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  1. Wat is de patronus van je karakter?

    @Alannis Johnson => St. Bernard Dog “Those with the patronus of the St. Bernard are playful and bright in character. It takes a large and loyal heart to cast this patronus. Those who cast the St. Bernard are very positive and emotional, often warm and bright. Those with the St. Bernard can sometimes be hurt easily by others, but more often than not offer a ray of sunshine in a dark world.” @Andres Tallinn => Buffalo “The buffalo is full of many feelings, the strong stature of them showing through a person in this way. They feel as though their emotion and lack of control over it does in a way give them weakness, and it angers them greatly. They have strong tempers that are easy to lose.” @Blaise Wright => Hedgehog “The first impression of an individual with a hedgehog patronus can be very deceiving. On the outside, they can first appear happy-go-lucky and kind, as well as slightly naive. They are optimistic individuals in the way they want to be happy and have the feeling rub off on others, but this is not who they are completely. Rather, they actually have a tough personality to them, and have the ability to fight and defend themselves.” @Cordelia Peregrine => Lamb “An individual with a lamb patronus has a sort of natural innocence about them, and have a very serene disposition. They are kind to most, though they tend to have a difficult time reaching out and expressing themselves. They have a shy aspect of them that is not only social, but inner, which makes them hesitant to do many things.” @Devlin Sardothien => Dove “Those with this patronus are good-hearted and expressers. They are great at expression and what they feel and the aura they give off can be pushed onto others, causing those around the dove to feel more calm merely from their presence. They are optimistic people with a strong ambition in life, fluttering from place to place trying to give off energy to others and help out in any way they can.” @Gisella Abbott => Tonkinese Cat “People with this patronus are always up for fun and love fiercely. You can be a trickster but it is, more often than not, light-hearted fun. They’re always up for a game of one sort or another.” @Kathryn Lowell => Elephant “Those with the elephant patronus can be shy people, thinking everything through before acting. To some they may come off as worriers, but to them this is just how they function.” @Laurence Astoria => Coyote “The coyote can be seen as power-hungry, as their ambition is what fuels them. They start most of their relationships as a way to get something they want, rather than as a friendly gesture. They could be considered selfish, and to some they may also come off as cold individuals.” @Mathieu Rey => Tiger “The tiger is a very strong, independent patronus. They have a fierce personality to them that they show openly, and have no problem doing it. They don’t like to show their feelings to others, as they like to maintain the impression for themselves and for others that they are unbreakable. They are not fast to warm up to anyone, but once they do they will protect you with all that they have.” @Matteo Silva => Wolf “The wolf is a bit of a darker and mysterious soul, with the strength of a fighter. A person with this patronus has had a lot happen in their life, and do to that they wear a mask over their emotions. They do, however, have a very big heart that is full of both passion and fire.” @Maximilian Wilson => Jaguar “The jaguar is a bit more secluded and less influenced than other wild cat patronuses, as they tend to use themselves as an individual more as an anchor. Stress is a terrible trigger in their life, because their lack of ability to rely on others makes them unsure what to do with it.” @Mirabella Valenti => Cat “The cat is a bit refined in its tastes, indulging within itself. They can be a bit materialistic at times and like to feel pampered, but this is how they stay happy. If they do not have this, they can become easily temperamental and they can have trouble not pushing this annoyance onto others.” @Monday Mooney => Panther “Those with this patronus are more solitary than most other wildcat spirits, preferring the company of nature to the company of people. They are independently adventurous, venturing into the wilderness and exploring everything for themselves.” @Nicholas Seymour => Otter “The otter has a vibrant soul. They are fun-loving and adventurous in nature, and this can be taken many ways. They can be extraverted in this way and go out to explore nature, and in these cases they very often will gravitate toward water. Contrary to this, they can be more introverted in their passion and using their imaginations to come up with stories, or just merely think up ventures they wish they could really go on.” @Penelope Rhydderch => Lion “Lions are loud and outgoing, their bravery abundant. They are very confident in their words and manners, always saying what they believe is the right thing and generally being all around friendly people.” @Sparrow Mayfair => Peacock “Like the bright colours of a peacock, the personality of those with this patronus is one that tends to capture attention. They are what society may often see as eccentric, being very comfortable with the way in which their spirit guides them. They have a confidence, and very in tune with themselves.” @William Killigrew => Horse “The horse represents freedom, and this is displayed in many forms. It first signals a free spirit, and someone ready to explore and feel alive. The nature of the horse is also represented in these people because they do not limit themselves to the conforms of society, but rather feel they have their own path, their own destiny, and they have control over how they get there. “ Alle informatie komt van deze bron, met de uitzondering van Dream en Gisella, want die komen hier vandaan!
  2. Character matching: villain and innocent edition!

