, alleen, het alleenrecht hadden om te bepalen. En Phoenix had er vandaag even genoeg van. "Weet je wat, ga je gang," gebaarde hij naar Chase. "Hier." Demonstratief trok hij de hoofdmonitor-badge van zijn gewaad en legde die voor Chase neer. "Alsjeblieft, voor vierentwintig uur ben jij Hoofdmonitor. Veel plezier ermee." En Phoenix plofte in de dichtstbijzijnde stoel, sloeg zijn armen over elkaar en besloot te genieten van de chaos. Had hij een minuut later vast spijt van, maar ach.
  3. [1837/1838][EN]Devoid

    Phoenix stared at the letter in the auror's hands, his new guardian apparently, or at the very least babysitter. His biological family, probably. Phoenix knew what that meant, even though he wasn't supposed to. It meant the Foulkes-Davenports, it meant Thurion Foulkes-Davenport, the man who had been nice to him, perhaps even a little kind, definitely a little interested, but who hadn't told him the truth, at least not yet. Phoenix assumed he wasn't supposed to hold it against his father, he probably had had an agreement with the Waterfords, but... still. He only knew because he had some sort of strange vision and if he hadn't known, how would the events of the past twenty-four hours have gone? "Thank you," he finally croaked a little and putting the hot chocolate aside, he took the letter. He hesitated for one more moment and then finally tore open the envelope. The key he eyed a little suspiciously, keeping the advice of the auror in mind, but the diamond perplexed him, even after reading the letter. He just stared at it for a moment, letting the weight settle in his palm. Also, what sort of father was proud of his son for going through hardships? "I suspect you're right," he finally sighed to auror Azure, knowing he was supposed to say something. "I'll be... careful." Speaking of being careful... he eyed up the auror. "Are you employed by them?" Because he wasn't entirely sure if someone's staff was supposed to warn a third party about the first party.
  4. [1837/1838][EN]Devoid

    Someone had told him to stay put in the waiting room and because Phoenix had no idea what else he was supposed to do, he did exactly that. He seated himself in one of those slightly uncomfortable chairs and rested his head back against the wall and... waited, apparently. He thought about leaving, about just wandering outside and seeing wherever life would take him, Daniel would probably do that, just leave, but Phoenix couldn't really will the muscles of his legs to do anything. Instead, he just... waited. And waited. And took the cup of chocolate without objection when someone just handed it to him. "Phoenix," he croaked back a little, his throat was somehow parched. "Phoenix..." Waterford. Except that wasn't really his last name and he wasn't entirely sure what to do with that. Was he supposed to change it? And into what, exactly? He didn't want to take his real mother's surname, not even as a tribute to her memory, but his real father's surname seemed out of reach and Phoenix wasn't even sure if he wanted to reach towards it. Well, no matter, mr Azure seemed to know exactly who he was. "Really?" he asked, a little surprised, because... who? Why? "Oh..." His loss... Yes, quite a loss. He took a sip of chocolate instead, trying to force some of the heat to try to wake up his brain, but he felt... sluggish. "Thank you. I don't think there's anything you can do, though, but... thank you for the offer?" What was he supposed to ask of people? Turning back time wasn't an option, and... well, apparently Mr Azure was already offering him a place to stay. "I'm sorry, I just... who are you, exactly?"
  5. [1837/1838][EN] I'm a lot like you

    Ah, even nerves could get boring at some time, or at the very least frustrating and considering that 'Hogwarts is boring' was a nicer and better and easier think to say than 'Hogwarts is frustrating', there you went. Phoenix was never really honest just about how nervous he felt about everything, either he would receive pity (never a good thing, of course), or he would just make people angry or uncomfortable with him. It was better to keep it to yourself, figure out your own way to deal with it. Or take a lot of drugs until you stop feeling that way, just as effective. "Plus you don't have to share a bedroom with five other people, I see," Phoenix chuckled lightly. Since when did he chuckle? Ah well. "One guy in my year talks in his sleep, sometimes they silencio him before I step into the room." He had never bothered to say anything about it, the nights where they kept him silent were definitely the better nights of the week. If he slept at all, that was. Hm, yes, Phoenix blushed a little uncomfortably and was grateful when Daniel quickly moved on. Love was... he wasn't very good at it. Didn't know what to do with it either. Sure, it was fun to read about, sometimes, but mostly the idea just made him uncomfortable. Oh, and walking into couples that were very... not supposed to do that stuff without locking the doors. "I've thought about it," he nodded. "People can be quite interesting." And he couldn't really think of anything else that he was both good at and interested in. "My father is pushing for economics, though." He made a face and took a sip of drink. "In between saying I'm not good enough to take over the business anyway." Wow, that had slipped right out.
  6. [1837/1838] Yohoho, let it burn, let it burn!

