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  1. [1838/1839] One can never have enough socks.

    Phoenix had er geen enkel probleem mee om bij de raam te wachten tot Daniel terug kwam, hoor. Ja, hij realiseerde zich ook dat dat redelijk zielig was en dat hij dat beter nooit aan Daniel kon vertellen, want dan had zijn broer vast besloten dat Phoenix eens een lief vriendinnetje moest vinden, type Cadwyn, maar Phoenix had veel liever de rest van de middag bij het raam gezeten, dan dat hij ineens meegesleept werd door Cadwyn. Hij hield niet van type Cadwyn. Ze was zo lief dat je geen nee tegen der kon zeggen, maar eigenlijk niet lief genoeg dat ze nadacht of je wel mee wilde naar een winkel genaamd Frisky Business Boutique, dus voordat je ├╝berhaupt een antwoord kon formuleren, stond je er ineens binnen, opgelucht te zijn over dat het een sokkenwinkel was in plaats van de gedachten die de naam bij Phoenix had opgeworpen. "Frisky Business Boutique klinkt niet echt als een winkel waar je zomaar iemand mee naar toe moet slepen," mompelde hij chagrijnig, hopelijk zacht genoeg dat Cadwyn hem niet verstond. Eerlijk, tussen jij en hem, wat zag Daniel in deze... puppy? "Oh, moet dat?" vroeg hij dit keer, op een normale toon, terwijl hij zijn armen over elkaar sloeg. "Volgens mij zijn dit geen gewone winkel..." Hij zag nergens een paar normale, zwarte sokken. Of grijs. Of zelfs wit. Nergens!
  2. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Not always... Felix had seemed to stumble more into it by accident than anything else, apparently, but had just stuck with it. Impressive, Phoenix was more of a doubter, had questioned his own intentions again and again, still sometimes questioned them when he was alone in bed and the drugs were starting to run out and everything seemed like a big question mark without an answer. Was he doing the right thing? Was he living the right life? Did he regret going to the aurors, should he have gone to the aurors before? "Not always," he admitted. "My fa - Mr Waterford always wanted me to study economics, but I'm not that much of an economics person." He wasn't awful at math, but to say it was his favourite subject would be an exaggeration. "I thought about healing too, but the human mind has always fascinated me." Either his, his not-father, or anyone else. "Anything particular I'm looking forward too, hm... The lessons in general, I think. Everything just seems so interesting. And beyond that... just helping people." And the idea that he could prescribe himself drugs at some point seemed nice. He wasn't an addict. Just liked to keep his options open. "What made you come to England?" he asked, casually. "Instead of staying in Canada."
  3. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Ah, places could be lonely, probably, but the difference between being alone and lonely was mostly the way you viewed it. You could be stuck in a castle filled with thousands of other students and still feel lonely, or be left on your own in an old house and not feel lonely at all. So perhaps Felix was right and Phoenix smiled at him. "You might be right," he said, with a light shrug. "A place is only as lonely as you make it, I guess." He didn't think that Felix was the sort of person who felt lonely easily, from the way he had phrased his answer. He seemed to like being alone, might be the sort of person that had one or two close friends and thought that was enough. Not that that helped Phoenix with his questions. "Have you always wanted to be an auror?" was his next attempt. He could ask more direct questions, maybe push a little harder, but he did still have to live with Felix and he wanted to try to balance it out as much as possible, neither ruining his relationship with Felix, or disappointing his father. Ugh, tricky.
  4. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Yes, history, really. Oh, he liked arts too, but there was always something so static about watching a few paintings. They were meant to invoke emotion, of course, but Phoenix had some Ravenclaw tendencies, a house he probably would've been sorted in if he hadn't wanted to please his father, and learning something, anything at all, just made it feel more... purposeful. Staring at colors on a piece of canvas could only do so much. "Oh, there's a small museum in Edinburg, actually," he nodded, with a vague gesture towards the general direction of the museum, outside of these walls. "About Scottish magicians during the Jacobite rebellion. And there's a big museum on Anglesey in Wales about magic and druids that's very interesting... And more museums than you can think of in London and Cambridge, of course." Strange, wasn't it? That with magic there were so many possibilities about traveling around the world in a wink of an eye, and yet everyone seemed to cluster to the same few cities. Muggle cities, even. Oh well, convenience was its own thing. "That must be beautiful," Phoenix concluded, after glancing down on the map. "And rather lonely too?"
  5. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Phoenix shrugged a little. "Not that common that almost everyone does it, but I've seen it happen." Made sense, right? Education wasn't for everyone, he knew that, some people just preferred to work with their hands, so why force them to stay in school? And some just couldn't afford it. Phoenix never really bothered with thinking about it, he didn't even realize how lucky he was to still be able to stay at school with the support of a family, he just as easily could've been turned down to the streets, having to make his own money. Instead, he had a comfortable house that might not be his in name, but he knew he could count on it. As long as he kept his family happy, which he intended to do by figuring out what Felix' history was. He had a family, but had never met them and even more than that, seemed almost desperate to switch the subject to Canada. Phoenix nodded a little bit, feigning more of an interest than he actually felt in the country. "Culture, I think," Phoenix decided to indulge Felix for a moment or two. "I like museums, especially historic ones." He liked wandering the halls, learning a bit every now and again. "I'm not much of a hiker, I'm afraid, so I don't think I'll take you up on that request." Unless he really couldn't get anything out of Felix, then he'd need more time. "So, Canada, where did you grow up?"
  6. [1837/1838] I'm always in the wake of the hope