    Aaaaaah, keuzes! Dream of Cordelia 4 Purest Nuggets Laurence of Monday 4 Rotten Apples Ik kan geen keuzes maken, dus doe het voor me. Of doe ze allebei, wiehihi.
  3. Insert fantastische topictitel

    Ik ga nog met Laurence reageren op het topic van Bella and the Brats, so that's one!! Verderrrrr heeft Penn een ongezonde obsessie met toverdranken en haar familie ook, so, misschien kunnen we daar iets mee. I have no other ideas, but if you do hmu!!
  4. Relatieoverzicht

    Gisella en Grigor zijn ook verloofd, woohoo!!!
  5. De Jaarlijkse Knoetenloterij!

    Oh, en Dream. I'm going to make her active again! Really.
  6. De Jaarlijkse Sikkelloterij!

    Oh, en Gisella koopt er ook één voor Silver, bc #yolo
  7. De Jaarlijkse Sikkelloterij!

    Laurence en Mirabella kopen allebei één lot! Gisella koopt twee loten, voor Solanum and Baby #2 still in her belly.
  8. De Jaarlijkse Knoetenloterij!

    Nicky en Cordelia kopen allebei één lot!
  9. Gimme topics!

    HMMMMM. Dream is still her cutesy self despite being a little older. But she's also a Johnson! So, anything goes, really. As long as it's not too scary! Kun jij Blanche en Dream openen??? Ohhhh, I like it!!! THE GANG BACK TOGETHER!!! Also yes, let's party.
  10. Gimme topics!

    June en Dream #familybonding!!! en misschien is Blanche en Dream leuk onder het mom van "y would you date my brother??? he sucks???" Clementine/Flora en Blaise??? a lot of my chars like booze too???
  11. Decembermeet

    Ik moet die week waarschijnlijk extra werken i.v.m. December drukte, dus ik red het denk ik ook niet!
  12. [1835/1836] Some things were better lost than found

    “Fijn je te leren kennen, Wendy!” zei Nicky opgewekt, toen ze zich nog eens voorstelde en daarbij ook maar even toevoegde dat hij haar Wendy kon noemen. Niet dat hij zo goed wist hoe hij haar anders had moeten noemen, maar het was desalniettemin een fijne toevoeging. Nicky kon het in ieder geval waarderen. Nicky keek verwonderd van Wendy, naar de plek waar ze haar kettinkje had verstopt, toen ze vertelde over de werking ervan. “Oh?” zei hij, toen ze uitlegde dat het kettinkje haar inderdaad had moeten beschermen, maar dat het waarschijnlijk minder goed werkte, omdat het al een tijd geleden was sinds ze het voor het laatst had opgeladen. Hij wist helemaal niet dat zoiets opgeladen kon worden. Al had hij überhaupt niet geweten dat er stenen waren die je konden beschermen. Het klonk in ieder geval wel interessant. “Hoe laad je zo’n steentje op dan?” vroeg hij geïnteresseerd, terwijl hij weer terugkeek naar Wendy. Hij knikte ook stellig, bij haar opmerking over de groep jongens die het kettinkje van haar had afgepakt. “Wat is karma?” vroeg hij toen.
  13. Ineke needs topics/friends/enemies/UNAMEIT

    I mean, I thought William would be hilarious, bc he's like big and intimidating??? But honestly I'm cool with most chars!!!
  14. Ineke needs topics/friends/enemies/UNAMEIT

    Ik wil een topic met Archibald, well, basically for funsies. <3 Verder heb ik geen ideeën, but like, I have chars, so hmu if you have other ideas. I'm just really into Archibald rn.
  15. Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree: Zomerkamp 2.0!

    ...I only got convicts or criminals. </3 Well, and Ali.