    Vrijdag 22 december 1837 - 's middags - de keukens In het begin waren alle leerlingen van Zweinstein blij geweest toen ze te horen kregen dat vrijdagmiddag de lessen werden afgezegd, maar zoals altijd hadden ze moeten verwachten dat de leraren niet plotseling besloten hadden al een dag van tevoren op vakantie te gaan, maar eerder dat ze aan het werk gezet werden. Want hoera, de leerlingen moesten gezamenlijk koken! En dat was al erg zat, maar toen werd ook nog eens besloten dat elke afdeling voor een andere afdeling moest koken. Phoenix begreep niet helemaal wat daar de bedoeling van was, het leek hem juist verstandiger dat leerlingen voor zichzelf moesten koken want dan deden ze nog wat moeite. Nu moest Zwadderich bijvoorbeeld voor Griffoendor koken en hij kon nu al voorspellen dat Griffoendor niets anders voor zich zou krijgen dan één grote ketel gevuld met modder. "Maar laten we toch wat groenten snijden," smeekte hij een beetje. "Dat is nauwelijks moeite?" Maar nauwelijks moeite leek al teveel te zijn. Yay. Het kerstevenement! De afdelingen koken voor elkaar: Zwadderich kookt voor Griffoendor Griffoendor kookt voor Ravenklauw Ravenklauw kookt voor Huffelpuf en Huffelpuf kookt voor Zwadderich. De huiselven zijn nog wel aanwezig, maar mogen niet helpen, de leraren krijgen gewoon avondeten van de huiselven en voor de rest... veel plezier!
  7. [1837/1838] I'm always in the wake of the hope

    Maxwell was dan wel zelf zo rustig over zijn talent, maar Phoenix had heus wel eens wat van Maxwell gezien, korte glimpen op schetsen die hem niets vertelden over waar Maxwell zo erg mee bezig was, natuurlijk niet, en hij had altijd gevonden dat Maxwell echt talent had, dus eerlijk gezegd begreep Phoenix niet waarom Maxwell hem niet gewoon dat schetsblok liet zien. Wat was er nou erg aan? Phoenix zou hem heus niet uitlachen, of zoiets... "Oh nah," zei hij snel, toen Maxwell hem aanbood om wat te leren. "Hoeft niet, hoor." Hij had er toch weinig zin in om te tekenen, talent in anderen kon hij waarderen, maar mislukkingen van zichzelf niet. "Ik moet toch maar weer eens aan mijn huiswerk..." Hij wierp een diepe zucht richting zijn boeken en met een pruillip bladerde hij naar het juiste hoofdstuk. "Ga je er ook mee verder, volgend jaar? Ik weet niet of er een studie is op de Universiteit..."
  8. [1837/1838][EN] I'm a lot like you

    Of course Phoenix had a reason to drop by, but that reason was 'You're my half-brother and you're not supposed to know, I think, and I want at least one relative I get along with', exactly the kind of reason you couldn't just say out loud. It ruined the fun of the conversation, at least. "Hogwarts is boring," Phoenix said, with a shrug, that almost looked convincingly enough to be believable. Hogwarts was boring, in all honesty, but mostly because he had never allowed himself any fun. He had always worked hard, and then harder still, and it had never been good enough, he always needed to do more. So yes, he didn't know how to have fun at Hogwarts. He didn't know where the good parties were, he didn't know anyone who would invite him, he didn't know how he could show up without everyone being disappointed because they thought he was going to tell them to stop. At least University offered a fresh chance. He had the drugs now, his schoolwork was going well and he just needed... something. Something new, something else, something so he didn't feel like he had been wasting his entire life so far trying to get someone's approval, someone who would never give him that approval. "See, I can get culture and anthropology, now that you've mentioned it... but Media? Really?" He lifted his eyebrows up in surprise. "I thought those were the type to just watch it all go to hell." Huh, surprising. The world was never quite the way you expected it to be, huh. "And what about psychology students?" he asked curious, because if anything, he wanted to know what his future colleagues would do, so he could practice fitting in right at the start. Even if he didn't really want to fit in anymore. Life was complicated.
  9. [1837/1838] Binnenplaatsen zijn mijn ding