    Ja, nee, natuurlijk wist Maxwell dat niet, want het was niet alsof Phoenix en Daniel hetzelfde type waren, he? Hij glimlachte dus ook een beetje schuldig naar Maxwell, want hij kon het moeilijk allemaal een beetje uit gaan leggen. Oh wacht, hij kon wel iets zeggen! "Ja, mijn vader vond het belangrijk dat ik hem leerde kennen," zei hij maar, terwijl hij zijn schouders optrok. Klonk neutraal genoeg, toch? "Oh, ja, hoor." Een beetje ongemakkelijk, Phoenix was eerlijk gezegd niet zo goed op feestjes, teveel 'aaaaaah' en te weinig 'oh dit is best wel leuk, nieuwe mensen leren kennen', maar gelukkig was er drank geweest. Drank was altijd goed. "Ja, precies," grijnsde hij naar Max. "Komt wel goed." Alleen jammer dat het er nooit van zou komen, helaas. "Nou, ik denk dat ik maar weer eens aan het werk moet," zuchtte Phoenix, met een blik naar zijn huiswerk. Blegh. Topic finished!
  7. [1837/1838][EN] The Golden Age

    Loving the sea ran in the family... Phoenix knew that things were never simple, but a comment like that made him feel like be belonged somewhere, like he was a part of something. He had never really felt like a part of the Waterfords, more something that he was just born into (as far as he had known) and never had fit in, but now... Now it felt like there was something out there where he belonged. And he would try as hard as he could to be good enough. "Ah yes," he nodded, with a small, hopeful, smile. The assignment was a little unexpected, he had expected either a boring answer that had absolutely nothing interesting to say at all, or a bit of a rebuttal, but not a challenge, in a way. "Oh, he didn't say much," Phoenix said quickly, but in all honesty, he hardly remembered exactly what Azure had told him. He had been rather distracted that day... All he specifically reminded was the warning that he shouldn't expect too much and that wasn't really a thing he wanted to share with Thurion Foulkes-Davenport, at least not yet. He didn't want to cause problems where there wasn't any. "But I'll try my best." So there definitely was something strange... He would be occupied by his exams the next few months, but perhaps during the summer he could do some investigating. 'Oh yes," he nodded quickly. "The house is beautiful and Mr Azure has... tried his best." Not that Phoenix had been very accommodating, having been traumatized and everything, but that hadn't been Azure's fault. "Edinburgh really is a beautiful city, is it not?"
  8. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    "Not all of them," Phoenix said, mentally complying a list of the people he was acquainted enough with to consider it friendship. "Some of them already were, others are still at Hogwarts, and one boy is going to work in music instead." Also known as: I didn't check my list before I made the previous posts, so suddenly Phoenix has a lot of NPC friends in the same year that are all going to university! Phoenix, you social butterfly. "But you know, most of them. May as well, I guess, if you're going to commit to seven full years at Hogwarts." If you really wanted a job instead, it would be better to just quit after the fifth year. Who needed those two extra years of specific pre-uni education if you weren't going to take advantage of it? Well, some people had reasons to stay in school other than university, of course, but those were a few more specific cases. "Ah, yes," Phoenix smiled. "Our teachers always organize a party and this one was... interesting enough on its own that no one