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    Josephine blushed to the very depths of her being as she pictured Timothy Belfrey in stockings, but it was a feeling of immense relief at the same time, she wanted to laugh and she wanted to giggle and she didn’t have to refrain from that because a scandalous aside of humoristic knowledge wasn’t going to do her any damage anymore. She didn’t have to stay clean and cautious. She was the mother of a potential bastard, the discarded bit of good breeding by an aristocratic playboy and she was ruined. In her ruination, she found at least her release. “Oh gosh… No, well I can’t blame him. Anne only married him because she wanted to be married before her younger sister and he was easy.” She smiled viciously. “The younger sister is prettier and cuter in every way, so you know, she had to resort to quite drastic measures.” And she still hadn’t done as well, she’d married up but not that up and she was aware of it every day. And Josephine had been nice about it, but that was over now. She never had to be nice about anything again. Of course, she proceeded to immediately be nice, but that was by choice. “That would be lovely!” she agreed happily. “I didn’t know you had a little brother. What’s he like? What’s his name?” She liked kids, okay. She thought she liked kids. She’d always had to like kids. Oh, God. “Mm…” She hadn’t thought about blackmail, actually. “Just publish snippets at a time. Cause a bit of a stir.” She smiled, looked at the actors for a second and took a new glass of wine for both of them, touching Christa’s hand as she passed her hers. “Make them feel less high and mighty. I mean, that must annoy you, too, right?” The whole ‘you’re just here for my convenience’ attitude, the ridiculous notion that they enjoyed it all…
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    Ah, natuurlijk was Achilles blij dat Lucretia er was. Ze was zijn vrouw, ze was de vrouw die hij beloofd had zijn leven lang bij te staan (naar zijn definitie voor alle duidelijkheid, sorry, liefste schat, hij leidde zijn leven niet naar andermans definities) en zijn hart had zich ernaar geschikt, in zoverre dat onding zoiets kon. Hij had het nooit kunnen temmen, was daar nooit goed in geweest, had het evenmin verlangd, maar hij wilde zijn best wel doen. Achilles’ idee van liefde was zijn best doen om de persoon te zijn van wie hij dacht dat hij voor een ander zou moeten zijn. Het probleem daarmee was, echter, dat zijn pogingen lichtelijk onzichtbaar schenen. Ach. Hij wist dat hij ze gedaan had. Was dat niet wat telde? Hij zou het wel appreciëren als Lucretia dat ook voor hem deed. Hij grimaste ongemakkelijk toen ze met de vragen kwam en schudde zijn hoofd. Ja, ja, ja, er waren allerlei niet al te geweldige zaken gebeurd, ja, ja, ja, iemand wilde hem wat aandoen, iemand had hem dood gewild (al zei ze van niet – hij wist niet of hij dat helemaal geloofde), maar nee, nee, nee, het was het moment niet om het daarover te hebben. ‘Gewoon… pech,’ hield hij het kort, zijn stem rasperig, als was het om de onderhuidse paniek te verhullen, te omzeilen misschien. ‘Kan je me een glas water geven?’
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    “Hoe denk je dat ze een beter leven krijgen door je de hele dag te vervelen?”, vroeg ze toonloos. Hoewel ze ergens wel een klein beetje echt gefrusteerd was. Jennifer zag zichzelf heus niet als moeder van het jaar, ze had nog wel een beetje realiteitsbesef, maar ze hoefde echt niet van Lucretia kritiek te horen als het om haar ouderschap ging. Ze wilde heus wel een goed leven voor haar kinderen. Gewoon niet ten koste van zichzelf. Of Hiram het erg vond? Jennifer grijnsde opgewekt, “Nou tenzij Hiram ineens Hiram niet meer is”, haha, “vindt hij het volgens mij geen probleem, soms doet hij zelfs mee”.
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    Daniella Ingram


    Ik ga maandag naar Liverpool <3 geen idee of ik er dan juist meer ben of minder maar ik wil eigenlijk ook vooral vertellen dat ik erheen ga want hype???
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    Ah, yes. Keane Cadwgan truly was a gossip darling, wasn't he? In Christa's eyes, it was almost a shame that he had always been so fond of his little red-haired love, instead of exploring his options, because Christa would love to be involved in a real scandal. Bad publicity was publicity too, wasn't it, especially for girls like her. Maybe it was different if you were Lady Josephine, but since she wasn't... Well, she had to take something. But she could pity Josephine. "How dreadful," she sighed. "I don't know how you even survived for that long!" Or how Josephine survived that long sticking to the rules... Christa did whatever she wanted, simply because she wanted to and hardly felt any guilt. She'd advice anyone to feel that way. What good did sticking to all the rules ever do you? Your husband might run off with someone else and then you'd be stuck having a miserable life anyway. "Ooh, yes, I know him." She giggled. "He has a thing for... stockings. On him." To be fair, he had the legs for it, but she didn't think his wife would appreciate him raiding her closet. "Nice man, though. I don't think he likes his wife very much." But who would, if she was even half as boring and dreadful as Christa imagined now. "But if you ever need a play date, I have a younger brother that I can bring by. A bit older, I think, but a sweet boy." And well, Josephine had a bit of a lack of other options, huh? Writing down the secrets... Christa laughed, a bit too loud for the current scene on the stage apparently, from the angry glances thrown her way, but come on, people. No one really paid attention to the actors, did they? Unless she was on stage, of course. "And do what with them?" she asked, keeping a close eye on Josephine. "Blackmail?"
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    This was a clear difference between Christa and Josephine’s personalities. Josephine had never much enjoyed the spotlight, nor indeed aspired to it. She had been raised to be the pretty person that people paid less attention to in basically any context: daughter of the duke, sister of the heir, wife of the heir apparent... even at her wedding, she had been the girl to congratulate on the way to those more prominent and pertinent to one’s business connections. And she had always been content with that, because she did not desire a prominent place. She didn’t feel like she warranted one - she well knew that she wasn’t smart, erudite, or indeed that interesting a person. And those were her best qualities. To be sweet, to be supportive. The things that made her interesting were things she should hide, not things she should be proud of. With Keane, that had all come crumbling down. Flamboyant, unpredictable, irresistible git that he was. Maybe he would have liked her better if she had been scandalous as well. But if she had been, if she had been honest about the flaws in her character that set her apart from the crowd, she would have liked him much less. “Well, here’s hoping,” she therefore muttered darkly, taking another deep gulp of her champagne. “But I’m betting that when this scandal’s just about to die down he’ll pull some other stupid stunt and get us all front page again. He has zero self-control.” And he liked it. Relished it. “It’s like he forgot to grow up. Spoiled little boy...” And she was the youngest by far! She was reluctant to let Keane ruin her night, though, and jumped on the opportunity. “Really? What about the Belfreys? Anne Belfrey sent me a note just after the news broke, to cancel a play date for the boys... said little Jim was ill. But she did ask me tons of questions, hoping I’d put something in writing.” Psah. As if. “And Jim wasn’t too ill to stuff his face with ice cream from the corner shop the very next day, you know.” She took a salmon puff from a tray with movements of righteous anger, then smiled again as Christa touched her arm. “D’you know, you and me together probably know the secrets of ninety percent of our elite? Maybe we should write them down sometime...”
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