    Eigenlijk had Phoenix gehoopt dat ze hem gerust zou stellen met dat het echt niet raar was en dat hij zich geen zorgen hoefde te maken, maar eh... helaas, hij was daadwerkelijk raar geweest en dus glimlachte hij verontschuldigend. Wat kon hij doen om het goed te maken? Haar afdelingspunten geven voelde zo raar en er was niet echt iets anders wat hij kon doen... Nou ja, hij kon haar wel beloven dat als een klassenoudste haar strafwerk gaf dat hij het wel weg kon wapperen, maar de woorden kwamen niet over zijn lippen heen. "Ah," zei hij, terwijl hij naar het zakje keek. Twee sikkels was meer dan hij had verwacht, in alle eerlijkheid, maar ach, het was niet alsof hij geen geld genoeg had. En als dit hem hielp met concentreren... Hij haalde snel zijn geldbuidel tevoorschijn en haalde er twee sikkels uit die hij naar Butterfly uitstak. "Oh, nee!" zei hij snel, maar hij bloosde wel diep en de vingers waar hij de munten mee uitstak begonnen een beetje te trillen. "Natuurlijk niet. Ik wil me gewoon... goed kunnen concentreren, en zo. Ik moet goede cijfers halen dit jaar." Hij moest sowieso goede cijfers halen, maar dit was zijn laatste jaar op Zweinstein en hij wilde het een beetje goed afsluiten. Al zou hij nooit de hele lijst met U's kunnen halen waar zijn vader naar verlangde. "Dus ik zou nooit snitchen," beloofde hij.
  10. [1837/1838] I'm always in the wake of the hope

    Eerlijk gezegd vond Phoenix Max zijn hobby vooral interessant enkel en alleen omdat hij nu veel moest studeren en het allemaal even teveel moeite was geworden. Later zou hij meer enthousiasme tonen voor zijn studie, eerlijk waar, want Heelkunde was ook best wel een interessant vak. Was wel handig als hij volgend jaar psychologie ging studeren, om heelkunde dan interessant te vinden. Maar in ieder geval, nu was Heelkunde saai en Max niet en Max tekende graag. Dus. "Oh, echt?" vroeg hij, half geïnteresseerd puur en alleen dus omdat het niet heelkunde was. "Is vast veel oefenen, om de schaduwen goed te krijgen." Hij wierp opnieuw een subtiele maar smekende blik op Max zijn boek. Toe nooouuu. "Wel wat gedaan als kind," gaf hij toe. "Elk kind tekent. Maar ik had geen talent." Vond zijn vader, tenminste, maar die had eerlijk gezegd in alle gevallen gevonden dat Phoenix geen talent had, zelfs al had hij op zesjarige leeftijd een betere tekening gemaakt dan Leonardo Da Vinci. "Dus ja, ik ben er toen mee gestopt... Jij maakte vast hele mooie tekeningen vroeger?" En nu, dus laat maar zien die hap.
  11. [1837/1838][EN] I'm a lot like you

    Phoenix took the drink, and a sip, and then forced himself to sit down in the chair opposite from the couch. He was feeling a bit restless, maybe he had slept too little or maybe he had taken a bit too much of the drug so that he could calm himself before he visited Daniel, but... ah well, it would probably be fine. He took a deep breath and relaxed a little. At least the whiskey was, as always, perfection. He took small sips, let the liquor sink into his taste buds, before he swallowed it. "Ah, and I thought Hogwarts was already confusing." He grinned a little and casted a look outside. "Though Hogwarts is after all just one building, at least you always know that your destination is in the same set of outside walls." But the University had many buildings, he had glanced at a map in passing. Phoenix wasn't very prone to getting lost, he had a good sense of direction, but he had learned to underestimate and second-guess himself. "At least I'll know how to get from your house to a good party." So who needed to know any other directions? "I didn't tell anyone I was going to stay the night..." But ah well, who was going to care? He was a Seventh year, by now the teachers were basically surprised if you showed up for class at all. "But that sounds great." He grinned at Daniel. "So, the cocktails are a must?" He nodded. "What parties do the future healers give?" He raised an eyebrow at Daniel. "Or are you just the drunk people baby sitters at other parties?"
  12. [1837/1838] Binnenplaatsen zijn mijn ding