really bothered to throw a party after it, I guess." At least not one he was invited to and that suited him just fine. "A friend of mine, Wren Fox, is planning a party in the holidays, though." See, he does have friends who aren't NPCs. "So I, at least, was sober enough to enjoy the ride home." As overly complicated as it was. "Not really anything specific..." But he assumed that he would be picked up for a holiday in Canada at some point, that's at least what his father had seemed to hint at, but nothing had been specific. Speaking of his father, he still had that assignment in mind... "You're originally from Canada, are you not?" he asked, carefully paying attention to Felix, but trying not to be too obvious. "Do you miss your family?"
  9. [1837/1838] I'm always in the wake of the hope

    Hij keek er naar uit, eigenlijk, om samen met Maxwell de universiteit te verkennen. Het voelde alsof het allemaal zo hoorde en het ook allemaal niet zo erg was dat het zijn laatste jaar op Zweinstein was en dat hij binnenkort zou moeten gaan studeren (zijn vader kennende had die wel wat te zeggen over zijn studiekeuze, dus het zou vast iets saais worden zoals Economie of Bedrijfskunde) en zijn volwassen leven moeten beginnen. Oh, het was nog steeds erg overweldigend en het liefste zou Phoenix het allemaal nog een jaar uitstellen, maar als hij samen met Maxwell was, was het niet zo erg, toch? Nou, Phoenix... "Oh, ehm, ken je Daniel Foulkes-Davenport?" vroeg Phoenix, een beetje ongemakkelijk, want hij kon nooit echt uitleggen hoe Daniel en Phoenix verbonden waren (halfbroers) en hij kon zich niet voorstellen dat Maxwell zou begrijpen hoe die twee ooit bevriend waren geraakt, want eh... het was Daniel Foulkes-Davenport versus Phoenix Waterford. "Ik ken hem wel goed, dus ik besloot eens langs te gaan. Hij heeft me meegenomen naar een feestje en zo." Was best leuk geweest, wel raar, maar... leuk. "Dus ik moet toegeven dat ik niet zo heel veel van campus weet," lachte hij het bizarre gespreksonderwerp een beetje weg. "Alleen zijn huis, de feestlocatie en een pub." Tja, als je prioriteiten ergens in de buurt van Daniels prioriteiten lagen, was het vast niet zo erg om alleen die plekken te kennen.
  10. [1837/1838] Turning raw

    Oh. Ja, natuurlijk konden ze hiermee stoppen, Phoenix wilde dolgraag alles doen wat Maxwell ook maar enigszins beter zou laten voelen, maar het was verdomd moeilijk om zijn duizenden excuses en verontschuldigingen in te slikken. Het laatste wat hij had gewild, was dat hij Maxwell kwetste, maar hij wist de woorden niet om het allemaal goed te maken. Misschien had hij het gewoon moeten negeren, misschien had hij gewoon de rest van zijn leven liefdesdrank moeten slikken zodat Maxwell tenminste niet gekwetst zou worden, in plaats van dat hij alles in brand had gestoken in een mislukte poging om alles te verbeteren. "Natuurlijk," fluisterde hij maar. En toen viel hij stil, want er was op zich verder niets te bespreken, maar hij had ook niet het gevoel dat hij het recht had om op te staan en weg te lopen. Maar tegelijkertijd wilde hij zijn aanwezigheid ook niet opdwingen aan Maxwell, dus uiteindelijk dwong hij zichzelf ongemakkelijk overeind. "Ik ehm... zie je binnenkort wel weer, denk ik." Ja, natuurlijk, ze hadden lessen samen. Phoenix vertrok zijn gezicht maar hij wist dat als hij zich hierover ging verontschuldigen, hij niet op zou houden, dus uiteindelijk knikte hij maar naar Maxwell en stapte hij naar buiten. Uitgeschreven!
  11. [1837/1838][EN] The Golden Age

    Phoenix tried to imagine what his adoptive parents would've picked for him, but he had the distinct idea that they would've decided on something that they thought appropriate, maybe the family crest or something, instead of something that reflected his personality. And in all honesty, he couldn't immediately think of something either. Ha, a scale model of a human brain almost seemed tempting now, but he had already quickly chuckled at the suggestion, so it was decidedly thrown out of the window. "Oh, I don't really know," he said, thinking about it. "Maybe something with the sea? I always liked the beach." It had been the best part of their English house, being able to sneak outside and go to the beach. There was something comforting about the wind pushing against your face, as if it tried to lure your voice outside, and the rush of the water. "They have these beautiful coral reefs," he said, and then quickly fell silent, because he didn't want to be too presumptuous. Yes, Thurion had asked him, but shouldn't he have said something about how he didn't need to go through any trouble? And now he was asked if there was anything he liked to know. Phoenix spooned a bit of ice cream in his mouth, as he considered that question. Oh, there was nothing he wanted to tell about himself, he was absolutely uninteresting, but he would have to ask a question and a profound one too. Oh wait, he did have one question... "I've been wondering..." he slowly started, "About the auror I've been placed to live with... He seemed rather confused about the whole arrangement?" He hoped he hadn't asked anything relating to an embarrassing family secret, or something.
  12. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Phoenix tried to imagine what his adoptive parents would've done for his graduation, but nothing immediately came in mind. Maybe they would've had a dinner, but it would probably have been a rather sullen affair, filled with disappointment over any grade he had gotten that had been below an O, or maybe they simply would've been disappointed he had come home from Hogwarts at all. He was starting to have a different idea about their motivations, though it was a slow process to realize that maybe he couldn't have prevented being a failure in his parents' eyes. And it was even a slower process to change your own way of thinking. "Oh, quite," he nodded at Felix and he started piling samosas on his plate. "Thank you." He saluted Felix and took a sip of the wine, before tackling the food on his plate. It was good, warm and spicy and it reminded him of his childhood in the warm villa, rather than the cold, soggy English years later on. English food wasn't bad, but did they really need to use that much potatoes? "Oh, yes," he said, after swallowing. "Though probably not as weird as it was to go for the first time... I had never been so long away from home before." Though there had been comfort in that too, of course. And now he was never to return to that house, to his adoptive parents... Even better. He still wore their last name, but no one had told him to change it and he hadn't asked about it himself, so there would always be a strange reminder of home. "But it was nice to spend the last journey with my friends, even though I'll see them soon enough." He stabbed his fork in a leaf of green. "How was it for you?"
  13. [1838/1839][EN] To the odds