    "Oh!" zei hij geschrokken, toen hij zich realiseerde wat hij zonet had gezegd en wat het leek of hij bedoelde. Hij bloosde diep, terwijl hij door zijn zakken begon te zoeken. "Ja, natuurlijk ga ik betalen," legde hij nog even snel uit. "Sorry, ik ehm... heb dit nog nooit eerder gedaan, dus waarschijnlijk gedraag ik me superraar?" Hij glimlachte verontschuldigend naar haar en haalde toen eindelijk zijn portemonnee naar voren. "Hoeveel is ehm... Wat is het gangbare dat andere mensen eigenlijk kopen?" Hij was hier zo niet klaar voor, maar hij had het spul zo hard nodig.
  13. [1837/1838][EN] I'm a lot like you

    "Ah, please, do decide." Phoenix made a gesture towards the bottles in view. "You have excellent taste in drinks." And Phoenix hated choosing, even if choosing was less of an issue of late. It was just easier to push the choice to someone else, let them worry their little heads, especially if they never worried in general. Daniel was the type who would be able to pick a good drink two seconds after he stumbled down the stairs. That were on fire. After an explosion. His mind got away with him sometimes, pardon Phoenix. "Ah, the parties are definitely less fun," Phoenix said quickly, as he walked around the room, looking at the various trinkets Elaine or Daniel or both had placed in view. "The new kids old enough to join are a little intense." Maybe, just maybe, that was the result of the drugs flooding Hogwarts, but ah well. He was using them too, so who was he to tell them to knock it off? "But other than that, so far, so boring." Hm, a party at the uni... Not something he was normally into, but why not? He was here in the first place and surely Daniel would want to go. "Sure, why not." He shrugged. "Don't think anyone would miss me at Hogwarts." He wasn't the only Head boy, so surely Hogwarts wasn't going to burn down without him. "Are the parties here anything different? Probably less quiet, since they don't have to keep silent because of the teachers..." And possibly more flashy. Put a bunch of drunk students together and surely someone was going to try to show off?
  14. [1837/1838] I'm always in the wake of the hope

    "Het is vast beter dan je denkt," glimlachte Phoenix bemoedigend, want hij dacht gewoon dat Max onzeker was over zijn tekenkunsten. Wist hij veel, het was niet alsof Maxwell ooit enige blijk had gegeven van iets anders. Of eh... misschien wel en was Phoenix er gewoon blind voor, want hoe moest hij nou ooit weten dat iemand ooit op hem verliefd werd? Was een raar idee, in alle eerlijkheid. "Ik weet niet veel over tekenen," gaf Phoenix toe, "maar complimenten geven kan ik heel goed, hoor!" Hij lachte wat. "Over de schaduwen, of zoiets." En sorry, Maxwell, maar heelkunde was saai, so who cared.
  15. [1837/1838][EN] I'm a lot like you

    Saturday the 7th of October 1837 - in the afternoon - Daniel and Elaine's house Phoenix was, for once in his life, not panicking and it was the strangest feeling in the world as he knocked on a door that he had never been to before. Normally, this would cause him to go in some sort of weird spiral of infinite possibilities and that he never knew what the right outcome would be, but today none of that mattered. Because all his homework was finished (on a Saturday!), all his Headboy duties were taken care off and he was visiting his half-brother at Cambridge. So, what could possibly go wrong? Well, lots of things, but did that really all matter? And so he knocked on the door and then later was led in to see Daniel. "Hey," he greeted the guy. "I had some spare time and thought I could visit you in Cambridge, feel a little jealous." He glanced around the house. "Well, this is a lot better than the dorms and I'm guessing this isn't even the part I should be jealous of?" Somewhere he wondered if he was being weird, but not enough that it bothered him. Private!