    Friday 1 June 1838 - at night - Edinburgh, Phoenix and Felix' house When you thought about it, the whole concept of the train home was a ridiculous idea if you lived in Scotland. Who decided that first you had to go all the way down to London and then were left to your own devices to get back up to Edinburgh? The train was a bit kinder to the younger muggle students, the ones who would have to use carriages or boats to continue their journey, but the seventh years were expected to stay put all the way to London. Phoenix had to admit it hadn't all been bad, it had been fun even, sitting with his friends, knowing that this was the last time they'd have the journey together, but that same experience was also bittersweet, even more because Maxwell hadn't been there. Things still weren't back to normal after the whole love-potion incident, probably never would be, and he could never quite figure out if he had done the right thing or not. All in all, his mood wasn't the best when he finally stumbled into the hallway. His baggage immediately sorted itself, flying away before Phoenix had stopped spinning. A tray of drinks bobbed his way and something quickly dusted him off from all the ashes and gently guided him to the dining room. Oh right, the auror... Phoenix had somehow almost forgotten about the man, who was now sitting at the table, together with an assortment of take-away food. "Ah, hello, Mr Azure," Phoenix greeted the man, while he sat down on the opposite chair. "I hope I haven't kept you waiting." He glanced down at the food. Some of it he recognized from his time in the west-indies, others... he did not. It all smelled good, though, and Phoenix was only now starting to realize he was starving. "It looks really good," he said, waiting for Azure to begin. Private!
  14. [1837/1838] Turning raw

    Voor zo'n klein woordje bracht het behoorlijk wat schade aan, want Phoenix voelde zich nu nog rotter dan hij zich al voelde. Ja, was het allemaal heel kort. Ja. Phoenix was zijn eerste geweest, zijn eerste verliefdheid en kijk hoe Phoenix het allemaal had verpest... Ja, hij kon zichzelf moeilijk kwalijk nemen dat hij niet dezelfde gevoelens voor Maxwell had en hij was ook niet van plan het allemaal maar te doen alsof om te voorkomen dat hij een hart zou breken, maar... het voelde wel als zijn verantwoordelijkheid. Om het allemaal wat makkelijker te maken, hoewel Phoenix niet wist hoe. Dit was de eerste keer dat iemand hem verteld had dat hij gevoelens voor hem had en Phoenix hoopte met zijn hele hart dat het de laatste zou zijn. "Het hoeft je niet te spijten," zei Phoenix gehaast. "Het is niet... verkeerd, of zo." Maar het was ook niet goed, want Phoenix was niet verliefd op Maxwell. "Ik wil wel vrienden zijn, maar..." Hij beet ongemakkelijk op zijn lip en wreef aan een vlek op zijn broek. "Je begrijpt wel wat ik bedoel, toch?" smeekte hij. "Het is niet dat ik je nu vies vind, of zoiets, maar ik wil je gewoon niets kwetsen of je de verkeerde hoop geven." En dat was zo onmogelijk moeilijk...
  15. [1837/1838][EN] The Golden Age

    Phoenix couldn't deny that he had been changed by his experiences, marked, the way Mr Foulkes-Davenport had named it, but he wasn't willing to accept that as a positive thing just yet. It was better to not have been marked, surely? Better to be strong, untested, pure, in a way. Mr Foulkes-Davenport seemed to consider it a strength, Phoenix was suddenly remembering the letter he had received, that same day, where Thurion had said he was proud of the hardships he had faced. Phoenix hadn't known what to think of it then, had just pushed it to the back of his brain, occupied with many more important things, but now he remembered. It was only that Phoenix didn't feel like the experience, or his whole past with his father, had strengthened him. More that it had made him fragile, broken, worse for wear. And now he was supposed to be proud of those achievements? Look back on them, instead of trying to hide them away in a corner of his mind and pretend they had never existed in the first place? "That's an... original way of looking at it," he picked his words carefully, trying to make it sound like a compliment, though not entirely being able to actually form one. "I hadn't thought of it myself." Wouldn't want to either, rejected the entire idea. He was much more grateful when his father showed him his collection, for something else to focus on. "That's exquisite," he said, with raised eyebrows, as he took in the entire map. "Really beautiful." Such beautiful artwork. The piece alone would've been worth a fortune, but with the added stones... it was a miracle he dared to bring it with him. "Yes, I get it," he nodded. "So did you pick out the map or did someone else?" He almost wanted to touch it, but was afraid of touching something so priceless too. Of course he was used to his fair share of expensive art pieces, but this was something much more personal, belonging to someone Phoenix wanted to impress more than anything.